Sunday, April 15, 2007

My 5 Favourite Eating Places

Albie tagged me (2 weeks ago?) with the Five Yum Yum Sup Sups tag (hah? 阴阴湿湿 ah? LOL). He wanna knows about the Longkang hawker food that I likes...
The rules:
1. Add a direct link to your post below the name of the person who tagged you.
Include the state and country you’re in.

* nicole (Sydney, Australia)
* velverse (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
* LB (San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy)
* Chen (Penang, Malaysia)

2. List out your top 5 favorite places to eat at your location.
3. Tag 5 other people (preferably from other countries/states) ..and let them know they’ve been tagged

These are some of the "Longkang" Eateries & Food that I fancy & frequent in Penang. The street hawkers food reigns. Too many liao, but have to limit to 5 only. Sorry ah, I kinda lazy to arrange the photos or made into collage :P

1) Air Itam Market
What else? The famous lao hao sui Penang Assam Laksa or the well-known so called "Longkang" Laksa (cos the stall is located next to the drain).

Penang Assam Laksa (RM 2.30)
thick fish paste soup (with generous servings of fish flakes and good swirl of He Kor/prawn paste. Everyone knows about this famous dish..

2) Sin Hwa Coffee Shop (shophouse in Burmah Road, opposite the Pulau Tikus Police Station)
I will visit this place for my favourite fragrant duck egg char koay teow, the Penang Assam Laksa (as most of the time, Air Itam Market is too congested) and the Lemak Laksa. This kopitiam closed at 5 pm. Prepare to sweat when u have your meal here cos it's hot, but still this doesn't stop the customers from patronising. The mouth watering Ban Chang Kueh & Tongsui is just few steps away.

Duck Egg Char Koay Teow (RM 3.50)
with cockles, prawns, sotong/squid, lard, bean sprouts/taugeh and of coz not forgetting the duck egg. The chicken egg version is 50 cents cheaper. Without egg is RM 2.50

Penang Assam Laksa (RM 2.70) - Hot & spicy.. yummy

Lemak Laksa (RM 2.70)
Both are nice, but I prefer the Assam Laksa more than the Lemak Laksa.

3) Swatow Lane Kopitiam & New World Park Hawker Centre
I like the Fruity Ice Kacang, Chee Cheong Fun, Bak Chang, Oh Kueh (yam cake), Sotong Kangkung and Tee Nya Kuih. However, I prefer the fruit rojak served inside the Swatow Lane kopitiam than the one inside the New World Park Hawker Centre.

Fruity Ais Kacang (with banana, mango, papaya) without ice cream topping

Oh Chean (Oyster Omelette) (RM 5)

Sotong Kangkung (Joo Hoo Eng Chai) (RM 5)

Fruit Rojak (RM 3)

Tee Nya Kuih (with palm sugar or gula melaka) (RM 2)

4) New Lane Hawker Centre (Macalister Road, next to Sunway Hotel)
Yeah, u can basically get everything here, but I like their Chee Cheung Fun, Chee Cheong Chuk and Curry Mee.

Chee Cheong Fun (with sweet & spicy sauce) (RM 1.60)

Curry Mee (with prawns, coagulated blood, taugeh & tauhu pok)

Chee Cheong Chuk (Pig Intestine Porridge)

5) Kassim Mustaffa Mamak Restaurant (in Tanjung Bungah, nearby the Floating Mosque) : Roti Canai, Roti Tisu, Roti Poori, Murtabak, Roti Bom, Mee Goreng Mamak, Nasi Kandar, Teh Tarik etc...

Murtabak Kambing

Roti Poori/Puri

Roti Tisu

Roti Canai

Teh Tarik

Mmmmm... Ahem, who should I kacau tag ah? Where are the Top 5 favorite makan places at your location?
1) Misti - Singapore (I really wanna know what u eat...)
2) Day Dreamer - Ipoh, Perak
3) Papercrazy - Kuching, Sarawak
4) Alicia - PJ, Selangor
5) Cynthia - Perth, Australia

Last but not least, anyone interested to pay me (or Penang) a visit?


mistipurple said...

i eat what ah?? ah yooooo *scratch neck* i everyday work like siow where got time to go out and eat? (besides the food court outside my shop. thank goodness! haha.)
scratch head somemore.. DYK the last time i ate 'out' was with Angeliu and gang, and later, Mayliu and Carcar. (must curi those pics from their posts then!) kidding.... :P

i try to come out with something and then it will be my turn to hide under table! kkkkk!

