Saturday, April 14, 2007

Money Talk

Besides Vitamin A, B, C, D, E & K, we also need Vitamin M to survive...
Whether u like it or not, Vitamin M(oney) really can do wonders...
Although money cannot buy everything, but without $ we can't buy anything.
Moolah, Moolah... Mooooooooooooooooo....

The followings are popular $ related live reality songs of yester-years (in the 70's) by Sam Hui (许冠杰). Don't cha loves those songs? ;)

半斤八两 (许冠杰)

我地呢班打工仔 通街走籴直头系坏肠胃
温个些少到月底点够驶(奀个鬼) 确系认真湿滞
最弊波士郁的发威(癫过鸡) 一味系处系唔系就乱嚟吠
哎亲加薪块面拿起恶睇(扭下计) 你就认真开胃

半斤八两 做到只积甘既样
半斤八两 湿水炮仗点会响
半斤八两 够姜就揸枪走去抢
出左半斤力 想话摞番足八两
家阵恶温食 边有半斤八两甘理想(吹涨)

我地呢班打工仔 一生一世为钱币做奴隶
个种辛苦折堕讲出吓鬼(死比你睇) 咪话无乜所谓

半斤八两 就算有福都无你享
半斤八两 仲惨过滚水渌猪肠
半斤八两 鸡碎甘多都要啄
出左半斤力 想话摞番足八两
家阵恶温食 边有半斤八两甘理想(吹涨)

天才白痴钱钱钱 (许冠杰)

(钱钱钱钱) 成日要钱多(钱钱钱钱) 乾水乜都饿
借钱最折堕转 爬低嗡契哥
贫贱拗颈多 (No money No talk) 生仔都唸喎
阿女嗌肚饿 屋租都要拖

有咗佢就算打跛双脚都冇相干 冇得挡 冇得挡

冇左佢就算包公都由你嗌冤枉 懒得讲 懒得讲


Wennnn said...

hehheheheehh I loves vitamin M la... I wish I wud hv more becoz I normally lack of vitamin geh.... hehehehehh I know the song..

a^ben said...

qin qin qin qin~ qin qin qin~ kekekekek :P

money money money~ must be farnie~~ in a rich man's world~~ said...

That is from the movie 打工仔
许冠文 massage the chicken, then do the aerobic with the chicken.
It always bring a smile.

Chen said...

Kekeke, hope u can your supplements adequately.
But dun overdose, okie? :P

farnie ah?
No doubt it's syiok, but can be scary too... as u know lah.. robbery, kidnap etc etc ...
Kia si lang :P

LOL, u still remember the screenshots from that old movie? Great.. :D I still have the original 半斤八两 MTV by Sam Hui :)

eastcoastlife said...

wah! chen today 发钱寒 ah!Money talk.... hehehe...

Have less wants then you won't need so much Vit M! :)

kyh said...

Ya I'm definitely suffering from Vitamin M deficiency!

Got jual in pharmacies or not??? :P

Chen said...

Hahhaha, not to the 发钱寒 level yet.
Haven't practise "No Money No Talk" yet !! LOL

At times I do pity those low income groups (like guards, hospital cleaners and attendants) who earns merely few hundred bucks a month but with big family. I really wonder how they survive... I know few of them have to do extra jobs after working hours to made both end meets...

U are still young :)
U can work hard to earn those bucks
(since we are not born with silver spoon nor gold spoon in our mouths)
The $$$ is more meaningful and we will appreciate it more if we work for it.

L B said...

Ok, I loan you Ah MooLah, ok? Low interest rates. Payments start only from July 2007. Can milk her all night long. Watch the MooLah flow in!

nyonyapenang said...

money is not everything BUT EVERYTHING IS MONEY.

_butt said...

I like to be the background singers though.. especially the 'money money' part haha

may said...

I also need money... $$$!! especially since I've been spending quite a lot to get my place furnished. by the time I get comfortable, I poh chan liao... *sigh*

*holds out donation box*

angel said...

Show me the money!!!

Why suddenly money talk geh?

*no money no tok*

carcar said...

aiyah, im searching for 许冠杰 song too this morning, im looking for "zui gai pak dong"

do u think u can help me with this?

L B said...

How much you sell a kilo of Ah Boy?

Chen said...

u mean I can use Ah MooLah for free from today till July?

Can drink free milk & get fresh supply of milk liao...

How true...
Without money, we can't buy anything..
The irony of life :(

Then Ah Boy can join in too..
Ask the background singer for the woof woof part initially :P

Redsponge said...

loktor, if a person is lack of vitamin M, what should he take? Lagi bagus if got vitamin M pill!

hahahaa...Love all the songs by 许冠杰! :)

Chen said...

