Sunday, November 25, 2007


Selba wants me to to fill up the following questionnaire with words beginning with the letter "C" (as my name starts with the letter “C”). The followings are my "answers" :)

1. Famous Singer: Carpenters
2. Four Letter Word: Choy
3. Street: China town :P
4. Colour: Chocolate Coklat (and this reminds me of the edible chocolate tim)
5. Gifts/Present: Cow (cos Moo Moo Rocks)
6. Vehicle: Car-Car, the Boot Boot Cher
7. Things in Souvenir Shop: Canine (Doggy cute mah)
8. Boy Name: Cockroach Chai (Siu Keong, if not ChinaPek loh) LOL
9. Girl Name: Cendawan (Tungku) :P
10. Movie title: Chicken Little (The delicious ayam kecik)
11. Drink: Cappucino + Corn shake (new recipe, cos Cola too common liao)
12. Occupation: Char Koay Teow hawker (can earn big bucks wan)
13. Celebrity: Chen (Ah Boy cakap punya..) No Eye See. Hahaha
14. Magazine: Crap magazine loh or Chapalang magazine, (those pak kwa magazine)
15. U.S. City: Chicago
16. Pro Sports: Chasing after the Wind (don't play-play)
17. Fruit: Chiku (not those "small chiku")
18. Reason for Being Late to work: Cilakak mia alarm clock tak berbunyi
19. Something you throw away: Cicak, especially the frozen lizard
20. Something you shout: Cham loh
21. Cartoon Character: Casper the Friendly Ghost (this time really See Ghost liao)

Who to Tag?
* Cocka ~ C-game
* Adino ~ A-game
* Misti ~ M-game

Today is Doreen's Moo One (牛一). Many Endless Hugs, Muacks and Kisses to the Birthday Girl. Happy Birthday Doreen. Hopefully no Moo Moo-s are bullied on this special day :)


mistipurple said...

haha no moo moos to be bullied today!

Happy Birthday Doreen!

tagged M tag ah? ok ok.. hehe. dares not open closet of tags. maybe i just do this one without opening that cupboard before all fall on my head.

mistipurple said...

cockroach chai??? pengsan!!!

Doreen said...

THANK YOU Chen! I've got your lovely postcard btw. It's very kind of you. Muakssss!

Doreen said...

And Thank you Misti too!

Chen said...

Hahhaha, true mah. During Cow One or birthday time, shouldn't bully any cows mah :P

Kkkkk.. trying to imagine the tags all fall on Misti's head when she opens the closet :P

Cockroach Chai cute mah.. As long as they don't start flying. LOL



u r mostly welcomed. Glad u received the postcard. I sked it might get lost on the way. Hehehhe..

Selba said...

You are done with your homework! Thanks for handing in :D

Wah... can use word "chocolate" for brown? hehehe... same like in bahasa, coklat for brown and chocolate.

Hah? you seriously want to name a boy as cockoach and a girl as cendawan... walaaaauuuuuu... LOL

Chen said...

Oops, i wanna type Coklat earlier on, but didn't realise I typed it as Chocolate instead. LOL I will go and amend it :D

Hahaha, those names are just for fun only. The answers given here are mainly for a good laugh :P If answer too seriously then it won't be fun liao :D

may said...

waaa, you big big celebrity hor! "choy" as in touch wood or "choy" as in vege ah?

Happy Birthday, Doreen!

L B said...

Waaaaaaaa... Chen is the Best Celebrity!!


Chen said...

That one ah, typed by Ah Boy wan. LOL

That "choy" is the "tai kat lei si" mia choy, as in touch wood mia choy. Not the "ham choy" mia choy. Kkkkk


That answer is given by Ah Boy wan, not me.. as I did the tag together with hi. Hahahhahhaha


L B said...


Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

this game seems very fun laa...keke...

woh...jiejie`s a celebrity wan autograph too...


rinnah said...

Happy Birthday Doreen!

*lines up behind lb for chen's autograph*

Chen said...

Paw print?
u want right thumb print?
or left thumb print?
or right hand print? Kkkkk

woof meow,
Hehhhe, u wanna do the tag? :D
u can always volunteer to do the tag. LOL

Another right hand print for u :D

One more right hand print..
Cham loh, have to wash hand with soap and water so many times liao


angel said...


So the Campat!!!
Campat Chen! Kkkkkkk...

Lucky u tarak anak... if not I'll hv to talk like this nxt time....

"Cockcroach ah Cockcroach, kuai... cum auntie gib you cocka-doodle-doo mia patung..."


Sang Yat Fai Lok, Ms. Doreen!

winniethepooh said...

happy birthday to Doreen and hey, Chen, cuppacino and corn shake? Glup..u sure it taste good? :P hehehe

Chen said...

wai wai wai
campat sounds like campak lah..
so kuwak wan u :P

Boy Name & Girl Name doesn't mean we have to name the kids with those name mah.. Those are just suggestion. Kkkkkkk

Thinking about cocka-doodle-doo mia patung. Issit an ayam or wat sort of patung? or issit girl doll. LOL


Hahahhaa, I dunno how's the taste of Cappuccino + Corn shake, but i presume it will taste weird :P


kyh said...

happy birthday doreen!

wah a doctor celeb! so geng!

plink said...

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y TO D O R E E N !

Dr. Chen is celebrity liao?

plink1: Mintak autograf?

plink2: Sign my T-shirt?

plink3: ...My hat?

plink4: ... Pensel bok?

Chen said...

Ah Boy said that for fun only lah
Dun believe him :P

u wanna right hand print? LOL


Giving free right hand prints on T shirt, hat, pencil box, pants, trousers etc.. Oops, your clothes all dirty liao with numerous hand prints and ink.



L B said...

Chen pok soh ah!!! LOLOL...

day-dreamer said...

Happy Birthday Doreen!

I agree with you that CKT hawkers can earn BIG buck$! Hehe.

Zhu said...

Cilakak mia alarm clock tak berbunyi

Don't speak the language, but would I guess that it has to do with a "broken" alarm clock!

Lame excuse! :D

angele said...

Happy birthday Doreen!!!

keeyti said...

Hahaha.. I laugh when seeing your reason to being late to work.. hahahha

mistipurple said...

pass up already. *pat on own head* :P

Sean said...

Happy belated birthday~ May your dreams come true~

mistipurple said...

so hungwee today. eat and eat still hungwee. jialat. must be stress.

Chen said...

Blurred for one minute
trying to figure out wat is pok soh
btw, I didn’t throw any star in the process of thinking :P

Day Dreamer,
Yeah loh, those famous one can earn few thousand bucks a day leh. Really dun play-play :P


Hahahha, very lame indeed :P
That phrase (in Malay) means "the &^%$* alarm clock failed to ring"


Chen said...

Hahaha, that reason cannot be used one cos no one will believe it even though it might be true. Most people will use the excuse of traffic jam or car break down instead.

Hehehhe, I was only late to work twice over the last 9.5 years.
Very good employee hoh? :P

So good gal.
Must pat pat your head more
Pat your shoulders too :P
*and pinch your cheek*
Ngek ngek

Yeah, may all her dreams come true :)

kesian Misti. What u had today for lunch? Hopefully u didn’t eat the small and puny char siew pao ;)

carcar said...

how can a ger name cendawan? salah lah...

a girl name : carcar

Chen said...

Hahhahaha... Car-Car is the name for the vehicle mah, neh, the #6 :P

So the Car Car