Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I have a Date...

I have a Date.. with the "prince" from Saudi Arabia.. called Buah Kurma. He is very sweet, lengchai and yummy, right? Hahhaha... Yeah, yeah.. Hari Raya Aidilfiltri is just around the corner ;)

p/s: This is a good example of a "short" and "sweet" entry with "picture".
(Referring to Blogging Tips #14). LOL


mich said...

i have it too..but hor...
don quite like it..
take me hours to finish one..
all i will do only lick lick lick..
harldy bite it..haha..too sweet la

lynnx01 said...

I'm the second one to comment! Cool beans!

_butt said...

off topic a bit... but the title reminds of a long time hong kong series 'I have a date with spring' kekeke....

I loved dateS! sweet to every last bit! that means many many prince? LOL :P

Chen said...

hours to finish one?
Good then, can distract u from munching and eating other tit bits :P

Those "beans" were given by my colleague. I have another packet given by one of my patients, still lying on the table :D

Yeah, i know that movie. Wanna put "I have a date with date" earlier on, but at last i didn't.

Date loves u too ;)
suka sama suka mah :P

angel said...

Look like grape nia... I have a date with grape? :p rhymes maaa kkkkk...

cincai lai! :p

i dun like this date lor... too sweet for me liao ;) cos I is oredi sweeeeets enuff... kkkkk :p

tiny london said...

How sweet - and a gorgeous picture too!

mich said...

sometimes eat halfway masuk tong sampah d..hahah
mummy now bought lotsa fruit to replace my junk..hahah
muchning grape plum..yum yum..vr nice..

Chen said...

Grape? so the ti(p)u liao.. LOL
i dowan to have a date with grape leh.. I wanna have a date with liulian :P

Abuthen, cincai lah..
can dates with grape also lah..

IMHO, Angel is much sweeter than the dates. Manissssssss....

tiny london,
Thanks :)

Wah.. how can u waste food? The dates will cry since u dump them inside the rubbish bin without mercy. LOL

Yeah, eating fruits is much healthier than eathing junk food :P

L B said...

I love short, sweet, simple posts these days.. attention span very short, due to FB, work, lack of lormaikai, lack of roti canai... *gasp* no air.. cannot breath.. cannot O C..

day-dreamer said...

Hahaha, I don't like this thingy.

ehon said...

yucks! date!

not nice one.. where got yummy wor?



may said...

I also have a date... with lots of padding around it... kekekeke! a Date Scone lah. I love those, so yum!

Selba said...

I don't really like Date coz' it's too sweet (a plain sweet like sugar, not like candy, hehehe). But then a few weeks ago, I tried date directly brought from Saudi Arabia, it tasted a little bit different than those being sell here (though it said it's imported), much better :)

You like eating Date?

mich said...

not nice la..so sweet..i dowan to kena diabetes so early la...

Chen said...

and very busy with RSP too
and not forgetting lack of liulian
and lack of wicked bak kwa..


day dreamer,
Have u tried the fresh dates?
I saw a lot in KL end of last month but i didn't buy.

Might be it's not nice coz it's a prince mah. U should get a princess date, then only it will taste nice. LOLOL

Chen said...

Your date sounds good
Talking about scones reminds me of Cameron Highland pulak... :P

Yeah, there are several different types of dates with different pricing too. The higher quality one tasted much nicer :)

I dun really fancy eating dates, especially those preserved dates. Might be one or two a year, that's all. But i do eat fresh dates, the one from China :D

I thought u love sweet stuff, hence Ribena? LOL

Doreen said...

Aiya, misleading lar you title! Thought you have a "date" with a person one lah.

Giddy Tiger said...

Very short entry and the dates are of course very sweet.

mich said...

but ribena different taste ma..
hahaha dates is just too sweet ler...

Jun said...

working on raya? *grin*

Chen said...

