Thursday, October 04, 2007

When sleeping bug bites..

What happened when sleeping bug bites? Not only I'm affected, My little doggy Ah Boy also cannot escape but to share the same fate. Don't you know YAWNING is CONTAGIOUS? Are u sleepy? Anyone yawned? Let's tidur....



keeyit said...

I have the same mood too ~ sleepy!! I kept on yawning when in my yoga class just now ... :P

Chen said...

hahaha.. and i was yawning in the early morning when i just reached my work place. I was thinking.. how nice if i dun have to work today. LOL..

Time to zzz soon :)

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...


aiks...kena "racun"...hehe...

btw, nice gigi AhBoy have...


moz monster said...

*yaaaaaaaaaaaawns ....*

*looks at work ....*

*yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawns ...*

*looks at work ...*

*damn the work*

angel said...

*stuffs a char siew pao into ahboy mulut*

*another 1 for chen*


Chen said...

woof meow,
time to tidur?
since u kena racun liao.. LOL

Ah Boy "brushes teeth" wan mah, hahhaha.. that's why he has nice teeth :P

can we sleep on the piles of paper works? As long as dun drool saliva on the paper :P

immediately wake up
continue eating char siew pao
so yummy


Steve said...

i need a sleep too :D but after chen drop by, i wish to say hi in your blog. hi!!!!!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzz.......

L B said...

I'm wide awake! How??!!! LOL... no eye see, no ear hear.. no mouth yawn..

Neo said...

Okay, good night then... alamak it's already 2:10am here!

Doreen said...

Me finished tidur liao.....wake up wake up! Ah boy wake up, Chen wake up!

may said...

aiseh, now feel like going back to sleep... zzz...zzz...

ehon said...

i just woke up - no yawning liao. kekekekeke.

eh why so long nvr see u sampat on msn? so not u ler..

papercrazy said...

I think ahboy needs to go and see a dentist quick..I spotted 1 bad tooth...:-)

I love yawning

Firehorse said...

Too early for me to go to bed lar, so maybe you and Ah Boy slp first k?

angele said...

Definitely yawning is contagious!

And watching ahboy yawning like that just makes me feel like crawling back to bed again!
And I just woke up an hour ago!How's that? *lol*

rinnah said...

And now I feel like sleeping... *big yawn*

Ah Boy has nice teeth!

JL said...

mee sleeepepyyy.... brhah .ny83;z zzzZZZZZZZ......

Giddy Tiger said...

When one speaks of yawning, and keeps on talking and describing about it, one will inadvertently yawn. It has been proven true, and I have also experienced it myself. In fact, I am yawning now.

Chen said...

A sleepy Hi :D
LOL.. Hope u have a good night sleep yesterday night :)

Must spread the sleepiness to u

So many night owls here :D
I tidur already by then (at 2 am)
So syiok sleeping early yesterday night :D

Chen said...

Hehehhee.... Me also wake up liao by now (if not, jialat loh..)

Syiok leh having a good night sleep yesterday night till this morning :D

Wake up Wake up Wake up


I also wake up liao, but 12 hours ago :P

Lately i busy mah, no time to chat on MSN/YM. Can't believe it's now October already leh..

Chen said...

Walao, he mana ada dental caries woh?
He brushes teeth everyday wan..
Dun play-play :P

I miss my bed and my pillows....

Hehhehhe... sure sure...
Dun forget to look up for us in your dreamland when u Zzzz later :)
We will have a Bakuteh date in our dreams ;)

And I'm yawning too...
It's 6:07 pm already..
Too late to take a nap at this hour and too early to go to bed for the night sleep. Dilemma... :D

Chen said...

*Moderate yawn*

Hehhee.. Ah Boy very happy liao cos u praise his teeth (He take cares of his teeth wan. Don't play-play)

yeah yeah yeah..
i can reckon u r sleepy
cos i dunno wat is brhah .ny83 --> evidence to show that u r sleepy
hehehheh :D

giddy tiger,
yeah, yawning is indeed contagious
very dangerous liao :D
(must not show others i'm yawning.. Later the whole world yawn together with me) :P

lynnx01 said...

What a nice photo snapped! I slept from 9pm to 7am last night. Badly affected by my stomach cramps. Ohh.. yawning now. Hehehe!

mistipurple said...

*envy ahboy's teeth and gums*

mistipurple said...

also nice tongue and nose..

mistipurple said...

and coat of hair..

mistipurple said...

and big eyes too...
*cabut* running with spam sandwich from kitchen table.

Chen said...

Thanks Lynnx. Have u ever take any photos of Scooby yawning?

Sorry to hear about the stomach cramps. Glad to hear that u r okie after the long night sleep.

Ini Misti, must be u ate too much SPAM luncheon meat liao. Hahhaha..

Yeah, Ah Boy has nice teeth, at least his teeth are nicer than mine. And he is such a cutie, hoh? How not to sayang him leh? :P

_butt said...

oh my ah boy yawned like a lion! great shot! :D

now I feel like tidur-ing too... *yawn*

nyonyapenang said...

Hi Dr Chen,

hmmmmm...AhBoy must have been up the whole night looking after his master's home.

Jun said...

hello! blog-hopped to ur site. ur sarikei posts caught my eye cos one of my friends, who's an intern, hails from sarikei :) interesting bits i've learnt *hehe*

Chen said...

hehehhe... yeah, Ah Boy loves sleeping. And he sleeps earlier than me most of the time ;)

I enjoy seeing him yawning. Hahaha, cute mah :D

Butt the Zombie feels like tidur-ing liao? Great ;)

nyonya pg,
Hhahaha.. Ah Boy is a sleepy head. He sleeps more than me. But he is alert also lah, despite the fact he loves sleeping ;)

Hi Jun, thanks for dropping by.
Sarikei is a small town, and everybody knows somebody, if u know what i meant. LOL

Say hi to your intern, the Sarikei folk :D

lynnx01 said...

Yes, I think I have a photo of Shoobie yawning! Must show off on my blog one of these days. HEheheeh!

Chen said...

hehee.. show show show..
i wanna see :D

i just saw the picture Shoobie the "bear" bathing :D

Pink Cotton said...

yawning ka??looks so fierce leh...heehee

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Hence the wise saying -"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" kua? Kakkakaa