Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cheesie Bak Kwa

Few days ago, I went to Bee Cheng Hiang (美珍香) to buy a kati of my favourite Chili Pork Bak Kwa/yoke kon and while looking around, something caught my attention.

Presenting the latest Bee Cheng Hiang product. The mini pre-packed Ez Cheese Bak Kwa ~ Bak kwa with a twist of cheese on top. Since this is the first time I come across the cheese bak kwa, the curiosity in me subconsciously made me bought 100 gm back home. And it's not cheap. 100 gm for RM 8+.

How's the taste? Very Ocipala. Mmmmm... Not my cuppa tea.

I still prefer my beloved finger licking good Chilli Pork bak kwa. Happily munching my 辣椒猪肉干.

This is NOT a sponsored post either...

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moz monster said...

Cheese ? In Bak Kwa ??? What's next ? Ribena Bak Kwa ?? Green Tea Bak Kwa ??? Peanut Butter Bak Kwa ?? Or Ocipala Bak Kwa?

They just make funny flavors nowadays ... gimme the traditional flavors anytime !

Chen said...

very ocipala indeed. Reminds me of the mooncake. Nowadays we can get mooncake with all sort of weird paste flavours :P

I ditto with u, I still prefer the original flavour, the traditional ones. Ori is still the best ;)

carcar said...

i bought home some bak kwa frm macau, yucks... not nice :(

kyh said...

eh the cheese one hor looks like the bak kua "seh kor" 发霉. :P

wah got chilli one ah. dinno that wor. really spicy?

i used to love the wo lai yeh bak kuah. :P

kyh said...

tonite very few ppl on9. hmmmmmm dunno where they all go into hiding. :P

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Interesting to learn that it's called bak kwa in Malaysia. As you probably know, it's called 'yook gon' here in HK.

I absolutely love bak kwa, especially the spicy pork ones. Yum!

I too prefer the original flavours. To me, all of this 'new' flavours are just a marketing gimmick.

Enjoy your bak kwa doc!

mistipurple said...

eat with bread very nice. or even rice. no need other ingredients already.

Chen said...

Issit? The Malaysia or Singapore bak kwa taste nicer ah? Jot down in my mind not to buy any bak kwa if I happened to visit Macau in the future :)

发霉肉干? LOL
indeed hoh when i looked back at the picture again. The chilli bak kwa is available since few years back. Just slightly spicy niah. As I love spicy food, I prefer it to be more spicy if possible lah.. Hehehe

Tonight most people go pom chak chak kua? or sing song somewhere somewhere? :P

Chen said...

furkids in HK,
Bak kwa is the Hokkien dialect name for the yook gon. It is still known as yook gon in KL or Ipoh as majority there speaks Cantonese. Some also name it as Long Yoke :)

Original flavour is still the best. The same is applicable to mooncake.

eating it plain or just the meat itself is even nicer mah.. Kekekkkee

I love to heat the bak kwa inside the microwave for a short while before eating. The edge of the bak kwa will then become crispy. Very yummy leh. Wanna some? :)

angel said...

Hmmm... Peanut Butter Bak Kwa sounds interesting... hehe..

No Liulian BK?

Ehon said...

i also wan bak kwaaa!!! bak kwa bak kwa wo ai ni.. cheesie bak kwa just doesn't sound right to me. :P cheese.. and bak kwa?

Chen said...

really meh? I will go sapu peanut butter on my bak kwa and see how it taste like. If not nice, i will throw the bak kwa at u. Kkkkkk :P

Liulian bak kwa ah?
This one really very ocipala liao !1

ada orang sudah habis exam !!
ada orang nak terbang pergi Sydney
ada orang sudah dekat nak balik kampung
so syiok :D

btw, since when u become Angel ah?
singing the xxx wo ai ni song?

yeah loh, Cheese and bak kwa are not supposed to come together wan.
They are not supposed to be frens wan. Dunno who paksa them together? :P

Anonymous said...

old man got new recipe...later chainis new year send some to u...

ba yak puey poh/croc skin kwa

L B said...

It doesn't look like my cuppa tea either!! Gimme Lormaikai with Bak Kwa!!!

Chen said...

anon old man,
ba yak puey poh?
wah.. where are u now?
no news for so long liao..
still in Msia? or Spore?
or fatt tat somewhere else liao? :D

LMK with bak kwa sounds much better
together with a huge class of Teh C Peng (not the kiasu 5 layer Teh C Peng Special). LOL

may said...

