Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Live To Work?

I Work to Live
Live to Work

(unlike those Workaholics)

But it is the other way round when talking about FOOD.

I Live to Eat
Eat to Live

Kakkakaka... How about u?


Anonymous said...


u got so tham ciak meh??


moz monster said...

I'd like to think that I live to eat too ... that's why I'm so .... not thin. =(

a^ben said...

I ciak while io ka chng~ sambil makan sambil keep fit? LOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Chen said...

wah... today no more anonymouse liao?
i learn the tham chiakness from Ah Boy. He hampalang sapu mah
But i'm better than him lah..
i dun sapu everything :D

u definitely live to eat :P

and.. i still want to eat that sinful Shanghai Crabs
i want i want i want.. :(

imagine u io ka chng while eating char koay teow. Hahahha..

Grandma will definitely tell u not to move around so much when eating coz of this and that. But since i'm not grandma, i will allow u to io ka chng while eating. Kakkakaka

mich said...

go go lets go makan...ngam!!!!!!!!!

Winn said...

hahaa!!!!!!!!! good one!!!!

then blog leh? blog to live or live to blog?

Anonymous said...

i work to pay tax but not pay tax to their pocket...

i live coz being born but not i want to...


L B said...

I work so I can come home once a year?!!!

So Ocipala!!!

L B said...

But if I don't work, I don't need to come home once a year! I could be home all year round!!

L B said...

Truly OCIPALA!!!!

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Sad to say, I used to be the former (live to work). So much so that after all these years, it has brought me to my present ill-state.

Now I can honestly say that I enjoy and treasure my time with friends and family more that my 'work'.

With regards to food? I love my food!!! One of the few remaining pleasures in life.

Lets eat together if ever you should be in treat!

angel said...

I play to live!
And work to play!

Just balik dari berjoget kkkkk...

kyh said...

i live to dunno-do-wat.

i shit to live. dunno what i say :P

may said...

I work to get money to EAT... :P

Chen said...

The next time when u balik Pg time we can go makan loh. Too bad the last time u come back here, u were in a rush..

ngek ngek ngek..
I live to blog, not blog to live
(syiok mah), but those who blog to live are even syiok-er, cos can earn MooLah at home. LOL

wah.. work to pay tax?
Mmmm... paying tax and the worst thing is the tax money is "burned" or "misused". Grrrrrrr...

Chen said...

very ocipala indeed
luckily dun have to throw stars

on the other hand,
You work so that u can eat KFC?
and u live so that u can eat KFC?
equally ocipala :P

yeah, work is just part of our lives and we shouldn't be buried by our works :) And yeah, we can pamper ourselves with nice food with our hard earned money :)

Thanks. Sure,ly I will visit u (and your wife and doggies) and have a meal together if I get to visit HK in the future. I would love to visit HK and Macau..

Chen said...

wah.. i love your analog
can i join u?
work to play and play to live
so syiok...
so Song :D

u live to dunno-do-what is better to u dunno-do-what to live mah

4:23 am liao and u r still awake?
That's why u blur blur and dunno what u r saying liao. Hehehhehe..
Go tidur !! :P

Kkkkkk... and to get money to buy dimsum, har kau siu mai, LMK, KFC, roti canai, spaghetti, CCF, PAL, CKT, BKT and all the ocipala-s :)

mudpie said...

work eat work eat work eat and eat eat eat hahahah

stay-at-home mum said...

I live to eat, whilst my hubby works so that I can eat!

giddy tigress said...

Living in Penang, I HAVE to live to eat, hor?

TZ said...

I live to enjoy; work to growth the econmic(spend), live to eat (eat healthy) and exercise to live longer :-p

Anonymous said...

i work to live, but then there are times when i live to work. this is life. some people really struggle in life and have no choice BUT to live to work.

i guess in the end, it all depends on the individual and ones lifestyle.
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fibrate said...

I live to work.
I work to make money.
I make money to buy food.
I buy food to eat.
I eat to live.
Hence I live to work.
Circle of life - complete.

Makes sense? :D

Anonymous said...

i love to live and eat. hehehe..

Doreen said...

I work to live
I live to eat
I work to eat? Doesn't sound right hor, but the equations sort of agree leh. Emm...... *pondering*

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

i think both also can laa...

live to eat and eat to live...both also got meaning 1....

but now, really must go eat...cuz hungry liao mah..

jie wan? mammm mammm

keeyit said...

hahaha.. same theory as you..

Jun said...

i eat to live... and to pass my exams :(

Chen said...

mud pie,
work eat work eat work eat
err.. no need zzz
no need rest wan meh?

but i love the eat eat eat part
made me fill like eating salted egg crabs again.. Aiyhhhhhh...

stay at home mum,
so nice
so syiok :D

giddy tigress,
hahaha.. yeah loh
especially if food is available everywhere around the corner. More reasons to eat :P

Chen said...

oh yeah, I should go exercise again. Each time after coming back from work, I feel so lazy to do so. Must restart my exercise schedule again :)

yeah, at times we have to struggle to made both ends meet. There are times when one is desperately in need of money, and when time is bad...

Hahahha, a very detailed and complete but vicious life cycle.

Err.. Where is the "playing" or relaxing part? All work but no play makes Jack a dull boy woh. Kekkee.. I'm crapping again :P

Chen said...

hehehe.. me too.
Lift up both hands.

sounds right woh, logic mah.
If not, where we get the money to buy food leh if we dun work?
ngek ngek :P

woof meow,
of coz both got meanings leh, just depends on how u interpret it.
Wat u wanna belanja me makan? :)

Good. Great Minds Think Alike :P

after pass exam, and after graduation..
it's time to Live to Work liao...

Redsponge said...

u just remind me of what I read from the small planner I got last night.

I copy for u to read:
"The purpose of life is a life of purpose"
"Life is change and change is life"

mich said...

yea lor..
but i ate alot...
but tat is not my

Anonymous said...

ya ya me no more anonymous or rather i lazy login with my user name n password...wahahaha


Chen said...

red sponge,
Mmmmm... nice woh.
let me play with the words for a while, quoting "Life is Change and Change is Life"

My version: "You are Fantastic and Fantastic are You" or "You are Redsponge and Redsponge are You" ;)

don't eat so much lah..
must eat in moderation

walao, so pun thuah.. :P
if dun login too long, later u forget the password then cham liao :P Hehehehee

_butt said...

I work to live and eat to live. sien hor? :P

mich said...

wa...but hor fat also nvm la..
got ppl suak lor..hahahha =P

Chen said...

how good if we strike first prize in lottery? Can shake leg liao. Hehehhe.. I cakap only. I never buy any lotteries or numbers :P

eat so much u won't feel sien meh?
will cos indigestion and stomach discomfort also :P

Hahahha, I remember once u ate too full till vomit. Ngek ngek.

mich said...

tak pe la..
as long as to get to taste the food...