Sunday, November 11, 2007

NIKON lens

There are several instances that my faithful Nikon Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth is being mistaken as the cleaning cloth for my camera lens instead for my spectacle glasses.

That Nikon microfiber cleaning cloth is indeed for my Nikon spectacles lens leh. I don't have a Nikon camera. And the geniuses here know I'm using the Konica Minolta digital camera and Canon digital camera. Gua tarak pakai Nikon camera lah.

Remembering the night I kena sabo kaw kaw and the not forgetting all the ocipala hoo-hah @ Topspot Foodcourt, Kuching. *SWEAT*. Luckily I didn't piak them with sotong that night (as we were eating sotong at the same time). This Papercrazy is good at pulling my leg. Hahahaha...

I dun bluff nor ti(p)u wan. Good student don't ti(p)u, and good ex-student (yours truly) don't ti(p)u either. I have proof wan. See? I really use the Nikon lite AS 400 lenses for my spectacles. Nikon not only produce lens for camera but also for spectacles leh.. Kkkkkkkk...

This is NOT a sponsored post...

48 comments: said...

Where you bought it from?
Nikon concept stores?

Ehon said...

i also good student mar. :P

yeah, i've heard of the bersih rally. kinda stupid, really. well, in a way, i am not a fan of protest but i love what their purpose - a clean and fair election! :)

let's just say we have childish politicians and selfish citizens, generally speaking.

L B said...

Waaa, you are a spy! Got zoom lens in your specs!

Chen said...

Hahahaha... Bought from those spectacle shop loh. These are plastic lens. Although pricey but it's very light. Definitely worth the price :)

Of coz u are :)

We definitely need a clean and fair election. Not forgetting the hidden stories behind the scenes...

I wanna 12x optical zoom lens leh..
Too bad i can onl get 1x zoom lens.

mich said...

wah can ur specs be ur camera ah?lol

_butt said...

nikon lens for eye glasses! sounds canggih woh. I also want to get one :P

happy weekend! :D

lynnx01 said...

Hahaha.. people usually put 'This is a sponsored post' but your is terbalik.. 'NOT a sponsored post'. HAhaha..

Chen said...

hahaha, are u sked?
Don't play play :P
There is hidden camera everywhere

Go get one. I think it's available in most spectacle shops, just that the lens are much more expensive than the normal lens. I'm using it cos i'm wearing rimless frame and my lens power is high :) This Nikon lens is very light and thin.

Of coz must do so, hahahaha.. later others might mistaken that i'm writing sponsored post for Nikon. Hahahhahhaha..

TZ said...

wow! I thot you are buying a Nikon lense for your camera. I did not expect the also produce spectacle :-)

I wanna to change my specs too... it's getting old. Where you get your specs?

Chen said...

Yeah, many dunno Nikon also manufacture lenses for spectacles besides cameras.

I change my spect once a year or the most once in two years. I have it done at Vision First Optical Shop at Ground Floor, Prangin Mall @ Penang.
The boss is very friendly and the services is good.

pelf said...

Camera lens is also lens.
Glasses lens is also lens.

Of course the cloth can be used for both, LOL.

winniethepooh said...

learn something new today! :) at first i tot ure talking about ur nikon camera too! ;) hehehe.whats the difference bet nikon specs and others?

dont think we hv that here in Canada though..hmm...

moz monster said...

Nikon makes all sort of lenses ... lenses for cameras, for microscopes, for telescopes, even for human eyes ... and the lenses for human eyes, we call em .. glasses lor !

But really, I've not seen any Nikon glasses ever ... where did you get them ?

papercrazy said...

hahaha..u forgot 1 bubble...." Where is the usb port?"

someone even accused u of being paparazzi....hahahah

mich said... good also wat..
u can snap me when i get to meet u..wakakaka

conan_cat said...

hah, got one ah @__o now only i know nikon got do lens for glasses also lol... but where u get it one?? XD really zha dou lor hahaha... nice anot leh???

Chen said...

Yeah, the cloth can be use for both the camera and the spectacle. But normally i will use separate microfiber clothes for different gadgets (since I have quite a number of microfiber clothes as I have few cameras and I changed my spectacles frequently :P)

This nikon lite plastic lens is very thin and light. Since I'm using rimless glasses and my power degree was quite high, hence if i use the normal lens, it will be damn heavy and bulky. My spectacle is very light ;)

Should be available in Canada.

Chen said...

lens for human eyes?
Earlier on, i thought u mean the intraocular lens or IOL that we use mainly for cataract patients...
Mana tau... u mean glasses Hahahha...

Dun worry, at least now u see it :D
I get my spectacles done at one of the optical shop in Penang, namely Vision First Optical Shop in Prangin Mall. This is the second time I used such lens, and I'm pretty happy and satisfied with it :)

Wah.. U also very sampat wan hoh? Can remember all those ocipala stuff.

Hahhaha.. I cannot remember liao mah, since u all laugh so loud that night. Must piak u all with sotong!!

Who is that someone who accused me of being paparazzi? Preparing to piak with one huge sotong @ hand. LOL

Chen said...

If i want to snap your picture, of coz i will use the proper camera ;) If i didn't bring out, my handphone can do the trick too ;) Hence I can snap picture 24/7, provided I bring my handphone :P

conan cat,
i always mistype your name as "canon" cat. Hahaha, i think too much of camera liao :D

u can check it out at the optical shops. I have mine done at Vision First Optical Shop in Penang. It's nice, cos it's light and thin. My spectacles is very light.

