Friday, October 05, 2007

Photo Hunters : Curvy

photo hunters

Today's theme is Curvy.

Presenting the curvy instant noodle. Don't you love instant noodle? We cannot deny that Maggi Mee instant noodle brand is so popular that most instant noodle (irregardless of brand) are collectively known as Maggi Mee ;)

What is your favourite brand. Which one is your favourite flavour? I love Zow Zow Duck-flavoured instant noodle (from Thailand), my All Time Favourite. And I love IndoMie Mee Goreng Asli too. *Slurp*


moz monster said...

I love Mama Tom Yum Goong from Thailand. It's small, it's tasty ... and it's nearly as good as the roadside stall Tom Yum I used to eat sometimes ...

L B said...

I actually prefer Maggi Mee, but because everyone tells me that Cintan is the Bestest of the Best, I've been buying Cintan to take back to Italy. I still can't tell the difference though... Must be Imperial Tastebuds shot to hell!

Chen said...

Mama Tom Yum Goong sounds familiar. I think I have eaten that before in the past kua? Can't really remember :D

Will look out for it again..
I love Tom Yum

Mee Maggi,
Cepat Dimasak,
Sedap Dimakan.

Err.. I must brain wash (and tongue wash) u liao to eat Zow Zow duck noodle. LOL

satkuru said...

i prefer miyogo over maggi mee. but i can't deny that maggi is so famous that the rest are called maggi too :P

Yen said...

Awesome shot! Love me some noodles too:D

angel said...

wah... reminds me of my instant mee question in one of my entries :p and after that entry, i managed to try so many types of instant mee that i've not tried b4! and KW oso gave me 2 packets of some nice noodles too! whoopie!! but now i thinking of assam laksa flavour... HUNGWEEEEEEE!!!

Hehe... bluff u wan la :p

Maybe will be in another half hour :p

Wilson said...

Certified curvy one!... Come see mine here...

Have a nice wekend!...c",)

Anonymous said...

IndoMie Mee Goreng Asli ROCKZ !!!
lol... i also like the duck flavour one from thailand... n also the spicy kimchi from Korea... very spicy...

Dragonheart said...

Cool shot! Those noodles are certainly curvy. Being a cat, I don't eat noodles. :D

My curvy photos.

This Girl Remembers said...

Great curvy shot! I've made many a package of curvy noodles very much like those. :)

Carver said...

Instant noodles are definitely curvy. Good choice. I haven't had them in a long time and my memory isn't what it used to be so I can't remember which ones I like best, ha.

Rach said...

I love noodles and never even thought of them as being curvy! Enjoy your weekend :-)

tegdirb92 said...

great phot--love it. Our popular brand in the US is Top Ramen so we refer to all of them as Top Ramen.

david mcmahon said...

Nice work. Interesting shot, too

farmingfriends said...

ll this curvy food I keep seeing is making me hungry. A great photograph. sara from farmingfriends

mistipurple said...

we sama taste. i like the zow zow duck and the indomie mee goreng also.
*throws char siew into your mee*

Lana G! said...

Wow - now that is definitely a great pick for curvy!

Doreen said...

I love Indo Mee Goreng too, and also those korean instant noodles. yum!

jams o donnell said...

I love nooodles.Now I have a hankering for an evening snack. Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

We eat those too, but they are called Ramen noodles here. Great idea and definitely curvy. Have a good weekend.

Incog & Nito said...

Oh yes 2 minute noodles - the kids love them and they are so easy. So many different flavours - lovely. Enjoy your weekend.

BlurMommy said...

Great photo!! I like the Korean noodles.

Paulie said...

Perfect for this theme. Come see mine.

Chen said...

I have vague memories regarding the myojo instant noodle. The last time I had myojo instant noodle was years ago and I remembered the noodle was round in shape, different from the other brands :)

Thanks, Yen. Yeah, instant noodle is a handy snack (and easy-to-prepare meal) ;)

Yeah, I remember u asked the similar question some time back.. Hehheee..

u lup assam laksa flavour ah? I heard that there are kam pua instant noodle available. Must look out for it when I go back to Sarawak liao (to tapao few packets back here). LOL

Chen said...

u have a love curvy window too. And wow.. Yen is your sister?

Happy weekend :)

Talking about spicy kimchi noodle from Korea, i haven't have it for years. hahhaha... almost forgotten about it. Time to buy few packets when I do my shopping for groceries. Used to have it in the past but died off after a while :D

Thanks, Dragonheart. My doggy eats noodle. But I normally dun feed him instant noodle as it contains lotsa MSG. Sked later he might drop fur..


