Friday, October 12, 2007

Photo Hunters : Smelly

photo hunters

Today's theme is Smelly.

Presenting the cute looking Black Pomfret, with protruding tongue and tiny spiking teeth (which resembles aliens). Yeah, I sort of "played" with the fish for few seconds before handling and cutting it without mercy. One thing I dislike is the distinctive unbearable fishy smell when clearing the fish gill, stomach and intestines etc. 101% smelly, and it stinks. *Yucks* But the consoling part is.. the black pomfret is extremely yummy when deep fried ;)


angel said...

Reminds me of 'ham yue'... and of cos now when I say 'ham yue', I remember SOMEONE's BLACK shoe...

Hey, THAT shoe could be a great photo for this "Smelly" theme hor? :D

may said...

feesh where got smelly? when steamed with "choong" and garlic... waaaa, so nice to eat!

Chen said...

Kkakakka... ham yue ham yue..
Wah... can imagine the smell when frying salted fish.. The whole kitchen stinks !! :P

Someone's black shoe? Siapa punya black shoe woh.. *Thinking thinking*
Kkakakkaa.. u take picture of that black shoe and posted up, deal? :P

Kkkkkk... Wah.. u made me feel like eating steamed fish pulak. I still have one white pomfret in the fridge. Gotta steam it with lotsa garlic, ginger and sliced mushroom.
Syioknya... :D

narrowband said...

Yummy!!! Wear those nose plug :p Or hold ur breath when beh tahan the smell ;p But I think fish are still ok... There could be worse scents coming from other types of food!

Happy weekend!!

Chen said...

hahaha.. i can tahan the smell lah :P Exaggerate a bit mah. The smell is better than those stale blood or vomitus or the cloudy urine (due to bladder outlet obstruction) or the stagnant hard stool (due to intestinal obstruction) or malaena. LOLOL.

Another stinko food is when frying the salted fish. Walao.. the whole house will stink, but the smell is bearable lah :P

satkuru said...

i thought that picture was rather cute :P especially with the tongue coming out.

yeah fishy smell is at times really smelly but it's definitely delicious :P

i am just curious, i thought the fish would have been dead by the time it's brought back from the market ? no?

L B said...


Chen said...

yeah, i like the photo too and i think it was kinda cute. Yeah, the fish was dead. I purposely open the mouth to protrude the tongue. That's why i mentioned I sort of "played" with the fish for few seconds. Hehehhe...

I can't believe i played hundreds of RPS with u today. Tonight I will dream of scissor. Hahhahhaa..

Err.. no fish in RPS :P

nyonyapenang said...

Hi Dr Chen,

You did not get the fishmonger to gut the fish for you? Or did you purposely bring the whole fish home so that you can 'play' with it and then make it pose for you and then you operate it? hahahahaa...

Chen said...

nyonya pg,
Hehhee.. Not all the fish mongers provide such service leh.

At times I bought the fishes from Tesco and since the waiting queue was long, so i opt to clean it myself. Hahhaa, lazy to wait mah :P Yeah, lately i do most of my marketing in Tesco supermarket, including buying vege, chicken, fishes and meat besides the groceries. Can get almost everything under one roof :)

Incog & Nito said...

OH yes you are right very smelly, but oh so nice to eat. Enjoy your weekend.

farmingfriends said...

What an interesting looking fish. I'm glad I can't smell it. Sara from farmingfriends

genny said...

Its a fish i know thats smelly because my father is a fisherman... I know how it smell.

Sarge Charlie said...

if it is not smelly it will be

Michele said...

Interesting photo... I'm not sure I can eat something that looks like that... hehehe..
The Rocky Mountain Retreat

Doreen said...

This fish looks a bit scary. Still not sure what fish it is, may be i've already tried it before also I don't know.

Bengbeng said...

we omos alway eat this fish.the bones are not a problem with kids and easy to deepfry or steam. convenient to cook in many ways

Carver said...

That's a great shot and perfect for the smelly theme.

Heather said...

Ew. Yuck. Yup,. that is smelly. Ew.

Mike Goad said...

Nice smelly picture.

Imagine coming home to a freezer that lost power a month ago and everything in it thawed... include two bags of fish.

Andrée said...

Look at that tiny little perfect tongue! It's amazing!

lynnx01 said...

Super scary leh! Ewe! Now whenever I see fish mouth, I think of the heart valve defect! Hehe. The rheumatic heart disease one.

keeyit said...

This is smelly~

I have done my smelly post.

