Tuesday, November 13, 2007


LB and May have Leopard(s). And yet, I'm still happily playing with my Tiger dearie.

However, since they have Leopard, how can I be exempted? I must join the bandwagon too. *Kiasu*. Hence I adopted a White Leopard. Introducing The Manhattan Barooty, Lewis the Leopard. Everyone, say Hi to Lewis :)
I have adopted him since March 2007, even prior to the Apple Leopard era. Kkkkk. Cute leh my Lewis? This friendly Leopard is more than a soft toy, it also acts as a screen cleaner. By rubbing it's soft tummy across the MacBook screen, it helps to keep my MacBook squeaky clean. And fret not, this Leopard is very gentle and he doesn't bite. *pet Lewis' head*

ps: Maymay, hope your Mackie gets well soon and has a speedy recovery. Hopefully he will be discharged from ICU soon.

pss : Papercrazy, that X has nothing to do with X-rated movies nor stuff, okie? :P

psss : To those blur sotong out there who still catch no balls, Leopard is the latest version of MAC OS X 10.5 operating system. Tiger is the earlier version of MAC OS X 10.4 operating system. And prior to Tiger is Panther, Jaguar and Puma.


Winn said...

pooh leh? pooh can do the job also. with extra honey

moz monster said...

hehehe ... i still use the grey matter ... leopard ... tiger ... puma ... panther ... all don't matter.

btw ... when they finally run out of big cats as name ... what will they call it next ? pussy ? meow meow ? =P

angel said...

S A M P A T ! ! !

Chen said...

with extra hunny summore?
Eeee... so messy leh :P
later the monitor screen become mong cha cha liao with the honey stain.
Kkakakkaka :P

i'm using tingkap too, on my pc desktop.

Might be loh. Abuthen, the next one might be Cheetah kua? Hehehhe..

tarak sampat leh..
when u wanna adopt Leopard?

L B said...

E X T R A S A M P A T !

Angel no got Leopard?!! How can wan?

Chen said...

Mmmm... might be Angel has leopard, but she hides her leopard under the carpet kua? Hahahaa...

so sampat :P

kyh said...

i'll wait for LION. :P

Pink Cotton said...

cheyyy i tot apa itu leopard...

cannot la...we 'bawah' ppl dono wat is leopard or puma or what...

Chen said...

hahaha... LION is from different family leh :P

pink cotton,
leopard is leopard loh :D

who is 'bawah' people?
Got such category wan meh?
Cheh, we are all equal leh :P

giddy tiger said...

Hi Lewis... :) Such a cutie.
Chen, you should get a Cheetah... can run fastest ma...

mich said...

can pinjam hug hug not the soft toy..lol..

Chen said...

giddy tigers,
Lewis manja back with u :)

hehehe, u r refering to the toy Cheetah or the future Mac Cheetah? :P

The only Cheetah(s) I have are Cheetah brand clothes ;)

can, of coz can, provided if the Leopard himself has no objection. If the leopard dowan to be hugged, then i cannot do anything also :P

kyh said...

eh lion is from the same family la... it's a big cat. ;)

Ehon said...

E X T R A E X T R A S A M P A T !

kekekekekekeke! :P I also got leopard mar. in the zoo. :P

stay-at-home mum said...

That leopard is so cute.... my kids will want one.

may said...

S A M P A T !

when is Lewis coming over to visit me?

papercrazy said...

eh serious ah?? the OS is named after all these cats family?

eeeeeeee...now i know why lokter into Mac...so that can see x-rated things...

mich said...

aiya not human also..wont know how to say want or dowan geh la..lol

dino said...


Doreen said...

I'm still with my personal version of piggy! Muahahaha

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! This leapard can use to play game or not?
Have a nice day!

eastcoastlife said...

I still have my pussy! hahaha.....

lynnx01 said...

Yea, I heard about it.. but so expensive leh. Hoho..

Chen said...

lion is in the higher category leh
Cos they are the king mah
Remember The Lion King? LOL
summore wearing crown (the mane loh)

Sampat kia, who is sampat here? :P

Jangan main ti(p)u.
That leopard in the zoo is definitely not yours lah.

stay at home mum,
Yeah, it's cute.
Do get one for your kids.
The Manhattan Barooty has a wide selection of animals, and all are equally cute ;)

Chen said...


Lewis wanted to book air ticket online but then he realised he dun have a credit card :P

yala yala. Lidat loh
u learn something new today?
All from the Cat's Family
So Kuching lang should use MAC since they promote CATS.

I dun need MAC to see X rated things leh, cos i get to see it everyday liao. Neh, the X Ray mah. X Ray film also considered as X rated stuff hoh?


Chen said...

u think only leh...
u never know :P

u remember Toy Story?
All the toys there can talk wan when the owners are not around. Hahahhahha



Hahaha, your piggy is very adorable. I love all her sampat expression. So cute !!

I wanna pinch her face liao :P

Chen said...

hor ny,
which leopard?
both also can be used to play games
But the choices less compared with Windows loh :P

My leopard (Lewis) can be used to play game too. Neh, it's a soft toy mah :D

Of coz u have. If not, I'll feel worried on your behalf liao. LOL

and btw, Cat City calling ECL

I bought it during PC fair. Initially i only wanted to buy one, but at last i bought two.


mich said...

don scare ppl la..

Chen said...

u sked liao meh? :P

Simple American said...

My X needs to go to the bathroom. I got XP one. kekekeke

Chen said...

Lidat also can? Hahahhaha