Chen said...

this girl remembers,
Thanks. Might be I will have one packet of instant noodle for breakfast as I lazy to go out nor cook something else :D

Yeah, instant noodle is a handy snack and easy-to-prepare simple meal, but it's not healthy and we cannot consume it too frequently, nor have it regularly :D

Hehehe.. another curvy thing that comes to my mind besides the instant noodle is the curvy bilin jungle fern I have back in my hometown in Sarawak :)

Chen said...

Thanks :)
Ooh.. I learn something new today - Top Ramen :) We have ramen noodles over here but those are the long straight noodles, not the curvy one as in US :)

Thanks David.
Have a nice weekend.

Thanks Sara. I'm feeling hungry too. Time for breakfast soon, and might be I will have instant noodle for breakfast since this is the easiest breakfast to prepare :D

Chen said...

Hehehee.. great mind thinks alike
thanks for the char siew
luckily u didn't throw the Spam luncheon meat inside my noodle, else i will kena spammed again..

Thanks Lana. Instant noodle is something simple yet so tasty :D

There is another brand of Mee Goreng called "Sedap". Tasted good but I still prefer IndoMie.

Talking about the korean instant noodle, i haven't have it for years. hahhaha... almost forgotten about it. Time to buy few packets when I do my shopping for groceries. Used to have the spicy kimchi noodle in the past but the habit died off after a while :D

Chen said...

I love noodles too. But they are not as fillling as eating rice, which is our staple diet over here in Malaysia. I feel hungry faster if i take noodle for meals :)

Thanks. I just get to know about the name Ramen Noodles a while ago when another blogger from US left the comment. We also have ramen noodles in Malaysia but the ramen noodles here are different, not the curvy ones, but the long, straight noodle :)

Have a nice weekend :)

Chen said...

Instant noodle is a very brilliant invention, thanks to the Japanese chap who come up with it. Can't remember his name though.

Now i feel like eating instant noodle again. I will cook a packet for my breakfast :D

Thanks BlurMommy. Korean noodles are nice. I love those hot and spicy one :)

Thanks Paulie. I will drop by and visit yours :) said...

I think I like Indomee goreng asli too.

ehon said...

I say I eat mee goreng u say no good, not healthy. u urself also like it mar!! boooo.. :P but indomie mee goreng the bestest!! :D

eastcoastlife said...

I seldom eat instant noodles but my kids prefer Indomie Mee Goreng.

So kia see lang, many HK Tea Houses sell instant noodle with a sunny-side up egg and a piece of spam at a ridiculously high price. siao.

Chen said...

u think only meh?

unhealthy food stuff are delicious food stuff mah :P

Thumb up to IndoMie Mee Goreng Asli
The first time I ate it was..
in the late 80's if i didn't remember wrongly and i'm lovin' it

Yeah, yeah..
u ate healthy stuff mah, eg eating grass..
LOL (Me bad, Me bad..) :P

Although those are pricey, there are people who eat it also leh.. If i cook the similar noodle with the same ingredient at home, so cheap leh..

Siani said...

Great curvy pic! I love chicken noodles, any brand. I usually buy a supermarket's own brand, but I check the label carefully. Some cheaper brands of instant noodles tend to contain a lot of fat, so I avoid those. My curvy pics are up, too. Have a great weekend!

shiera said...

nice idea!

may said...

that one not really curvy, that one too curvy become curly liao! kkkkkk!

Steve said...

Oh MY GOD!!! There IS someone besides me who knows about ZOW ZOW!!! Their duck me is fantastic, and their tomyam too! Take out the chilli from the zow zow duck and mix with the tom yam! yummm.....
And Indo mee!!! Its my fav too!! That Indo-mee Ala-Thai, i use to boiled the mee, and then fry it together with vege, add sunny side up egg and some fried chicken nuggets!
And also, pls try Ibu-mee, prawn flav. Syoklicious!`

Steve said...

misti, are u sure u ate b4 indo-mee goreng? lol u dun anyhow le... LOL :P who introduce that zow zow duck to ya huh? huh?!?!?

Sarge Charlie said...

excellent choice

winniethepooh said...

good pic for curvy! :) i love indomie too! n nissin ones.."maggie mee" is indeed the name we use for all sorts of instant noodle huh :) just like "pampers" for all diapers

Andrée said...

We don't eat them because the sodium content is so very high. But that photo is really great! Good entry!

Heather said...