Happy weekend~

Chen said...

incog & nito,
before & after effect is totally different - from smelly to yummy :)

farming family,
Hahahha.. the fish is kinda cute from that angle :D

Wow... u must have accustomed to all those fishy smell of the sea products :)

Must clear & throw away the rubbish (fish intestines, gills etc) fast

Hahahaha... The fish looks kinda cute if we look at it from different angle.

Chen said...

I'm 101% sure u have eaten this fish.
It's black pomfret
= bawal hitam
= 黑鲳鱼 :D

Yeah, the fish is not bony and easy to clear the bones. And it is tasty :)

Thanks :)

Hehehe.. Luckily smell cannot transmit through the monitor screen :D

Chen said...

Yucks. I can imagine the smell of all those rotten foodstuff. And the... maggots too!!

Yeap, the fish looks kinda cute from this angle :D

Cute lah, not scary :D
Mmmm... how u come about relating the fish mouth with CRHD? LOL

Hhhaahha.... i love your smelly durian. LOL

Hin Man said...

You have a great one for the smelly post. I really like the picture you have and I enjoy your post very much. Cheers and have a great weekend.

eastcoastlife said...

Alamak, you play with the fish until it died, sticking out it's tongue and not closing its eyes! 死不冥目!Mean. hahaha....

Chen said...

hin man,
Thanks Hin Man.
Glad u enjoy your visit here :)

Have a great weekend :)

wah.. dun say so loud lah..
later i get sued by the SPCF pulak for bullying the fish. LOL

Colin Campbell said...

Lovely photograph. Is there much flesh after all the preparation. How big do they get?

Selba said...

Is that fish tounge? I've never seen fish touge before LOL

Must put a lot of lime juice to get rid the smell ;)

pelfy said...

Aaarrrggh!!! Murderer!! Murderer!! Heeheee (= Yes, I agree with you that the smell can be 101% smelly. That's why, the kitchen is my self-claimed forbidden area (= hehehee......

Thank you for the visit and Selama Hari Raya to you. Cheers!!

CRIZ LAI said...

**poke poke** **jot down** Body hard, fishy smell, eyes showed death within the last 3 hours, tongue out means it was strangled to death... Suspect? Should still have fishy smelly fingers with some small scales still stuck on them... ***looking around the room to find the murderer*** haha

Well...Deep fried black pomfret topped with garlic oyster sauce or spicy thai style with cili padi and onions aresurely good.. Give me a call when you are serving that next.. :P

Lynn said...

I smell something really fishy here. :D

BlurMommy said...

I am sure I'll prefer the fried version of the fish! This one looks a little scary!! :)

Chen said...

Thanks. The black pomfret was quite fleshy, weighing approx 500 gm. And there was not much spikes or fish bones :)

yes, that's the lovely fish tongue.

Yep, either a lot of lime juice or ginger can do the trick. I love eating the deep fried black pompret :D

Hahahhha... the kitchen is declared as forbidden area? Then i presume u didn't place the fridge inside the kitchen compound liao :D

Happy Raya to u too :)

Chen said...

criz lai,
Hehehe... Criz is busy performing post mortem and autopsy on the poor fish ah? :D

I dun have any more black pomphret but still have one white pomphret in the fridge. Will steam that together with garlic and ginger and mushroom later on ;)

LOL.. indeed fishy :D

blur mummy
I prefer the fried version too. At least it's not smelly. LOL

mistipurple said...

my student's parents are fishmongers, so you can imagine whenever they pay school fees, how the cash stinks the whole drawer.

lynnx01 said...

'Cos the fish mouth thingy came out for my exam. I'll remember for life.

????? said...

pretty smelly

Chen said...

I can imagine that...
That's why i prefer to have exact amount of money when i buy fish or chicken or pork from the wet market. At times the change even have blood stains. LOL

Hahahhaha.. i see :D

Yeah. Have a great weekend :)

a^ben said...

AIDUI! scare me for a while the stinky fish` ahhahahahah :P

Chen said...

The fish looks so cute woh..
How can it scared u? :P
Mana Boleh???

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Smelly to tasty in several moves. Good shot.

tanabata said...

That's such a great fish photo! Hope it made a nice meal after the photo shoot. :)

Corey~living and loving said...

FAbulous photo. :)
happy weekend!

TopVeg said...

Wonderful photo of the Black Pomfret - but guess it smells!!

tiny london said...

It's weird eh? How can something so smelly taste so good?

Amy said...

Oh yeah, I'm sure he was super smelly!