I'm so tempted to ask you to send some over, but I think it would be confiscated by the customs and thrown into the bin! I miss bak kwa... the plain one... *sigh*

Giddy Tiger said...

Haven't tried the chilli variety yet, but I absolutely love the regular kind, YUMMY! Any more in your house? *hopeful*

mudpie said...

waaaaa that is LB's favour munchies ...

do they have it in halal version??? happy friday!!!

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

haa?? cheesi baked with bak kwa?

can imagine the taste geh....hehe...

the original taste the best...yummm yummm...

papercrazy said...

I LOVE BEE CHENG HIANG BAK KWA (not the other bee cheng hiang)

the cheese bak kwa not very nice...still prefer the traditional a bit burnt on the side bak kwa..yummy

Sean said...

Wahlao! I know it is so so yummy... But I would control not to put it into my mouth...
Cheese PLUS Bak Gua... *faint

Jemima said...

I tried them before.
Verdict: :(

Nothing but the original for me too..

Chen said...

Poor Maymay, no bak kwa to eat :(
Might be can try to made our own bak kwa. My mother in law grilled the home made bak kwa few years back. Might be I should get the recipe from her. Then we can produce our own extra hot bak kwa, with lotsa lotsa chillies. Kkkkkkk

The chili bak kwa is slightly harder, I meant more chewy than the "normal" bak kwa. I still have some leftover and my doggy is eye-ing at it. Heheheehe

I read in the papers a week or two ago that there are halal bak kwa available in KL, but not from Bee Cheng Hiang. Can't remember where is the place liao..

Happy Friday :)

Chen said...

woof meow,
Not nice geh the taste.
Weird-weird tei :D
yeah, the original one is still the best :)

u makan the cheese bak kwa before ah? So canggih lah u. I love to heat my bak kwa for few seconds inside the microwave. Then u can get hot bak kwa with crispy edge. Very yummy wan.

Err.. Someone is on diet? ;)

I ditto with u. Still prefer the original ones. Ori is always the best :)

Doreen said...

Emmm....cheese bak gua...the sound of it doesn't fancy me...but would luv to try for the sake of it one day lah.

Doreen said...

Here is a tag vengeance! hehehe

Adino said...


This would go perfect with a some slices of toast!

Chen said...

Kekkeke.. u can also made your own cheese bak kwa, by putting one layer of cheese on top of bak kwa and heat it for few seconds inside the microwave :P

KKKkk.. Thanks for the tag.
*Thinking hard*
what are the things i hate
can only list out 10 ah? :P

Eating with toast is nice but most of the time, I will munch the bak kwa by itself. Going to have another slice of bak kwa tonight :)

Berberboo said...

*drools* i love honey pork bak kwa... =D

i wanna try the cheeesie one too...=X

Chen said...

The Honey Pork BBQ Meat is nice.
Btw, u can made your own cheesie bak kwa. Put one slice of cheese on top of the bak kwa and heat up in microwave till the cheese partially melt ;)

I dun like the taste. Might be u will like it? I dunno :)

andie summerkiss said...

I love bak kwa. Anybody coming to Medan knows what to bring me. I would try the cheesy version. But I won't like it.

As the case with moon cake. Why? Why do they put such weird fillings in there? We like the old ones just fine!

Anonymous said...

now oldman in amazon hunting ba yak to make ba yak puek poh...:D

Chen said...

hehe, u r indeed bak kwa fans :)
I wonder if the bak kwa in Medan taste the same as the bak kwa here.

Over here in Malaysia, we can see new filings and paste for mooncake emerging each year. Durian, Blueberry, strawberry, cheese, green tea, tiramisu, chocolate, coffee paste etc.

I'm still curious how the cheese mooncake taste like but i didn't try it out. The traditional one ~ lotus paste, red bean paste, white lotus paste etc is still the best :)

hunting ba yak in Amazon ah?
syiok nya.. Soon we will see u wearing croc skin jacket and using croc leather wallet etc? :D

fibrate said...

One word. Decadent! :D

We got some dried meat from Macau too. Think beef jerky but substitute the beef with wild boar. Eeeuw! So not my thing.

Chen said...

Decadent? Hehehehe....

u are the second person to tell me the similar things regarding the dried meat from Macau. If I visit Macau in the future, i won't buy their bak kwa liao :)

carcar said...

yah.. sg one not bad. but ex...ard $40 per kg.

carcar said...

i think so lah, not too sure... as i knw is ard $40.. but don know per kg or wat :P

after convert, is ard RM90... hahahaha...