Thursday, October 11, 2007

ABC Soup

My All Time Favourite Soup - The ABC Soup. (This is not the Alphabet ABC soup by the way). So easy to prepare. Just throw and dump everything inside the pot - the potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, chicken thigh meat, onions and simmer.. (but of course u need to wash and cut/chopped the ingredients first lah). No salt nor MSG added. Semua ori, 100% Leng Tong 靓汤.

Why issit called ABC soup? coz it's easy to prepare just like ABC? What say you? Mmmmm... "Soup" to Ponder :P


mich said...

like the spicy vege soup..
just ate abc porridge just now..
no taste..tasteless one...sienzz

may said...

that's my favourite too. possibly everyone else's! why ABC? 'cos... 'cos... Ah Beng is Cheng? kakakaka! I also dunno. it just sounds nice.

angel said...

I nvr knew abt abc soup until i came to kl, where i also found out that abc is also ais batu kacang *sweat*

Anything else to put ah? I nvr make this soup b4... maybe can try now...

Chen said...

i love the spicy vege soup as well as the ham choy tong too.

Btw, apa tu abc porridge?

Hi 5 to all the ABC soup lovers out there, *hiaks*

ABC sounds so natural, hoh? Luckily i didn't name Ah Boy as ABC. LOL

come to think of it, ABC can means many things, such as
-Air Batu Campur
-Aku Budak Cina
-American Born Chinese
-American Born Chinapek (lol)
-Airway, Breathing, Circulation
-Attack By Cocka (muahahahha) etc

Cocka Doodle said...

ABC = After Blowjob on Cocka?

Muahahahhaha!!!! *cabut*

Chen said...

ini cocka si beh hiao
*piak kaw kaw*

*sabotage Cocka's pet* :P

L B said...

This Cocka!! LOLOLOL ~ Laff till Poop again!

Thanks for the inspiration on what to cook this weekend! ABC Soup! ~ Angel Bonking Chen..

Jemima said...

Haven't cook this soup for eons.. maybe I should.. this weekend. ;)

day-dreamer said...

Sometimes I like this soup, sometimes I don't. Haha. I still wonder why is it called ABC Soup lo.

ehon said...

Love love love ABC soup!! :D Just had it yesterday. Hehehehe.

Winn said...

i wan EFG soup

letti said...

lol that was my " i can't think of anything to make so let's just have ABC soup" as well! :)

Selba said...

The ABC soup without salt nor pepper? So it only tasted sweet, rite?

MSG should be free from all kind of food *wink*

Firehorse said...

Yum looks delicious never had abc soup be4. said...

If not mistaken, the ABC soup means --> Apa Pun Campur

winniethepooh said...

oh i didnt know this is call ABC soup..i cook this now and then when i feel like hving soap..thats what mom feed us with when we are young my comfort soup hhehehe..yumyum :)

TZ said...

I like soup... all kinds of soup. Soup like ginseng chicken, cream of mushroom etc...

Drool! Drool! I'm hungry rite now, not even lunch time yet :-)

mich said...

yay 5!
i like ham choy tong also..
yummy yummy...

abc porridge lor..
dump potato,carrot onion and chicken to boil the porridge lor..
if don mind try with jagung..
i cook geh..yesterday just dumb all in..hahah

Adino said...

Looks so yummy. How come so many bloggers posting on food nowadays ah?

papercrazy said...

I never like this kind of soup but my hubby loves it so much...throwing in some pepper, it makes a good remedy for curing flu, he says!!

Save money on doctors, right or not lokter???

moz monster said...

I just realised that in Japanese cuisine, there is no concept of soup. Even miso is more like a gravy instead ...

Thank goodness we have soup !

angele said...

Can't be any more simple for sure! =p
Plus can add many many type of veggies right?

Chen said...

That cocka tengah fatt hiao..
might be someone go curi ayam yest night :P

Faint at your definition of ABC

Ah Boy will BBBB for your coming ABC soup, and he would love to have some tungku siew pai kuat too :P

Yeah u should, if u have the time.
It's easy and simple, and most importantly.. it's tasty ;)

day dreamer,
Wah.. got such thing wan ah? Sometimes u like, sometimes u don't? First time I hear this. LOL

Chen said...