Chen said...

hahhaha, of course mah :P
I really wonder whether u eat or not everyday..
I concern about u mah :P

U can include in the food court outside your shop..
the food u tapao back to eat..
your sandwiches..
biscuits, milo etc..

Kkkkkkkk :P
(Continue hiding underneath table)

kat said...

OMG!! Why your oh so fat and juicy wan??? Mmmmm.... wanna eat!!

Attap chee!!! My all-time favourite!! I like to order just plain angtau with attap chee for my ABC.

Sigh.... dunno when I can visit Penang again. What a pity you didn't have such a post when I went there last time.

may said...

yumyumsupsupluplup! I actually can find almost all the food mentioned here in Sydney, but just not quite the Malaysian style, eh? I went to a supermarket in Chinatown today, and it's almost like shopping in Tesco or Giant! LOL!!

Kenny Ng said...

Why no in Butterworth geh?

mistipurple said...

hahhaaa you make me laugh again!!
i enjoy your pics of the food. i will look at them again, in between my work. *continues pinching Chen under table* :P

carcar said...

ppl said 5 why u listed out so many?

oh 5 eating places ah, so u have 50 fav food there ah?

mistipurple said...

wah all so delicious. i now slowly see pic by pic. i want to eat allllll of themmmmmm!!! chenliuuuuu how could youuuuuuu!!!
more importantly, how you stay so slim with all these delicious food all around you??? hahahahaa

Chen said...

Hehehe, the fat & juicy oyster :P

There are few stalls in Chowrasta Market selling Attap Chee. Once I bought half a kilo and had a good time eating them :P

Hopefully... one of those days when u come back to Malaysia?

Wow, that's great..
Able to find those food in Sydney.
Then u can feel at home..
Kkkkkk... It's time for me to do shopping again.
My fridge almost empty liao..

Time really flies !!
u were in Sydney for 2 months liao

There's lotsa nice food in penang island liao, so no need to go across the bridge liao :P

Chen said...

Glad u enjoy the food pict ;)

Don't pinch too hard
My face now oh-cher (blue-black) liao...

wanna piak u for not reading the instruction nor title properly :P

Should be 100+, just that I didn't list out all :P

Can, u can eat them all..
I'm sure some are available in Singapore. If not, pay me a visit in Penang ;) I still remember u never been to Penang leh...

Hahhaa, u never see me yet woh..
Mana u tau whether i slim or not?
Ah Boy is slim lah cos he is always on diet (being forced to !!) :P

Btw, I dun eat those food on daily basis lah.. :P

Selba said...


I need to book a flight ticket to Penang!!!

L B said...

My whole life flashed before me slowly as I scrolled slowly down your post! OMG, this must be the best ever food tag anyone I know has done! Die die die.. I think I might have to stay longer than a weekend on July 14th! Can? I want one of everything! Even if there is no Lormaikai! Can skip Lormaikai.. Sei lor!! Fei chai lor!! Luckily got Ah BOy to hantam any leftovers.. Chen, this is an amazing post, I swear! Thank you for doing such a brilliant job! Such surgical percision... Very awed.. Jaw dropped, tongue rolled, lips dry, heart broke.. Klangs klanging..

cynthia said...

ermm.. u love me so much, dont u?
easy fix! get it done soon.

nice food photos!
i share the kuih with you, didnt I?

Chen said...

Hehehe, faster faster :)
Btw, I remember there's a Malaysia restaurant serving Penang food nearby your place. Do they serve the similar Penang food there? :)

Ahem.... very kua chiong liao
Thank u thank u :P
Can, of coz u can stay longer..
Ah Boy will be happy cos he can eat more food :P

Must bring out the surgical blade to dissect the oyster liao :P

Hehehe, of coz ;)
I'm sure u have lotsa recommendations :)

Yeah, sharing is caring mah.. :D

Selba said...