Glad I just ate--I love those things. :) Great choice.

Queen of My Domain said...

What a great curvy photo. I think all I have seen is Top Ramen at the stores.

**"Liza"** said...

that is one curvy noodles!!nice shot!great weekend!!

CRIZ LAI said...

Hmm...seems like both of us have the same taste buds for the noodles. I also go for these 2 brands rather than Maggi's. If compare Maggi and Cintan, I prefer Maggi for it's springy noodles. Nice shot this week. Keep up the good work :)

Lynn said...

Oh yes, I haven't thought of that. Noodles is very "photohuntable" for curvy. Nice shot!

day-dreamer said...


Last time I eat instant noodles that time who always say me hor? :P

lynnx01 said...

You must try the Ibumie HarMee. Quite nice...

Chen said...

Chicken noodle is one of the classic flavour. Yeah, i have visited yours. Love the curvy mushroom :)

thanks :)

hahahaa.. this reminds me of the joke that the pao mistaken maggi mee as the lam mee that perm her hair, hence the curly hair. LOL

Zow Zow is nice. I heard Zow Zow noodle for ages. The first time I ate it was.. in the late 90's and love it since then :) Love the spicy taste too, hence the kick !!

Hhahaa, u intro all those good stuff to Misti? Hehehhe :D

Chen said...

Thanks :)

Thanks Winnie. I have tried the Nissin noodle and it tasted great too :)

Thanks Andree. Yeah, we shouldn't consume the instant noodle too frequently :)

Nowadays we have a great varieties to choose from and several different flavour. I prefer those spicy one :)

queen of my domain,
Thanks. I have never see the Top Ramen yet. I presume it's not available in Malaysia?

Nita said...

Nice photo. Mine is up as well. Have a great week :)

Chen said...

Thanks Liza. Enjoy your weekend :)

Thanks Criz. Glad u have the same taste too. I haven't have Cintan noodles for ages, can't remember how it tasted like liao :P

and instant noodle is the "staple" diet for many who study oversea as it's cheap ;)

day dreamer,
Students of coz will eat instant noodle wan lah. What i say about u? Most importantly is don't consume so much and so frequently only mah, that's all. Nothing wrong with that statement :)

I can't remember whether i tasted that before. Might be I have, might be haven't. I remembered trying the HarMee once, but can't remember the brand. Ok, will look out for it :)

Thanks Nita :)

mich said...

try the singapore noodles..forgotten the brand d..
got kuey teow one also..
the tom yam is just yum yum...superb great..
not dat salty too..ahah

pelfy said...

I love maggi mee.. (= YumYum (= Very creative shot you've got(=

Ah Bong said...

i survive on noodles

Chen said...

hahhaa.. the brandless noodle :D
too many brands available in the market. Another brand that i like is the Noodle King noodle, from HK.
The noodle is springy :)

Thanks :)
Maggi Mee (or the instant noodle) are brilliant invention. Kudos to Mr Momofuku Ando :)

ah bong,
Oh.. really?
Thanks for dropping by :)

_butt said...

any brand also i sapu... hehe

_butt said...

ah, but I must say Maggi was an exception, because the after taste of the noodle's flavor packet is still there long after you've eaten.

Jun said...

hahaha... doc promoting fat-laden instant noodles? *LOL* then again, not tht i'm all that "innocent" when it comes to food choices anyway, although i've stopped eating instant noodles now *hehe*

TopVeg said...

makes me hungry - very curvy!

Chen said...

wah.. u hampalang sapu ah?
sharing the same motto as Ah Boy?

I dun fancy Maggi Mee too ;)

Hahhaha, maggi mee used to my diet (i mean dinner) when I was doing active call in the hospital. Well, instant noodle tasted much better than the given on call food. And most importantly our meal time was unpredictable. LOL

Enjoy the noodle ;)

slurp! said...

yes yes, instant mee now got healthier options like non-fried noodle, no trans fat ingredients! :)

YTSL said...

Waaaaaah, you've made me hungry and homesick for Maggi Mee. As for my favorite flavor(s): I like the original (is it chicken?) but also the assam laksa! :)

Neo said...

My favorite is Indomie Mee Goreng too!

Chen said...

Yeap, nowadays people are more health conscious. The Noodle King (Wantan flavour) fr HK are non fried noodle. And tasted equally good :)

Huh? U can't get Maggi Mee in HK?
Yeah, one of the original flavour is chicken flavour. I prefer those hot and spicy flavour (more kick) ;)

The yummy IndoMie Goreng. I prefer the former more than Mee Goreng Sedap :)

Shabem said...

