Sunday, February 11, 2007


Life Focus section in The Star @ 10th February 2007 had an article on SUSUK. What the heck is Susuk? Susuk is not the abbreviation for Susu Busuk, okie? It is the ancient art of implanting foreign objects under the skin ---> to make that person more alluring woh. Betul keh? Berkesan keh?

Reading the news reminds me of some the cases that I encountered personally few years back. One of the cases was a Malay guy who allerged MVA (Motor Vehicle Accidents) with some minor facial abrasion wounds. X Ray revealed no facial bones fracture but numerous pieces of small metals or needles embedded in the orofacial region. The extend of "injuries" as per X Ray however didn't correlate with the "clinical findings" that we observed. If the foreign bodies were due to broken glass pieces or metals, then the patient definitely had to undergo surgery under General Anaesthesia to remove all the foreign particles. The patient was quite reluctant to tell the truth initially but after serials questioning, he finally admitted he had susuk in the past. (Save us the trouble to explore the wounds since those are embedded susuk and not broken glass pieces). At times it is difficult to differentiate these needle implants from small broken pieces of glasses or metals.
X Ray of someone with susuk (The Star Newspaper)

Besides inserting needles into their faces, I have seen cases of guys & girls with implantation of needles in their chests & thighs. Not only that, I have encountered few Malay young chaps with metal beads inserted underneath the shaft skin of the penis (not only one metal bead, but three). And these metal beads are mobile & can move around during sexual intercourse. They believe this has some special magic power to enhance their beauty and attractiveness, to enhance their sexual performances and sexual pleasure. Does these practices really cause physical transformation? Is it related to black magic or charm? *Ahem...


L B said...

Yes! I can definitely see the advantageous allure of imbedded metal beads for enhancing the sexual revolution!!! Viva Love Beads!!!!

Reminds me of those two plastic balls swinging on a nylon string game from yesteryears... KLACK KLACK

may said...

oh heyyyyy... I read about it in the newspapers on my flight home from Sgp! maybe they thought it would add some "glitter" to their personality kwa... not! (I dun beriff in these sorta things lor)

kyh said...

Some sort of bomoh black magic!!!

I heard it can be evil too... :P

Will said...


Chen said...

Love Beads?
Can be Geli Beads too :P

Err.. aren't those swinging balls metal balls instead of plastic balls? Making those klang klang sounds. Or might be we are referring to different things. I remember seeing it somewhere sometime ago.

I can't imagine those people having numerous small needles inserted into their faces... Summore those needles are not sterile & if get infected with scarring, then really cham kaw kaw loh..

Definitely, but still people go for it...

U speechless kaw kaw liao ah till dunno what to say? :P

cooknengr said...

What sup Doc. The Taiwanese 大哥 also have the 入珠 habbit. Usually colorful plastic beads. Luckily Lim Pek is in L.A. or else I also need to 入境隨俗 to match my dark glasses.

King's wife said...

That Malay guy wanted those needles implants removed? Not berkesan ah?

Kenny Ng said...

...... if bomoh so keng, what for we need doctor?

Chen said...

They use colourful plastic beads? o.O
Wah.. I tot they will use the classy metal beads instead :D

King's Wife,
U salah faham liao. The susuk was the incidental findings from X Ray. The guy was reluctant to tell the truth earlier on, but at last he had no choice but to give in, cos he dowan the charmed needles to be removed ;)

some people have different set of minds & different thinking mah..

angel said...

Waaa... I can oni imagine the *ahem* Love Beads... movable, huh?

*wonders if cocka has 'em*


day-dreamer said...

Yucks... that's rather gross, IMHO. :D

Pink Cotton said...

eeeeeeeee so scary!

then why need to embed those stuffs into their face n thighs and body??

very pretty meh??

ish gelik

sengkor said...

u see tht guy got more handsome or not with those needles in his face?

mistipurple said...

some time back got one girl got many needles coming out from her eyes. i think in newspaper came out. can just slightly press from the corner of her eyes, and one needle will come out. ah yooo traumatising to read even. the thought of it also actually! *hides under pillow*

babe_kl said...

i read this with interest too. very curious to know if it really works but eiyee cant imagine fragments of metals/gold inside my body

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

That reminds me, body piercing is VERY popular here, including the various private parts, although for the heck of me I still dont get it....