This time hoh, who cook the soup for u ah, or u cook it yourself? Since u so lucky mah, always have someone preparing food for u :P

Can can.. No problem.
The ingredients for EFG soup are tungku, kai kheok and onion :P

Hahahah... Seems like most people loves this soup. Easy to prepare yet tasty :)

I used to cook this soup using rice cooker during my undergraduate time in uni too. Those indeed were the days.. LOL

Chen said...

Without salt. The soup is concentrated, hence it is tasty. Occasionally i do add in pepper. Yummy especially when served pipping hot. *slurp*

Too bad most restaurant food or street food are ladened with MSG. Unless home-cooked food loh :)

U should.. It's easy to prepare yet tasty :)

Wooo... Apa B(P)un Campur ah?
LOL.. what a great name :D

My parents used to cook this soup too. This is one of the easy to prepare yet nutritious soup. Enjoy drinking this soup since my primary school days :)

Chen said...

Same here. I love drinking soup. Herbal soup, vege soup, chicken soup, mushroom soup..

Previously i used to cook soup using the slow cooker. Dump in the ingredients at night before I sleep and the soup is ready the next morning. Might be I should start doing that again :)

Hahaha.. so that is ABC porridge.
I cooked that several time in the past (using chicken meat and the pre-mixed frozen vege (carrot, green pea and corn kennel) :)

Hehehe.. Food is always a popular subject. Since most of us Live to Eat (instead of Eat to Live) :P

Chen said...

Aiyak, how come lidat wan?
We always think alike wan woh..
Mana boleh u dun like this kind of soup? *cough*

That sounds more like to clear the sinuses rather than to cure flu leh.

Yeah, i agree with u.
And i love chinese cooking & cuisine the most ;)

Hehehe.. normally we put in carrot, potato and tomato for this so called ABC soup. Might be if u added in other ingredients, it will become DEF or XYZ soup? LOL

Will said...

i love to eat the potato and onions in the soup :P

Doreen said...

Can get those ready prepared frozen veges then no need to cut or chop liao. But this is for those very lazy, oops i mean, very buzy people lah. Hehehe

Chen said...

i love to eat everything in the soup, except the bones (but i like the potatoes the most) :P

Abuthen, those ready prepared frozen veges are chopped in small pieces leh, too small for my liking. Kekkeke.. i prefer the bigger chunks :D

*Hungwee again*

narrowband said...

Hey ABC oso I like!! But there're also so many other types of soup I also like... macam 'zhu du' soup (pig intestines), 'ham choy taufu' soup (self-explanatory), 'lengao' soup (lotus plant), 'ham choy ngap' soup... ;p I can go on and on... basically I suka them all! :D:D

I also wonder how 'ABC' came about.... hmm...

Chen said...

i love drinking soup too. I love all the soup u mentioned ;) And not forgetting the old cucumber soup, water crest soup, groundnut with pork, herbal soup, chai boey th'ng etc etc.

I can eat rice just with soup, by pouring the soup and mixed together with the rice ;)

mich said...

no wor..mine is those fresh one le..i don use frozen geh..haha

Chen said...

Huh? dun tell me u go and peel or pluck the corn kennel one by one from the jagung itself. I cannot imagine that!! LOL

mich said...

throw the whole jagung in la...
then slowly chew
so mou liew meh go peel jagung..
too free nothing to do moh?

Chen said...

Mana i tau. Some people can do weird or outstanding things wan. In fact, u r the first one i know who throw the whole jagung inside the porridge! Why dun u just steam the jagung? :D

BlurMommy said...

It's A(o)nion B(p)otato Carrot soup mah!!! haha.....

mich said...

dono how to see whether its cook not...
mati la..tonight mau masak or go out eat? nobody at home..
semua bailk hometown left me alone and him in kl..sigh

Chen said...

blur mommy,
Hhahaha... good one :D

Hahhahaha.. very easy lah..
u steam till the water boil, then simmer it for a while. After u off the fire, don't open up the lid yet. Let the steam cook the corn for a while, then can liao :D

Go out makan lah, unless u enjoy main masak-masak :D