Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I.T. (= Income Tax)

It's the time of the year again !!! The I.T. season, The HATRED season, the HEADACHE season, or might be the BAD HAIR season to some (due to endless head scratching). I doubt if there is any employee who likes or enjoys paying Income Tax. Initially I planned to do mine online using the E-Filing but after reading the scary encounter here, I decided to stick back to the old method - filling in the BE form manually. Mmmmm... after tick tack tick tack calculating, adding & deducting the taxable incomes & rebates, the final conclusion is... I have paid the income tax in excess for 2006! Every month, a small amount of $$$ was deducted automatically from my monthly income for the Scheduled Tax Deduction scheme or PCB without fail (sob). How soon will I get back my tax refund? I presume it might take ages (or years??)..

Should I visit the IRB one of these days to submit my "Borang BE" manually? Or should I post it? Have u done yours? Time is running... tick tock tick tock.. 13 more days to go ;)


angel said...

My form is still on my dining table! FKK!!!

So lucky you! Got extra summore! Me every year oso have to top up... TI(P)U!!!!

nyonyapenang said...

WAAAAAAAILsss......gua still belum buat lagi larrr....

eastcoastlife said...

I have finished mine a couple of days back. Migraine!

For those who are employed, it's easier because your employers will give you the Annual Pay Statement.

Now wait for summon. haiz...

Chen said...

Better do it fast liao, don't procrastinate till the last minute (like what I used to do in the past)
Time is running woh.. ;)

I pay extra mah, that's why got extra loh..
That's still my own money woh :P

Nyonya masih belum buat ah?
Cepat-cepat loh..
Hari ini dah 17 April liao..
Tick tock tick tock...

It's good u have done yours :)

Yeah, it's nice to have the Annual Pay Statement, and everything is in black & white. Cannot cheat too ;)
Hehhehe.. But indeed safe the trouble of cracking head calculating the fine details..

Winn said...

13 more days meh!!! shit!! thanks for the reminder....sobs!!! i sure last min again one! sigh

liucas havent even receive his..

Winn said...

if they allow me to extend my submission by asking me to go vote , i wld consider lorrrrrrr!!!!!!!! bribe me!

Wennnn said...

Hmmm luckily mine all done by the employers if not I sure pening kau kau like U guys..

Chen said...

Soon it will be only 12 more days liao (when the clock strikes 12 midnight time)..
U want me to send u sms to remind u to fill in the form? (community service mah, but don't ask me to fill in the form for u :P)

Liucas ah?
Wah.. he earns so much meh??
Ah Boy dun have to pay income tax yet, cos of super duper low income

Laff kaw kaw at your suggestion ;)

Wah, u so lucky geh?
Your employer so good wan geh?
He sure headache kaw kaw lah..
Have to submit for so many employees :P

mistipurple said...

our side 15 april last day, and e-filing 18th last day. i first time in my life submitted a week earlier! pat my own head.
i e-filed. lazy lah. but see the story oso scared scared oredy.

zeroimpact said...

I think if you are doing it manually then should send in by hand
Makes sure they receive it and not pos hilang in some house

Chen said...

wah... u so good gal ah?
submit so early?
come come..
I pat your head for u..
not only that, i will pat your shoulder, pat your back..
pinch your cheek...

It's indeed easier to do E-Filing,
just few clicks here & there..
kao tim
(okie, i kua chiong a bit..)
still have to calculate & made sure key in the right amount mah..
Cannot add in another extra zero or figure wan, else have to pay income tax till pokai.. :P

I'm worried of that too..
That's why last year I submit to the IRB office in Penang by hand. I submitted two days prior to the dateline. The IRB office is people mountain people sea. There are many who come to take the BE form instead of submitting.. KKkkk... The last minute job ;)
Typical Malaysians liao...

L B said...


L B said...


L B said...


L B said...

but I love lormaikai..

_butt said...


me still studying, so no need to worry yet. :P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

wats dat all about?

really got no idea...=P

Cocka Doodle said...

Notice that on the last page of the tax returns form...there is a section for you to fill up if there's outstanding tax due to them.
However, if you have paid in excess, there is no provision for you to fill and file for refund.

Such is the mentality of the IRB!
In some countries, if they owe you, they refund you with interest!

kyh said...

yay me still no need!

WHEE!!!! MAN SUI!!! :P

iml said...

Sent in BY HAND. Don't take chances, esp with the local post.

mistipurple said...

hahaha cubit me pulak! thot you sayangz me kaw kaw, pat me head, shoulder, back and then suddenly cubit cheek!!! sneaky loctor! :P

papercrazy said...

sigh....my I.T ordeal started long before....I have to complete and submit the Employer's Form E, then prepare EA forms for staff, sign here, sign there.....

and after all these are done, I forgot about my own Form BE.....the form is still sitting comfotably in the transparent plastic bag...