Uhmmm.... I think it's kinda different. Anyway, usually food that isn't cooked at the original place, wont taste the same, rite? :D

Wennnn said...

Yerrrrr reminds of my trip bek there la... Swatow lane and memory lane... heheheh.... Yes yes loves all the food la... I wan to go bek there again and try duck egg kway teow... wah lots to eat.. write in down in the diary...must hv must hv!!!!faster show to JON

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Very tasty-looking food and interesting places to visit should I ever have the opportunity to come to Malaysia.

Love the pics!

Chen said...

Yeah, the food might taste different, and not the authentic taste like the one served here. Just like the Penang Char Koay Teow in Sarawak doesn't taste as nice as the one in Penang ;)

Hehehe, time really flies huh?
Seems like u just visited Penang, but that was few weeks ago liao :)
I still remember the scene of Jon taking video shots of the roti canai man :P

Furkids in HK,
Glad u like the pictures :)
Yeah, the hawker food here is different from the one in HK. I would love to visit HK one of these days... But dunno when yet....

Pink Cotton said...


duck egg char kueh tiao!~~~~

mebe wont have the chance to eat that this yr now :(((

sob sob

angel said...

Wah liao... lucky I not hungry now... aisay, I also wanna book a flight back to Penang liao!!!!!!

Cocka Doodle said...

I wonder if you've tried the beef noodle/koay tiau at the coffeeshop opposite the police HQ (or depot??)
Its one of the best I've eaten.
Can't remember the road name though.
Yes! Lokngkang assam laksa...I can whack 2 bowls!

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Too bad.. :(
But dun cry woh..
Must be optimistic mah..
Keep fingers crossed...
Who knows might be there's a kind soul out there who will tapao the duck egg CKT for u? :P

U lama tak balik kampung liao..
The last time u balik kampung..
issit in December 2006?
It's time to visit your beloved hometown again :P

From what I remember & what I can recall.. Mmmm... I dun think I have tried the beef noodle there. The one I tried nearby the jetty is not bad too :)

Everytime I visit Air Itam, I will tapao few packets Pg Assam Laksa back home ;)

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

i wana eat ler...

jiejie, kia kia...we go makan..


nyonyapenang said...

arrr.....dr chen, gua lau nuar on my keyboard liao!!!

papercrazy said...

*shouting at the top of my voice*




*cough from shouting8

anyone got strepsils??

ah nel said...

lokter eat so much but stil so slim...

*wondering tis lokter do operation on cutting fat oil wan kar* :P

JL said...


mistipurple said...

there there ah nel say you slim oso!! lol.

thank you! *wink*
Amen. :)

Chen said...

woof meow,
Come loh ..
Very nearby only :D

Dangerous ni..
Later keyboard "sot" cos of the saliva ;P

When will be our next makan session? :P Drag Angel & Winn balik kampung together !!!
Since they all lama tak balik kampong liao :P

Offer lemon-flavored Strepsils…

Told u liao..
Don’t shout so loud leh…
Only small kids & dogs can cry/shout & bark aloud without worrying of getting sorethroat...
We are beyond that age liao...

so confirm u r fasting today & tomolo liao? Skip lunch, dinner, supper & breakfast woh..
So keng :D

Chen said...

ah nel,
Wah, I where got so slim woh..
U r the one who is slim :P

Sometimes I do operation removing the chicken fat & skin from the chicken meat..
Does that count? ;)

Put a bowl underneath JL’s mouth to collect saliva..
Wah... over flowing liao..
Need to change to a bigger bowl :P

Don’t believe what Ah Nel said lah..
He tipu u wan..
He also said he is fat woh, but he is so thin :P

mistipurple said...

hahahaa. he oso say he very old right? hmm.. *laugh again!*

Chen said...

hahahha, u still remember that :P

day-dreamer said...



Ipoh ah? I seldom bring camera when I go makan in my hometown because my parents sure ask long ask short (问长问短) one. And also, me in PJ now... :P

eastcoastlife said...

waahhhh! Delicious Penang food!

