Friday, November 23, 2007

I Tak Suka...

Doreen wanna knows the 10 things I hate the most. Don't worry, No Copy Cat Garfield here. I promise I won't Copy and Paste what Doreen wrote. LOL

I boh suka HATE......
1. Selfish and egoistic beings who only think of themselves and look down on others.
2. Those annoying Red Tapes. Really YourStar.
3. Noisy and annoying kids. Grrrrrrrr.... They really get on my nerves. Get Lost Go Away!
4. Those annoying thick-faced salesperson who are very persistence and dun understand the simple NO. Really See Ghost.
5. Explaining the same thing over and over again. Wasting saliva.
6. Those who abuse and made fun of animals. Animals have feelings too. Imagine if u r the animal, what will u feel?
7. Kulit-fication (instead of Qualification). *&^%$#. U know what I mean, don't you?
8. When broadband connection kaput. Arghhhhhhhh..... Really pain in the ass gluteus maximus.
9. People being late. Cos I'm quite a punctual person, unless if there are unforeseen circumstances. I hate wasting time waiting and waiting and waiting. Time is precious !!
10. Male Chauvinist pigs.

Now it's time to pass it on.....I wanna know 10 things you hate. Let's see whether Great Minds Think Alike or not? ;)
1) Winn
2) Moz ~ I No Likey
3) Rinnah ~ I Hate KL Traffic


angel said...


You don't like to Forn ah? :(

angel said...


Kulit discrimination ah?

angel said...

How come ka chn'g got so canggih mia nama eh?

Glueteus Maximus... woooooo...

angel said...

*thinks of what to comment summore*

angel said...

Faster tell me abt BW!!!

angel said...

*runs around...*
*rolls up...*
*rolls down...*

*taps fingers....*

Chen said...

walao.. kaw kaw cheng here ah?

i like forn woh.. food mah, of coz i like. Kkakakaka

yeap, u get it right. Qualify with kulit, hence kulit-fication. LOL

Now u learn one new terminology leh
Nice hoh the name Gluteus Maximus :)

Wanna tell u about BW but each time I ym u, u were not online mah, and when u online time, I zzzz liao :P

*ahem*, running and rolling around? Angel transform from Angel to Devil liao ah? Kakkakakkakka

angel said...

Oops... soli lah... u knw I'm sucha Lazy On9 Messenger :P (My Glueteus so heavy... kakakkaka...

*duno wats the relation to being on9*

Wait lah, I pree that time, I call you! Muahahahaha...

Chen said...

piak your gluteus maximus for being lazy bum :P

Sure, call me loh when u r pree time. But dun call too late woh, cos i zzz liao by then. Gua bukan night owl mah. Kkkkkkkk

Selba said...

Definitely almost all the same yang tidak disukai ;) especially no. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9.

mistipurple said...

i tak suka smart alec.
gib you char siew pass to ah boy ok?

Doreen said...

Took me a while to guess the meaning of kulit-fication. I hate that too.

So you're a punctual person. Oooo~~i like you more and more already. Hehehe

Thanks for doing the tag. *hugs*

Chen said...

Hehehhehe.. and u hate those noisy and annoying kids too? Very frustrating especially when seeing kids running around everywhere and making lotsa noise. :D

Me too. Actually there are many other things that I dislike, but too bad can only list out 10 :P

Ah Boy reply with a thank you woof for the char siew :)

Hehehe.. finally u find out what is the meaning. That is a widely used terminology among my friends and colleagues :)

And I still have many more tags to answer. Kkkkk.. Will do another one this weekend kua? Hopefully no more tags coming. And thanks for liking me more and more. LOL

rinnah said...

Aiyak! I kena tagged again! I think I did a variation of this tag before but since this is a different version, I shall do this one!

Eh, me catch no ball what is kulit-fication... got dictionary of chen-isms ah?

L B said...

Haha, I agree with you 100%!!! Will you become my Best Friend? I will try never to be late, because I detest those who say be there on time, and then layang layang tok cok sing song and ... yeah, you know wat I mean.
I also hate Red Tape, pink tape, blue tape, black tape.. The best tapes are transparent.
Then also, I really NES® those cannot understand NO pushy salespeople, who think it's their right to tok cok sing song no matter what happens.
And those Lansee Lanyeong Shit Under Their Nose who think they are So Superior to others.. Damn actsee.. For wat? To show off shit under nose..
I could go on further, but my pasta is waiting! :-)
Oh yeah, badly behaved kids! ROTAN..
LOL, gotta run..
kkkkkkkkk™ YourStar! 20cts..

Chen said...

Kkkkk.. I haven't tag u for quite some time already mah. :P
Thanks for doing the tag

Kulit-fication ah? It basically means Qualification by "kulit" colour, in contrary to Qualification. U get what I mean? ;) I didn't invent this word leh. It is widely used among my colleagues and friends :)

Chen said...

Wah.. seldom see LB commenting so long. Almost See Ghost liao :P

Great Minds Think Alike hoh? Best Friend ah? Cheers with Teh Tarik Kurang Manis. Kkkkkkk

Yeah, how nice hoh if there is no Red Tape (totally a waste of time and energy. Ka Ka Cau Cau and Kaw Kaw Cheng only).

NES all those LCLY ppl. I believe in the Ministry of Rotan too. But nowadays most parents think Rotan is evil. That's why more and more spoiled brats on the move.

Ah Boy BBBB cos he also wanna eat Pasta :)

L B said...

LOL, I just got reminded of Cheong Hei Suun!

*throws a flying peanut into Ah Boy's Big Brilliant Bengkok Bowl*

Chen said...

Hahahhaha... those Cheong Hei Sunn are another pain in the gluteus maximus. LOL. Must kick kaw kaw those sui yan :D

Ah Boy manage to catch the peanut with OPEN mouth before it fells down into the Bengkok Bowl ;)

mistipurple said...


kyh said...

of all ur hatreds, i tak suka the kulitfication the most! so unfair hor? *thinking of migrating*

day-dreamer said...

Yeah, Streamyx is giving me a hell of a time now! *sobs*

Well, what you hate is more or less what I hate too. Haha.

Chen said...

syiok woh seeing Ah Boy and Misti opening mouth together. What a nice scene. Fast-fast take out camera.
*snap photo*

indeed very unfair.
Thinking of migrating?
Any country or countries u have in mind? How about Australia? ;)

day dreamer,
Poor DD. Hopefully your miserable moments with Streamyx will be over soon. Pat pat head.

Hahahha, cos we have great minds mah. That's why :P

kyh said...

Australia oso got racism issues in recent yrs leh. I'm thinking of Europe. But the issue exists there too. How ah? *stops daydreaming*

Monk[+]Icon said...

LoL @ ~no.10

Chen said...

In fact, most countries have racism issues. Almost everywhere. Seems like we cannot escape from it huh?

Can still continue to daydream. Since no harm doing so. Hehehheh

are u one of them? Kakakkakka

I know Transformer is definitely not in your list of "Top 10 things I hate" but the other way round. Hehehehe

may said...

apa BW? I also wanna know! you all start YM conference earlier ok? here sleep very early wan... kkkkk!

all also I agree. especially #4. and #1. and 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.


next week you FORN, ok?

Chen said...

BW is Angel's ex schoolmate that I happened to know of :P Kkkkk.. Talking about YM conference, we haven't have YM conference for ages liao. The last one we had was.. more than a year ago liao hoh? Wah.. time really flies.. o.O Must have one again soon :D

LOL, so we have great minds, since we also think alike. Can I FORN at my own time without following the supposed schedule? Kkkkkk..