Nowadays, I'm so accustomed to the light spectacle that I won't wear back those heavy glasses which I used to wear in the old days :D

Doreen said...

aiyo, high-tech specs man! Got infra-red function or not? Can see through everything like LB? Hehhe

may said...

I know you tak ti(p)u, 'cos at one time my uncle used Nikon spectacle frames and was recommended the lens, but preferred not so canggih normal (and cheaper) ones lah...

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Nikon lens (for glasses) are really expensive here in HK. I could only afford the cheaper Hoya lens :C

Wishing you forever clear eyesight! :D

mistipurple said...

i got sell microfiber cleaning cloth. haha. *sampat*

i am your genius reader, but i have elementary blog.

Chen said...

hahahha.. LOL, this is not a X-Ray spect leh. LB's glasses is very unique wan. Cannot buy elsewhere in this world :P


yeah, the lens is a bit pricey, but still affordable loh. Wearing contact lens is also expensive mah, the lens and the cleaning solutions etc :P

furkids in HK,
The lens is a bit pricey but still within affordable range loh. I use the Nikon lens for my previous spectacle too and so far I'm happy and satisfied with it :)

Kkkkk..woh, besides musical instruments, u sell microfiber cleaning clothes also ah? Is that one of the cleaning "instrument" for those expensive stuff? ;)

Kenny Ng said...

Nikon always my No.1 choice. All my cameras are Nikon. Tell you, one of the best surveyor's equipment also from Nikon leh.

People always misunderstand that Nikon only produce camera.

angel said...


Chen said...

Yeah, everyone associates Nikon with camera. I remember u r great Nikon supporter. Going to get the Nikon D80 soon? :)

sampat lah u
*ka chak* *ka chak*

how leng woh the pict :D

eastcoastlife said...

hahaha..... my hubby is the most qualified to list the benefits of Nikon lens and spectacle frames. I dunno anything, just a wearer.

Play mahjong very good leh! Can see through the tiles! wahahaha.....

mich said...

but both also lupa to bring out le?
ur specs can do the job for

Chen said...

yeah hoh, forgotten that your hubby buka kedai cermin mata wan. So next time we can change our spect at your opt shop liao if we visit Singapore. His shop = your shop mah. LOL

walao.. u can see through the tiles?your lens super canggih wan liao. kakkakkka. Can see through clothes or not wan?


i'm not so "big head prawn". I always remember to bring my handphone wan. :D

slurp! said...

aiyah, so when i mention Leica how?
Leica do make eyeglass also lei kakaka

L B said...

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Jellyfish said...

kasi DHL mali kekekeke

Jellyfish said...

testing new avatar photo kekekeke

Jellyfish said...

oOOoo.... it works :P

Chen said...

Hahahaha... Leica is legend ;)
Might be those youngster will ask, What is Leica?

TQ TQ, this time no see ghost liao.
Only see Phantom of the LMK
and lotsa good old memories
Suddenly I see Sotong !!

kasi lu liao then i pakai apa?
Kkkkk, u tarak pakai spect also mah :P

Walao, your new avatar photo so fatt hao geh? LOL

Pink Cotton said...


nxt time if i don want my nikon camera liao i cut the lens out to become spectacles

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Hahahaha, I suggest u dun cut the Nikon lens. Wear it as per original size and shape. Then u will have big round nostalgic spectacle lens, like those spectacles in the 70's. Hahahah.

siu sei ngor :P

Simple American said...

So how do you focus your glasses?

Chen said...

very simple..
by adjusting it manually using my fingers. LOL

Liyin said...

How much did you pay for the pair of lenses?

I came across an optical shop selling Nikon lense for spectacles and I was surprised to learn that Nikon actually produces lenses for glasses?! The optician quoted me RM350 just for the lenses. Did you pay about the the same too?

Well, I am a Nikon camera user. Got two film SLR cameras and 5 Nikon lenses, and 2 digital compacts :P

Chen said...

Yeah, I pay the similar prices for the lens. The quoted price are more or less standard but it varies with the degree/power of the lenses. Lenses with higher power are more expensive.

2 SLR cameras with 5 Nikon lenses? Wow.. U must have spent a lot on the cameras and lenses. I'm using Canon dSLR :)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for you reply :)

I am very much into film photography. Switched over from digital.

You can check out most of my photography work at

Chen said...

Thanks for the link to your website. Nice photo. Film photography is an expensive hobby :)

I visited some of your albums yesterday night. I miss those jungle durians which I haven't had for years. Too bad it is not the durian season each time I go back home, hence i didn't get the chance to savour it for almost a decade.

Liyin said...


LOL! As for me each time I went back to Sarawak there seemed to be right timing where jungle durians were available :P Hope you'll get to have it the next time you go back home :)

Something Nikon to share with you:D


Chev said...

u r indeed lucky. I guess there won't be any jungle durian during my next trip back home, as I'll be going back during Chinese New Year.

That was a nice shot. I'm still wondering how u made the camera and the strap stay in that position while u take the snapshot ;)

Liyin said...

There's trick to it when photographing the camera.. hehehe :P

Btw, I happened to click on the Nikon specs link on your post and realised it is a Spore website. Are you residing there currently?

Sorry I do not know much about you, neither your profile page say much about you. If you don't mind drop me a line?

Chev said...

Nope, I'm staying at the other side of the country. The northen region, in Penang :)

I would love to drop u a line but i don't have your email address. Might be u can drop me an email instead. (My email is available at my profile page). But I won't be able to reply u in the next few days as I'll be away for a week :)