Pink Cotton said...

WAHHH...got extra money coming in soon!..woohoo

haiya these ppl owes like that!whenever we need to pay them they will bising2 there ask us to quick2 pay them

but when they r supposed to pay us...they delay everything lorrr...

hmmm i m going to LHDN on 30thapril...i have 8 hours to do everything in one day...ROF

headache pun headache for one day oni 'x'

Monk[+]Icon said...


Chen said...

I HATE tax too..
I dun mind lormaikai..
But I love penang assam laksa
(is this chicken & duck talk? :P)

Some of the hawkers earn more than me (eg those famous laksa & CKT hawkers),
Abuthen,did any of them ever pay income tax?
I guess none? :P

Ah Butt will graduate very very very soon leh..
Can start worrying liao :P
Nyek nyek…

woof meow,
U can ask your daddy ;)
Cos soon u will start working liao..

pss.. don’t tell me u don’t want to work after u graduate :P

Chen said...

Yeah loh.. the only way to get the refund is to write "love" letters to them..
Which might take ages for them to process too..

At the moment u no need..
But sooner or later, u will have to do so :P

Yeah, I agree..
Safer to submit by hand, which I will do so...

Cubit face is sayang lah..
remember we used to pinch those cute little babies’ cheek?

I don’t simply cubit people wan..
U see? I don’t cubit those "ah chu ah kau" out there :P

On & off, I cubit Ah Boy’s face too leh.. So cubit face = sayang

Chen said...

Wah… u so good wan..
Next year, can my beloved papercrazy fill in my BE form for me?

I will tear off the transparent plastic bag for u..
And one plate of duck egg char koay teow..Plus one glass of iced lemon tea…)

pink cotton,
That "soon" might take years..
As u know lah…. :P

Walao.. last minute job?
The LHDN office will be packed like sardine on the last few days leh..
Last year they extended the working hours till late midnight & even opened on Sat/Sun
Cos people here likes to procrastinate mah :(
U wanna join in the gang too ah? :P

Good Luck :P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

keke...i din see him do this anymore geh?

errr...dowan work...let jiejie "yeung" me...


papercrazy said...

Kau tim.....

but, u have to pay deposit first oh for engaging me...half a plate of kueh tiaw can???

Chen said...

woof meow,
But sure he did it in the past..
Abuthen, u can learn by yourself too..
Very simple niah
Nobody taught me in the past too :P

I still remember u told me the same thing in the past leh...
U should experience the working life & mixed with your colleagues in the working society..
U have grown up already lah..
No excuse for u not to work after graduation. Else u will be left out liao & lost touch with society.

No work = No income/money..
Then u will have no say
Isn’t that irony? ;)

Just my 2 cents :)

Half a plate enough meh?
I add in half a plate of mee goring mamak for u :P

sengkor said...

waiting for them to refund u..? i suggest u go buy lottery. the chances are higher.

may said...

I've done mine, but still haven't paid up... *sigh*

Selba said...

Yup, done and submitted it last month. Indonesia dateline will be 31 March.


Chen said...

i somehow agree with u..
So sad huh?

can buy lotsa lotsa lotsa lotsa char koay teow & penang assam laksa with that amount of $$$ leh... :(

I remember u did yours early, before u left Malaysia :)
Is there any deadline for payment ah?

what a relief when the dreadful thing is done & submitted.
This year, i dowan to procrastinate & wait till the last minute like what i did last year.. At least I can now shake leg a little bit :P

lynnx01 said...

You can always pay a tax audit assistant to 'kau tim' everything for you. My cousin is working as one. Hehe.. but she promised not to charge me next time when I need to pay tax. But when I ask my dad, he says it's easy peasy job leh. Sounds complicated, though..

Chen said...

Hehehe, i dun need those service yet.
Since i work with the gahmen, my income is fixed and everything is printed out black & white in the annual income statement. Regarding locum, that is up to individuals ;). Those who works in the private sector or doing own biz.. different story loh.

U can still fill in the form without any difficulties on your own (in the future, after u start working). Don't worry :)

day-dreamer said...

Who likes paying Income Tax? I'm really interested to know. Hahahaha!

Wah... means when I work and my salary is more than RM2500 I sendiri have to do all the calculations?

Is there a country where you don't have to pay tax? KKKKK!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
I doubt so.. ;)

How come last time when my salary is less than RM2,500 I still have to pay income tax geh? They ti(p)u my hard earned $$$ for so many years!!! CIS

Of course there are countries whereby u dun have to pay income tax..
One good example is our neighbour country, Brunei :D
Interested to migrate there? :P

Simple American said...

It looks so scarey! wakakaka

With efiling I could learn the Malaysian taxes and provide tax service to you guys. keke

Chen said...

Tax is forever scary..
A world without tax is "heaven"..

Kkkkkk.. so, soon u can expand your biz worldwide liao