I want to eat all of them especially the Penang Laksa, the ones in Singapore suxs!

Maybe I can go meet up with you and lb in July! *faster flip appointment book*

Then you kill 'two birds' in one stone! :)

Chen said...

Day Dreamer,
Wah... u really 狮子开大口 :O
u sure u can finish eating all those?
Choose one or two can liao :P

No photo also never mind lah..
Just put the name of the places and the name of the dishes/food can liao.
Photos are just bonus ;)

Penang hawker food rocks
The Penang Assam Laksa has tinge of sweet, sour & spicy taste :)
I love it very much..

U r mostly welcomed to Penang !!
Lotsa nice & mouth watering food awaiting u here :)

_butt said...

*saliva drooling all over the place*

oops. sorry. forgive my bad manner. the food is just too nice to resist. too yummy!!

DD kena tagged lagi? that makes it TWO tags!! kakakaka

carcar said...

piak lah!

i no sked one!~

*neh neh neh nehnehneh*

Chen said...

Overflow of saliva???
Kkkkkk.... don't slip & fell down cos of the wet floor, okie? ;)
I care for u woh !!

I remember u never been to Penang yet leh...
wanna wanna? ;)

Kkkkk.. u keep track for DD how many tags she needs to do ah?
DD has personal secretary liao

wah... so 寸 :O
searching for Big Sotong to piak..
haven't use Sotong to piak ppl for long long longggggg time liao :P

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

The Ais Kacang and the curry looks so irresistably delicious.

Great pics and choice of food Doc.

_butt said...

yes chen!! waiting to confirm whether going to penang or not.. hoping for good news hehehe

Nicole Tan said...

THe pics are so nice!!! BUT YOU FORGOT TO ADD MY NAME TO THE FOOD TAG LIST!!! I started the tag!!!!

Chen said...

furkids in HK,
Everything in the picture is delicious..LOL
Thanks ;)
Aiyak !! I should have tagged u too
Then I will get to see the choice of food in HK ;)

Waiting to confirm whether going to Penang or not?
Mmmm… u applying for a job here in Penang ah?
Or u coming here for vacation?
I kaypoh also mah..
Mmm.. should use the word "concern" instead of "kaypoh" :P

Hope for good news too ;)

Hehehe, I dunno u r the starter of this tag..
Since I saw LB only put up 3 names up there, so I also follow trend & put up 3 names :P
Btw, I have added your name into the list liao :)

iml said... you think we can meet up and have a makan spree the next time I'm in Penang? I simple love all your 5 favourites. Esp the laksa laksa and laksa!

Chen said...

i would love to :)
Inform me before hand prior to your balik kampung trip.
Hopefully we can meet up & jalan-jalan cari makan :D

iml said...


Chen said...

hehhee, when is your next balik kampung trip? ;)

day-dreamer said...

Can finish! Don't worry, wasting food is not my 专长. Hahahaha!

Okay, I'll do the tag after my exams. Remind me, will ya? :)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
somehow the phrase not wasting food reminds me of vacuum cleaner :P
I'm not referring u as a vacuum cleaner, okie? The reason why I say so is coz vacuum cleaner can suck everything mah, including food :P

Sure, sure.. no problem..
I will remind u if u forget..
Hopefully I will not forget too!!

Simple American said...

I am so hungry now. And still won't be home for two more hours. *tumbly rumbles*

Chen said...

I'm equally hungry too looking at the pictures...
Cham loh...
Nothing to eat here.. :(

doc said...

very strange - how come penang road cendol is not on your list??

Chen said...

cos i'm supposed to list out 5 eating places only.. if there's no limitations, I will surely include that in the list :)

Nicole Tan said...

thanks chen for adding my the way your 2nd place you put..sin hwa is the name of the chow kuey tiow place..the name of the coffee shop is wah chi (you should be proud the kopi tiam owner daughter is my friend and she saw it!! she so happy!!)

Chen said...

Err... the name of the kopi tiam is Sin Hwa (I went back there again & have a look at the kopi tiam name). It's indeed Sin Hwa. Might be your friend hasn't balik kampung for a while & she didn't realise the shop has changed name?