Great idea! Love noodles too.

Kenny Ng said...

I eat it almost everyday here... I still like it!

genny said...

Like noodles thats my lunch today.. mine is here..

Chen said...

Thanks Shabem

Wow.. noodle has now become your staple diet? LOL.. Hope u can come back "home" to Malaysia soon...

U have been there for... almost a month oledi?

I love noodles. I have just came back from your website. I love the natural curves photo shot u took.

Pink Cotton said...

wah maggie mee...going to be staple food soon if u kno u kno stay at u kno u kno too long...HAHAHA

indo mie will always be the love of my life...i can still remember the old taste of indo mie b4 they chged it years ago...yum yum...

Joyismygoal said...

Maruchuan Chicken Its so funny i never knew about these till about 10 years ago i wonder how long they have been around

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Where got so jialat wan? Mai cincai kong. Piak u then u know :P LOL

I can't remember the old taste liao coz that was ages ago. LOL

I have never tried the Maruchan Chicken Ramen yet. I think it's not available over here in Malaysia.

everydayhealy said...

Ha! I thought of maggie mee to. But, not feel like eating mee, so don't feel like open it up then waste it just for a shot. ha!

And, I always thought make the mee into curvy to "shrink it" into such a small pack is an innovative idea! :)

Chen said...

Hehehe.. Yeah, i agree with u that it is wasteful if u open up the packet of instant noodle just to take photo, unless if u want to consume it later on lah. I always take photos of everything, and i have quite a number of photos of different things and themes from my collection. Up to date, I have 60,000 +++ photos in my "album ;)

cbenc12 said...

i like mee sedap mee goreng too.. yummy!

Chen said...

Yeah, I have tried Sedap Mee Goreng. It's nice, with the fried onions and dehydrated vege. But if I were to choose one between IndoMie and Sedap, i will still choose the former :)

mich said...

talk abt this...i jsut *bou for* only...i got one big storage box just for maggi...
so imagine??
i am the queen of maggi...hahah
and found out the brand d..
is koka..

Chen said...

I don't really fancy the brand "Maggi", I prefer other brands :D
I think I had tried the brand Koka, but can't remember which flavour.

angele said...

We have our own local instant noodles.Its called "apollo" and just like all instant noodles they come in different flavors.But I guess my fave flavor is the chicken one.Not so original uh? *lol*

But we also have all those instant noodles coming from Malaysia.I usually eat either "apollo" or "mamee".I think "mamee" is from malaysia but i'm not sure.I'll check it out =P

Dawn said...

That's a good one for the theme. I love Maggi Mee too, especially the laksa and curry.

papercrazy said...

Indomie Mee goreng, my all-time favourite...

all sorts of instant noodles - maggie mee
all sorts of condensed milk - milkmaid
all sorts of baby diapers - pampers
all sorts of choco drink - Milo
all sorts of plasters - handplast
all sorts of paracetamol - Panadol
all sorts of sanitary pads - Kotex, so funny

Kucing Mafia said...

See Kucing Mafia PhotoHunt

Remind me of my friend maggi mee hair.

I love maggi tom yam... especially the early generation. Much more spicy.

mich said...

i don eat maggi..
i only call them as maggi..
i love cintan..especially asam laksa...

jelly the cute fish said...

how about abalone noodle? :p

Chen said...

Apollo sounds familiar.. Yeah, we have chocolate biscuit snacks by the name Apollo over here in Malaysia, not the instant noodle though ;) LOL

Yeah, there's a local brand with the name "Mamee". I ate that before but quite some time back :)

Laksa and curry flavour is nice, as i love the hot and spicy stuff ;)

Great Mind Thinks Alike, huh? ;)
LOLOL, and... your sister loves IndoMie Goreng Asli too :D

u buy pampers for who ah?

Chen said...

kuching mafia,
Hahhaa, yeah.. now i remember
we used to call those with curly hair as maggi mee hair too (in the past lah) :D

hahhahha.. u r another one who generalised all instant noodle as maggi mee.. LOL

Abalone noodle is for rice people like u to eat wan mah.. Me tarak duit, cannot afford to eat abalone. Kkakakka..

Reminiscing the Abalone Noodle stories 3 and half years back :D

tiny london said...

That's a superb curvy picture. I love instant noodles!

Chen said...

tiny london,
yeah... everyone loves instant noodle. Oops.. Should be "almost everyone" to be exact. There are some who dun touch instant noodle :D