Monday, November 26, 2007

Cutie Squeezable Bola

I cannot resist but to buy these two Fish Balls Bebola when I saw them in MidValley Megamall. (I went to See-see Look-look @ Memory Lane after the "buka puasa" dinner together with Sbanboy in Manhattan Fish Market when I was in KL in September 2007). So cute. So chu bee !!! The best thing is I can pinch and squeeze them, and they won't BITE !!

The Mr Cheeky with the 101% Kuwak cunning look. Don't mess with him, unless if u want to see Flying Peanuts.

The Mr Angry who tengah fatt man chan cos kenak Throw YourStar (those squeak squeak stars) by Ah Boy for no apparent reason. Ggggrrrrrrrrrr


Woof Woof n Meow Meow said... CUTE ler...

i wan i wan...

L B said...

kkkkkkkkkkkk™... Really, really TYS™!!!!

Chen said...

woof meow,
Go and get one. It should be available in Penang (I presume so). U know lah, i dun go window shopping wan.

I only have one left since I gave the other one to my sister in law liao :)

Kkkkkk.. Throw more stars.
Ah Boy said he dowan to pick up those stars already cos he bengang following behind and pick up stars liao. The poor dog tired liao :P

kyh said...

very kuiitttt! esp the Mr Cheeky... so ku wak the look!

*whispers to ah boy* "this one cuter than u leh!" :P

rinnah said...

I wanna squeeze Mr. Angry when I'm mad! Hehehehe.

Chen said...

very very very kuwak indeed, just as.... *ahem*
who is the most kuwak one here? :P

u don't ti(p)u lah :P
Ah Boy of coz is cuter than Mr Cheeky

Not only squeeze, but can pinch and punch too. Imagine that Mr Angry as that someone. LOL


may said...

aiseh, I thought it was fish bebola... I suddenly had craving for fisballs! TYS!!

_butt said...


_butt said...

may may jie, I thought of fish bebola too! too bad eh :P

Chen said...

hehehe.. talking about fish ball reminds me of the World Cup 2006. Time really flies..
Very YourStar indeed.

*Picking up the fallen stars on the floor* :P

Whom u picit?
Encik Kuwak or Encik Marah? :P

Walao, u both dun made me think of fish ball also leh..
Feel like eating Fishball too..

Ehon said...

so cute!!! SO CUTE!! just like ME!!

wai.. why u didn't buy one for me? since they look so cute like me..

sbanboy said...

Wah they finally make their appearance here ...hehe

Hey thought one was for someone :)

Winn said...

so cute!!!!!!!!!
but so sad also that toy is forever angry

Chen said...

Aiseh, so perasan wan this Ehon :P

I never see u mah, so i dunno how cute u r. Kkkkkkk... Next time.. if I have the chance to see all these bebola again :)

yeah loh, after 2 months..
I took these photos some time back already, in fact almost 2 months liao but never posted them up :)

Hahhaa, u still remember?
Yeah, I gave Mr Cheeky to my sister in law oledi, and I keep Mr Angry :) The Black one is cute though, but can't remember what is the name liao..

Chen said...

Hehehhe.. There is Mr Happy too, but that Happy Ball was out of stock liao. There are 9 different balls with different emotions :P

Wanted to buy the Black Ball too, but at last I didn't. Too bad hoh? Else Mr Angry will have a friend liao (since I gave Mr Cheeky away)..

Mr Angry cute mah..
The lao pao pao face..

angel said...

Waaaa... you memang kuwak! Sebab beli itu Bebola Kuwak yang cukup kuwak! Kkkkkk...

Chen said...

tiada kuwak lah..
aku and awak only mah..

This is indeed a small world
talking about bebola kuwak remind me of fishball again.


kyh said...

Chen u dun ti(p)u ah boy la!

memang mr cheeky is cter than him! :P


u gip cheeky to who har? shud gip me ma... since i praise him so cute... ;)

Chen said...

i don't ti(p)u ah boy wan
coz i sayangz him mah..

i gave Mr Cheeky to my sister in law leh, and that was almost 2 months ago liao ..

Big Boys Oven said...

they look so cute! so cool!

eastcoastlife said...

So cute!!! Use this for exercising fingers, especially the right hand after using the computer mouse too often .... knead and squeeze..... knead and squeeze..... knead and squeeze.....

angele said...

Hahaha I love those cute..euhh watever u call 'em!

Their face expressions are really kawaii!

moz monster said...

Throw your star !!! Hahahahahahah ... !!!

Doreen said...

so cute. I like Mr.Angry! Got Mr or Ms Smiley?

cbenc12 said...

geee... really very cute ler.. how much izzit each??? i want to buy too!!!

Adino said...

I want the green one!

giddy tigress said...

really can relieve stress with them leh...

Eric said...

nice one!

but i dont see it here though

Chen said...

big boys oven,
Thanks for dropping by.
Hope u enjoy your stay here :)

Yeah, those are cute stuff, and come in two different sizes. Bigger and smaller version :)

Hahhaha, if squeeze too tight, later Mr Angry will really become angry liao and might scold &^%$# or "fish prawn crab" language.. LOL

I should have bought more... :(

Yeah, they are so adorable, and come with different facial expressions and different names. They are available in 2 sizes ~ bigger and smaller version. I bought the smaller one :)

Chen said...

Throw more stars
Throw StarBucks
Throw Star Fruit
Throw Star Fish
Throw Star newspaper
besides Throwing YourStar

I remember there is Mr Happy
Can't remember whether there is Mr Smiley or not. *Think* :)

Can't remember the exact price liao since I bought them few months back. I only remember it's less than RM 10 per "ball".

Get one, or two :)
There are bigger version too. Mine is the smaller one :)

Chen said...

Hehhehe... U like Mr Cheeky?
yeah, that's a cute one :)

giddy tigress,
Wow.. giddy tiger has become giddy tigress liao? LOL

Yeah, I feel happy by just looking at them. And at time I will squeeze those ball just for fun. LOL

Thanks for dropping by.
Hope u enjoy your stay here :)
I bought them 2 months back in MVM.

Simple American said...

So who do you pinch and squuze that does bite? Huh? *blink blink*

mich said...

can tumpang pinch ah?

Chen said...

Pointing finger at the contented doggy. This is only applicable if u pinch him really hard lah..
Self Defense mechanism mah..

pinch loh..
as long as u don’t pinch my dear Ah Boy can liao :D

mich said...

i scared of no thanks to ur doggie