I can understand...
Shifting, decorating & buying new furnitures...
Everything needs $$$

*Put in few pieces of colorful RM notes inside the donation box*

Cos lately I busy filling in the income tax Borang BE mah..
That's why $$$ talk loh..
plus.. I have lotsa expenses to pay in the next few days leh.. :(

After searching high & low, I manage to find the song from my collections.. I will send the mp3 to u via email

Chen said...

Ah Boy is priceless leh..
Die-die also won't sell ;)

Abuthen, if u wanna buy his poo, then can lah..
Can give u discount too :P
or how about buy 1/2 kilo, get one kilo free?
Deal? :P

red sponge,
Good question !!
If a person lack of Vitamin M, then he should work harder...

I like his songs too..
His 70's & 80's songs are terrific

day-dreamer said...

Vitamin M!!

I never have had enough of those... Doc want prescribe some to me? :D

Pink Cotton said...

haiyer another chinese post...

*pull my translator here*

Kenny Ng said...

Nice songs... for your info, I was drunk and emo coz I was sick... not got problem ok?

Chen said...

day dreamer,
If Vitamin M can be prescribed, then I will want some too :P

pink cotton,
aiyah.. the chinese characters are just the lyrics for the songs lah..
Don't worry..
No extra information there :P

u drink till get drunk cos u r sick? gosh... that's bad for your health leh.. :(

mistipurple said...

people change because of money. sad but true.
relationship change because of money also. many people say won't, but when it happens, then it becomes evident lor.
love the songs! :)

ah nel said...

i got his album but in kuching...

*i miss all my old song*

teresa teng,chai ching...

a^ben said...

chen starting to earn money using nuffnangs liaw~

wakakakakakak can eat more when i am in penang liaw` kekekekekkeke

Chen said...

$$$ can be devil, that's why never worship money loh.. Money shouldn't become our master and we shouldn't be controlled by $$$. Kkkkkk...

Glad u like the songs :)
I listened to several Sam Hui & Roman Tam's mp3 yesterday night :)

ah nel,
Too bad...
Yeah, it's hard to bring over albums or other stuff when "shifting" or moving abroad. I left most of my things back home in Sarawak too...

itchy hand mah cos influenced by u yesterday night after the mahjong talk. So, I just give it a try loh since Pink Cotton invited me earlier on liao :P

Waiting for u to come over...
Kkkkk.. make sure u don't FFK :P

wayne the lost apple said...

haha good one. btw i wonder how do u put that label things at ur side bar? been trying to do that. mind to share?

Chen said...

wayne the lost apple,
Thanks for dropping by :)

Regarding how to add the label to the sidebar, it's easy :)
1. Go to template,
2. Choose "add a page element" at the sidebar,
3. Look for "labels" & click on the "add to blog" & place it at your desired position.
4. This will display all the labels of the posts in your blog at the side bar.

Winn said...

they are singing wat currency har?

Chen said...

Good question leh..
in M'sia, they sing USD
in S'pore, they sing pound sterling
in Indonesia, they sing RMB
in China, they sing Euro

so confusing hoh? :P

papercrazy said...

i oso want...

come, let's chant this together..

i want moolah
i want moolah
i want moolah
i want moolah
i want mooooooooooooooooolah
i want mooooooooooooooooolah
i want mooooooooooooooooolah
i want mooooooooooooooooolah

continue nonstop for 3 days 3 nights....after that go and buy 4D 3333 on thursday....

Chen said...

Chant chant chant…

i want moolah
i want moolah
i want moolah
i want moolah
i want mooooooooooooooooolah
i want mooooooooooooooooolah
i want mooooooooooooooooolah
i want mooooooooooooooooolah

sounds so Mooooooooooooooooooooo
So cow leh...

Later my neighbour might mistaken I keep cows in da house :P

papercrazy said...

Good ger....continue until 3 days later...dun worry about wat yr neighbours say...dun care if ah boy follow u to do the moooooo (even better)

remember to buy the number on thursday

Chen said...

if continue chanting for 3 days, people might think I'm psycho liao..
Ah Boy will be extremely worried :P

pssss.. I never buy number woh since I very good ger :P

Simple American said...

Need lots of Vitamin M. Which is why I hate taxes!

Chen said...

Hope u can get your dose of Vitamin M soon.. IF u have too much, please donate some to us ;)
Sharing is Caring... LOL

Spence said...

Hey thanks for this page! I love these songs! They provide so much motivation. Goodluck in your hunt in securing your money generator!