Kakaka.. purposely made it that way wan, hence mission accomplished since manage to mislead Doreen :P

giddy tiger,
The dates are indeed very sweet ;)

Yeah, dates are very sweet.
I only had one or two only :D
I still had one whole packet lying on the table, giving by one of my patients :)

Nope, not working this Raya. Used to work or on call during Raya over the last few years. Many MVA cases during those period of time, but the nice thing was manage to eat Raya kuih and goodies brought by Malay colleagues :)

Pandabonium said...

Chen - Hi. I love dates. 30 years ago, when I lived in California, we used to go to a place that sold lots of kinds of dates. We used to get a "date shake" there too - milk, ice cream and dates - delicious!

pelfy said...

Sedap. Manis. Selamat Hari Raya!

moz monster said...

Can't find any to save my life here in Tokyo, but when I was in Jakarta during the second week of puasa ... they were even handing it out in McDonald's !

cbenc12 said...

I dont fancy dates so much but i suppose it's good for us :P

Hey, guess what? I've given you an award on Totally Fabulous! You really are!!! :)

Keep it up and have a nice day ya! ;)

mich said...

ur patients can have diabetics d..
good good not bad..

Kenny Ng said...

Ha... this one I can say easily to find in UAE too, can see the date's trees everywhere. It's quite cheap in Dubai here.

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

Nice kah jie?

Different with those boil in soup 1 right?

Selba said...

Fresh dates? How does it tasted? Just plain sweet or...? Where to buy? (don't say, we need to go to China first, hehehehe)

Pink Cotton said...


the face mien2 der!!!and and...he got no eyes no nose no mouth!

Chen said...

Date shakes sounds good. Never tasted it before. I have only tasted cakes with dates, and not forgetting soup with dates too. LOL

Hehehe.. I busy "buka puasa" with the food i bought from the Ramadhan bazaar although I didn't puasa. LOL

Too bad, but at least u can substitute with sushi and sashimi.
i lup sashimi :)

psss.. I still have one packet of dates on my table. U want some? ;)

Chen said...

It's nutritious, but the preserved dates have high sugar content :)

Thanks for the fabulous award. Have a nice day and enjoy the coming weekend and Raya break :)

Wah.. why curse my patient pulak? The patient give it as good will mah, as a sign of appreciation. Better than many of those who take everything for granted, not even a simple "thank you".

Hehhehe.. yeah, u can definitely see it every where in UAE. Did u try the fresh dates? Too bad I didn't buy the fresh dates when I was in KL two weeks back. Didn't have time to shop for them over here in Penang.

Chen said...

woof meow,
Hah? u never eat it meh?
it's widely available everywhere in the shopping centre during Ramadhan.

Those for boiling soup of coz different lah.. Those are dates from China. Kekkeke.. However, I tried the fresh China dates too :)

This was the second time I tried the fresh dates from China. The first time I tasted it was when I was in Beijing, China. I managed to see it when i was in KL Sentral 2 weeks ago and bought some. It was crunchy and not sweet, similar like apple. LOL. Might be i will posted the picture up one of these days :)

I didn't try those fresh dates from Saudi Arabia. Seen ample of them during my recent trip to KL but too bad I didn't buy any. Now I regret :(

pink cotton,
Kakakka... i will throw those dates away if they have eyes or nose or mouth. LOL

sengkor said...

i got 1 box.. but given away to someone liao..

Chen said...

given to Liucas or Dom Dom? :P

mich said...

aiyo...not good ma..so sweet...later they suffer..hee

Chen said...

chocolate also very sweet woh :)

mich said...

not as sweet as that ma..lol..
dat is like superb sweet..hahah..

Chen said...

Referring to the dates, the sweetness differ. According to my colleague (he is a Muslim) the cheaper one are much sweeter and doesn't taste that nice. Some of the more expensive one are not so sweet and taste nicer :)

mich said...

hahha means i got the cheap plak one la??

Chen said...

hahahha.. i have no comment on that.
Might be, might be not :D
Try the fresh dates next year, since it is widely available in KL. At least that one has natural taste, but pricey lah ;)

mich said...

hahaha..dowan to eat liao..
wanna lose weight..
so chubby jor now

Chen said...

it's not easy to lose weight leh..
needs determination, self discipline and hardwork :P