Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Story of KK

The frequently appeared KK as in CKK, FKK, LKK, PKK, SKK, TKK, CKKK, TLKK, FFKKK recently reminds me of the famous KK story in the hospital which we encountered very frequently in the clinics or hospitals. On & off, when I asked the patients regarding their medication history, I will have patients (especially those middle-aged or elderly patients) telling me about the white KK pills, which they take for fever. What the heck is this KK pillss ? Haha, it is none other than Paracetamol (PCM) or Panadol tablets. How this name KK come about? Why KK?

Thanks to the huge KK imprinted behind the panadol tablets, giving the impression to some of the patients that KK is the "other" name for panadol. They never realised that KK = Kementerian Kesihatan (Ministry of Health) ! Many times, I was tempted to tell them the truth that KK is not equivalent to PCM but at the end, I didn't :P

See? Even ponstan (mefenemic acid) also has KK imprinted on the capsule :P

p/s: Hope nobody FKK (faint kaw kaw) after reading this post....


may said...

OMG, you've been feeding your patients those KK pills?! no wonder they're all so SKK as well!


mistipurple said...

we all here KK means kandang kerbau hospital. many babies born there. :P

day-dreamer said...

Well, I nearly FKK...

Today only I know, the "KK" on pills stands for MOH.


Chen said...

I myself also eat KK pills woh..
no wonder lah lidat hoh?

KK in Malaysia also means Kota Kinabalu :D
Yeah, I heard & read about the Kandang Kerbau Hospital - old hospital :D

the first FKK victim

u also didn't know what is the meaning of KK imprinted on the pills? Hehehe
what u think it is previously? :P

Will said...

hahaha KK... why you never explain to your patients? so bad :P

day-dreamer said...

Didn't go and think what the "KK" is for... hahaha.

But I eat the Panadol don't have this "KK" one wor...

Cocka Doodle said...


Chen said...

lazy liao.. needs lotsa saliva to explain the meaning of KK to those uncles & aunties. Summore, they might not understand wat is the meaning of Ministry of Health :P

U bought the panadol from the pharmacy or u get it from government clinic/hospital?
Most KKM's panadol will have KK imprinted on the tablets :)

KK can be Kocka Kocka too besides Karipap Karipap :P


angel said...


KK all the way! FKK! LKK! PKK! VKK! AKK! BKK! CKK! DKK! EKK!

SKK - sot kaw kaw


Kenny Ng said...

Not Kota Kinabalu meh? or... Kuda Kayu? or... Kaki Kacau? or... Kokkok Kai? LOL

L B said...

Very the FKK, and KKC!!
So many KKs, but no KFC?!! *hurt*

Winn said...

FKK SKK etcetc? haha..
nowonder u are doc!! so geng in creating new terminologies

kyh said...

I din actually realise the KK on the pills wor... cos din take panadols for yrs dy. :P

Chen said...

KK all the way?
Kili Kulu all the way??

Don't peng yet
The night is still early..
or should it be.. the "day" is still early?

Bila nak kk chat lagi? :D

Or... why not Kenny Kenny?

why no KFC ah?
Must "Keep Fingers Crossed" liao, then "KFC" will appear. If not.. might be iKFC also will do, huh?

iKFC is equally good too. Can lick the crunchy skin, the tender meat and too yummy till can lick the bones too !! :P

Chen said...

Don't SKK okie? SKK manyak maksud wan but the one I'm referring to is "Speechless kaw kaw", not "Sot kaw kaw" :P

This is just the tip of the icebergs leh :P Many more to come such as LDM, BTH etc!! Okie okie, dowan to made u CKK, later u pening ;)

CNY coming liao.. Tong Tong Chiang
Wah... Ah Winn going vacation soon liao.. I also flying soon liao.

Happy Flying. I still remember your "第一次坐飞机" experience - the peningness & kapal terbang got satu jenis bau yang busuk, and rasa nak bervomit. Hope u won't mind the "smell" in the aircraft woh for your coming journey ;)

The younger generations mostly won't notice the imprinted letters ;)

lynnx01 said...

HAhahahahha! I seriously never knew. But I think I kinda have a faint idea that the pills have KK imprinted on them. Your blog, sometimes very lame but sometimes really can be informative too, eh? Thanks!

Bernard said...

Sometimes the patients say, "Got no "KK" is a fake!"

Ah Boy said...

ah boy tat day curi makan KK too
ah boy saw it on the floor ;)

Chen said...

U better know !!
Else u don't know what the patients trying to tell u in the future, hahahhah..

Hahaha, I sometimes dunno whether want to cry or to laugh after listening to what the patients say :D

ah boy,
U curi makan medicine again??
i dunno told u how many times dun simply makan but u dowan to listen wan :(

Selba said...

What is actually "KK"?

Have read some ppl put KKKKKKK in their comments... thought all this times, is only like "kekekekeke," no?

and what is TKK, FKK, PKK

I only know TKK = Taman kanak-kanak
TKW = Tenaga Kerja Wanita
TKI = Tenaga Kerja Indonesia
FK= Fakultas Kedokteran
PKK = Pelajaran karya kesenian? (uhmmm... not so sure anymore.. it's one of the subject in elementary school, hehehe)

Chen said...

KK means kaw kaw
and yeah, u r correct
kkkkkkkk means kekekkeke

The alphabet infront of KK can be an abbreviation for any english word, malay word and even cantonese or hokkien word. It's all up to the individual who use it. He or she can sustitute any word with the abbreviation.

To me FKK means Faint kaw kaw, to others who use the abbreviation, it can mean other things :)
No hard & fast rule for the lingo..
That's the fun of using it, since it can mean so many things :D

day-dreamer said...

Got my panadol from clinic... the doctor said it is imported one wor, better.

Really ah?

Pink Cotton said...


now i knowwwwwwww

hahahaahah..y need to put KK there le?kia si ppl dono it is from kk?keke

dino said...

KK = "kin kin"

SKK = siao kin kin
FKK = fly kin kin
CKK = chao kin kin


Chen said...

day dreamer,
If imported one, then won't have the word KK imprinted loh... cos bukan buatan Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, tapi barang import :)

pink cotton,
watermark mah...
to confuse u all kua?
so that u all thought the name of the medication is KK instead !! :P

& KKS pulak = kin kin siam :P

_butt said...

Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk~~ :P

Chen said...

wah wah...
ini ah butt overdose of kk liao !!!

Simple American said...

As long as the pills don't say KKK.

Chen said...

hopefully not...
hopefully the pills won't become "alive" after midnight when everyone is fast asleep...
Who knows? Hahhaahahaahha...

Simple American said...

Ewww! Don't tell that to a horror writer. I might have to write a dedication in my next story to you doc. What can I do with this seed? mauahahahaha

zewt said...

you're a doc?

Chen said...

Mmmmm.... that sounds interesting ;)
A New Horizon

yeap, u get it right ;)