Monday, April 16, 2007

This & That...

Last Saturday afternoon, I came across laozhabor's blog. (For those who dun understand the hokkien, laozhabor = old woman). I'm truly impressed with her. Can I intro her as the latest coolest, hottest, popular Singapore female senior blogger? Very hip hop and young at heart. This granny can even raps. o.O

She very canggih wan, and she uses Apple MacBook Pro to blog (more canggih than me liao, cos I dun have one). She is also an actress, acting in Jack Neo's latest movie"Just Follow Law" and also few other movies (I Not Stupid Too etc). Laozhabor really rocks !! 姜是越老越辣 (Old ginger is more spicy). Do pay her a visit when you are free ;)

I did my visual DNA 2 weeks plus ago (cos itchy hands) but never posted it up. Since Butt "sincerely" requested me to post it up, so I will comply. Why she wanna see my result ah? cos she kaypoh mah, wanted to know whether I'm a home soul person (like her), or love bug (like JL), or part time lover (like kyh). (I quoted her words) LOL. Just kidding lah.. Dun marah, okie.


Winn said...


wow she is stil so beautiful. wats her secret?

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

so, jie can rap like d granny not ar?


Pink Cotton said...


so "IN"

i think ive seen her in one of those movies..hmmmmmmmm

nxt time when we grow old...we will all be lao cha bo who blog and online too ma...giggle
or mebe you are already at that stage???

a^ben said...

wahhahahahah this aunty damn keh si leh!!!! :D

zeroimpact said...

Wow, she's really great
Just by looking at the pic also can see edi

Chen said...

I presume she is a cheerful person kua..
Still very young in heart
A big applause to her :)

woof meow,
no kua...
talking about rap reminds me of something again..
Your hunny many years back agreed to sing a chinese song for me..
till now also no news geh?????????
I still remember, u know :P

pink cotton,
very IN.
Must be u saw her in one of the Jack Neo's movie..
Might be I Not Stupid Too? ;)

sikui, say i already at that stage?
Must ask your jiejie to piak u on my behalf liao :P

*Dial that someone's handphone number to complain about Pink Cotton*

Chen said...

very hip hop :D
a big applause to her :)

Imagine if your grand ma or grand pa also blogs.. :D
Your next task, teach your grandpa how to blog..
then u dun have to play so much mahjong liao with him in the future ;)

u should listen to how she raps
Do click on her website :)
U will definitely love it :D

angel said...

WAAA!!! She keng-er than me! So PRO!!!

I baru last night paid her blog a visit... she terrorist! I wonder next time when I lao that time, what would my blog name be... hmmmm... *Fruit for Thought* :P

lynnx01 said...

Doc, I jatuh sakit again. This time with sorethroat and slight cough. But nice to drop by your blog again! :)

Chen said...

She is keng-er than both of us :D

Hehe, u visited her blog too yesterday night !!
She very terror
manyak keng
indeed ichiban !!

Wah..Still long way to go leh..
So fast wanna think the future name for your blog liao?

Poor u, hope u manage to get some rest.. Don't stay up till too late at night. I know u know what is the Do & Don't when u fall sick.

Take care :) Nice seeing u again.
Hope u get well soon...

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Wow, she does rock!!!

She's really living the life. Hats off to her.

And that Macbook Pro. Droooool

slurp! said...

hats off to her! while some are worrying with wrinkles, looks, botox etc etc she spent hers wisely to enjoy what she got! really admire her positive approach to life.

coolz VisualDNA! :)

L B said...

Wa!!!!!!! Really KENG KKK™!!! Even MacBookPRO 17" OMG!!! LOL.... When I grow up, I wanna be like her........ ....... ....? hmmm....

_butt said...

seriously. she can rap?? I'm impressed!

oooh, so you're nice and cheesy!
"flowers and chocolates are a way to their heart..." heheh

err.. but you're rite wor. my future job will require me to kaypoh around one haha! ;)

thanks for posting!

david santos said...

thanks for you work, is very good, and have a good week

kyh said...

waaa that lao char boh so in!!!!!

macbook pro summore... FAINT!

@angel.. no need think much, jus put "ANGIE TUA" can liao... :P

may said...

she's a real funky granny for sure!!

LOL @ LB!! I could just imagine... kkkkkk!!

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

ya wor ya wor...

dah laa jie...he very mou kei seng 1...


JL said...

Very cool Ah-Ma...

Ooo... you're nice and cheesy ehh... sounds like a pizza ;P

papercrazy said...

