Saturday, October 20, 2007

Photo Hunters : Practical

photo hunters

Today's theme is Practical.

The Real Human Skull - One of my Year 1 Anatomy OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) or Practical Exam question. I can't remember what is the exam question that came out during my time as it was more than a decade ago. Is it something to do with the name of the facial bones or brain components or the blood vessel?

p/s : The human skull picture was taken somewhere else (not inside the exam hall).


_butt said...

first to chup again!! hahaha, early bird gets the worm :P

yeah, this should be taken somewhere in long house in Sarawak? I've always wondered about those skulls... kinda spooky yet interesting. very 'practical' indeed :)

_butt said...

ah, forgot to wish. happy weekend! :D

Chen said...

Good morning Butt
I mistakenly typed your name as Bush just now.. LOL
luckily i realised :P

Yeah, it is taken in Sarawak.
Hehhe... The Land of Head Hunters :P
Very practical to sked ppl? LOL

Happy Saturday and Happy Sunday to u too.. and Happy Everyday :P

tegdirb92 said...

what an interesting photo full of texture! happy Saturday.

ellen b said...

yikes! happy photo hunting to you..

ehon said...

wakakakakakaaka! which longhouse did u go to take that pic? lol! :P

i have to operate on a human corpse next year..

rinnah said...

Aiyo... chen and her skulls again... *no eye see* Hehehe.

Aniqueanik said...

ah ha?that's really practical one, looks creepy

Jho said...

whooaa! scary! though a good take for this meme. happy hunting!

Andrée said...

what a great combination: practical and Halloween! Good job.

gwapasila said...


Mine is up at My 2Cents Worth and The 4Seasons Of My Life Hope you can all visit me.

happy Photo Hunting !!!

sbanboy said...

WAH !!!! some of my friends last time made the skull into a pen container ... hehe

mich said...

scary scary...

angel said...

Eekkkk!!! cabut!

L B said...

ROCK!!! LOL.... waaaaa... really no eye see, like rinnah said!

Pink Cotton said...

i will wash my hand with dettol and soak it in dettol for 3 days if ever touched a real human skull

Winn said...

something related to space ar? i cant figure out what is it still

Selba said...

that's kinda scary... hanging above?

lynnx01 said...

I remember being so scared seeing those tengkoraks in the Sarawak Museum.

angele said...

You got an award!!

Come and get it at my blog :P

Chen said...

pssss... i curi snap those picture inside the swak museum. Shhhhhhh...

i visited few long houses in Swak in the past but during those time, i was still using the film camera (in the late 90's). So i hardly snapped any photos loh :(

Hehhehe.. Fear Not.
Those skulls won't bite u leh :P
Summore skull is part of us leh.. We can't survive without skull leh.. :P

Chen said...

Hahhaaha... first time I hear this.
Making the skull into a pen container. Too bad we didn't have digital camera in the past. Else we can take thousands and thousands of shots during our medical student days. LOL

scary meh? It won't bite u leh..
Like what I told Rinnah earlier on, skulls are part of us leh.. We can't survive without skull woh..
So, in conclusion.. tak perlu takut leh :P

Remember to pay the skulls a visit next week. Must pay a visit to Sarawak Museum! Die die also must go wan. Kkakakkaka..

Chen said...

Dun threat this skull as a BATU and throw at others leh..
*Must respect* :P

*or Cloth? to wrap the skull* ;)

pink cotton,
Soak 3 days in dettol ah? Sure your hands will berkedut kaw-kaw liao..
become grandma hands liao, then how? :P

Hahahhaha.... u can slowly figure it out next weekend liao. Remember to pay Sarawak Museum a visit. This is a community service brought to u by Chen, the Humble One :P

Chen said...

It's part of the Iban culture in Sarawak. In the traditional long houses, u can see real human skulls hanging from the rafters in the longhouses in Sarawak. From those head hunters era time..

Hehehhe.. Have u overcome the fear? u shouldn't be scared by now since u r already a medical student ;)

Thanks Angele for the award :)

TeacherJulie said...

Wow, practical, yes but a little spooky.

have a great weekend :)

Cocka Doodle said...

Those are the skulls of your ex boyfriends ah? Muuahahaha!!


pelfy said...

Err... this picture looks spooky. Luckily I am viewing it now and not at night, or else, i will definitely hide underneath my bed. OK, that's exaggeration (= Anyway, interesting spooky shot. Good day to you (=

Chen said...

I kick your bishop nose then u know.

Searching in details, checking whether there is any chicken skull in the piles :P

Hahaha, if u happened to visit Sarawak, do pay the Police Museum and the Sarawak Museum a visit. U can see a pile of skulls hanging at the rafters or the ceilings. And u can buy the skull replica from Sarakraf Pavilion, Kuching too (to those who are interested) :P

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Good setting for the skulls. Not creepy at all, rather romantic ;-)

Daniel Yiek said...

Only a doc would dare to take pics of skulls. ;-)

At the Sarawak museum in Kuching, if you are tall and not careful, your head will knock into the skulls when you walk into the museum's longhouuse setting.

I saw skulls at the Bidayuh Anna Rais longhouse in Kuching in Feb'07. Ofcos, didnt take pics

kyh said...

that pic is so reminiscent of the posters of Pirates of the Caribbean movies, even though i havent watched them... :P

Chen said...

Hahahha, I can't deny the facts that there are many out there who pantang taking photo of cemetery, skeleton or dead bodies.. :)

I haven't visit the Bidayuh Anna Rais longhouse yet. Visited the other bidayuh village, Kampung Benuk instead. Didn't notice any skulls over there.

Issit? Hahhaha.. I didn't watch the movie either. Didn't notice how is the poster like too :P

I passed by USM an hour ago. Thinking u must be somewhere inside there (if u didn't balik kampung this weekend) :P said...

That really brings back memories

Chen said...

Yeah, reminiscing the good old days..
Except the exam lah, especially the Professional Exam. LOL

may said...

so he's errrmmm... Practically Dead, huh? :P

Chen said...

Keep finger crossed on that matter..
Hahahaha.. I dowan to see a flying skull :P