*Ring ring*

Me: Hello? Who is this?
Caller: Me ah, lokter lei...
Me: Oh, lokter, how are u?
Caller: Not good boh...I need help can or not??
Me: Can lah..but have to pay wan boh...say, 1 swiss mushroom burger?
Caller: Kau tim....I want u to piak Pink Cotton..
Me: why ler?
Caller: She said me old and indirectly saying u r old too...
Me: Oh like need to piak her...tell u wat....go and download as many freddie kruger pixs and photocopy and then send to her nia...kau tim liaw...


dino said...

the ahma so rock..

eve said...

ok..going over to her blog now..wah lau i see the food in ur previous entry..i lau nua liao...

Wennnn said...

Wah this laocharboh is the keng keng keng triple keng man... I went to her blog too and wah sai she raps man.. realli rocks la

Chen said...

Furkids in HK,
She lives a colorful life :)

I also drool at her Macbook Pro..

Yeah, that’s the way..
Live life to the fullest
Instead of worrying abt this & that

Did u try out the Visual DNA for yourself?

She is KENG-er than most of us..
o.O at her Macbook Pro

Wonder what will I do when I reach her age...
dowan to imagine yet lah, cos still long way down the road :P

Chen said...

Indeed impressive.
I clicked the PLAY button several times liao..

Regarding the "nice & cheesy" at the visual DNA, don't u think it sounds like food?
Reminds me of pizza leh :P

Your future job will require u to kaypoh around?
wondering... kerja apa tu? :P

Thanks :)

Hehehe, so it’s not an excuse for other senior citizens liao for not able to pick up with the latest technology, as long as they are willing to learn, cos we have one living example here ;)

ANGIE TUA? U want Angel to bok u ah? :P

Chen said...

She can even starts the FAN CLUB liao :)

Join in the crowd & imagine abt what LB said.. :P

woof meow,
He only mou kei seng on certain things only :P

Hahaha, I have the same thinking too.. Very pizza :P
Mmmm.. it’s time to have pizza !!
I want the seafood supreme pizza :P

Wah.. good idea woh !!
Fast-fast go online & search for Freddie Kruger’s pix
Abuthen, I also sked leh looking at all those pict..
Reminds me of the childhood trauma
Later sama-sama dapat nightmare :P

Chen said...

Very up to date !!
It will be interesting if our grannies also do the same things..
Abuthen, my grannies passed our ages ago liao :(

I can understand, cos I myself also salivate when I looked at the food pictures..
We live to eat huh?
NOT eat to live :P

Hehehe, remember to click on the play button when u visit her blog.
She really can rap !!

Very very very keng
I really salute her kaw kaw :)
Laozhabor BOLEH !!

I can’t resist but to click on the play button each time I visit her blog (provided I’m reading her blog at home loh..)

mistipurple said...

aging can come quite suddenly.
*quickly goes mirror*
LOL! too late... hahahahaa

Chen said...

ageing can come quitely suddenly wan meh? Such as today black hair & after waking up tomolo, suddenly the hair turn grey or white ah? or wrinkles suddenly appear ah?

*wake up, wake up*
u must be dreaming liao...

slurp! said...

i did tried out the VisualDNA for fun, but stop at the point when asked to register LOLz

day-dreamer said...

I like Just Follow Law!

What's 4Bs?

Bang sai!
Bang jio!
Bang pui!
Bang gang!

Wakakakakaka! And...

c.c. = cover ca-ch'ng
b.c.c. = better cover ca-ch'ng

Hahaha! Senior citizens rock! My ah ma can read SMS leh...

Chen said...

day dreamer,
wah.. wat a definition..
I haven't watch that movie yet..
Must put this in my Things-to-do list liao :P

your ah ma very keng leh :D
I presume she has a handphone too? ;)

carcar said...

the laozhabor blog is awesome! i show it to many of my fren too, incl my bro, haaa....

Chen said...

Yeah, I saw your query about laozhabor in Winn's post recently.
She's from Singapore woh.
I thought u will discover her blog earlier liao :P
and she really can raps..
how CoOL ;)

day-dreamer said...

Ya ya, my ah ma has a handphone. But a very simple one lar, of course. Hehe.

Faster go watch Just Follow Law!!

Simple American said...

Wow! She has a hot puter!

Cool. Visual DNA!!!

dino said...

think think... i also wanna talk the visual DNA test too...
may be i can start my blog with that... LOL

Chen said...

day dreamer,
your ah ma very keng liao..
The most important function of handphone is to make/receive calls & sms. Others are secondaries ;)

Or faster get the Just Follow Law dvd? ;)

Hehehe, have u watched her video clip? She really can raps.

YEs, YES !!
please do so...
Kkkkk... looking forward to read your blog & your visual DNA test.
Faiti, faiti :D