Pssst Angel, Cocka doesnt have love beads, he got love

JL said...

can put titanium or platinum kah? :P

Chen said...

yeah.. movable.. mobile..
beads mah...
i think cocka has ring instead of beads :P

Don't PKK so long woh ;)

day dreamer,
beyond imagination, huh?

pink cotton,
dia orang nak cantik mah..
i do believe this has something to do with magik hitam
dun play-play

to me, nothing special woh..
just like someone I see on the street..
biasa aje
abuthen, I dunno how he looks like earlier on too ;)

Chen said...

reminds me of "black magic"

babe kl,
geli to think about the needles embedded in the body..
I do believe this has something to do with evil spirit..

Huh? body piercing including private part piercing is popular in Calgary?
*sakit kaw kaw*

adik JL, i presume semua pun boleh kua? Abuthen, saya bukan pakar dalam bidang ni ;)

Selba said...

Hey…. We also have susuk here in Indonesia!

And yes, the susuk is black magic, they usually put diamond or gold inside the area of the body which need to make it attractive. A lot of Indonesian actresses are wearing susuk.

People who wear susuk usually suffer very badly when they are dying because the susuk must taken out first before they can die (believe it or not). There are many rules when you wear susuk, like you can not eat satay from the stick directly etc.

Then beside this kind of black magic susuk, the other susuk in medical term is for contraceptive which you insert under the skin.

Chen said...

Since Malaysia & Indonesia are neighbourhood countries, we indeed have lotsa things in common :)

Hehe, Sengkor just told me a similar story regarding a Malay actress who was dying but cannot die cos of the implanted susuk. After the bomoh removed the susuk, then only she manage to rest in peace.

Yeah, I heard about the pantang larang after having susuk - like refrain from eating satay, banana or walk under the ladder etc.

The contraceptive implant we have here is called Implanon. A small tube inserted under the skin which release progestogen hormone for birth control.

Bernard said...

They're usually ball-bearings or, for the more affluent, pearls. They swear by them...

... also have you seen the "palang" and "bulu kenyalang"? The cylidrical piece of wood is pierced across the shaft of the penis. The owners swear by them too.

_butt said...

not pain meh? seriously, why wana torture your body like dat ne.. tak paham..

Chen said...

I haven't see the "palang" and "bulu kenyalang" yet. The cylidrical piece of wood is pierced across the shaft of the penis??
Too painful to imagine it :D

ah butt, don't use "your body" lah.. sounds like u r talking about "me" pulak !!
should use "their bodies" instead
alamak.. jadi language teacher here pulak

Simple American said...


Klack Klack

I just going to put on an athletic cup okay? 0.0 said...

I also cannot understand why someone would put ball bearings under their tongue. Two at a time!

Chen said...

wake up, wake up..
else i need to bring Skunkie out liao
Skunkie is not on the screen for quite a while liao..

Too unbelievable hoh this susuk stuff :P

yeah yeah...
so uncomfortable...
foreign body in the mouth...
not troublesome meh when eating time? I really wonder :D

_butt said...

kekekeke.. ya hor.. sound like you're the one doin susuk thingy.. hahaha, okok.. I mean, they, they.. lol

Chen said...

yeah loh..
now it sounds better..
they, they, they !!!
NOT me :P

viva4ever said...

Yes...susuk is real..there hv many type off Susuk like u can use Gold,Diamond,silver.metal n also flower.I tried the flower.It make my face more Glowing,i felt like a Diva sometimes.When u walk u can fell everybody look at u.But for this kind off Susuk their hv expired date. Ya so funny food in the can.

Chen said...

Thanks for dropping by and your feedback.

I didn't know about the existence of flower susuk till u mentioned it. Expiry date? That's interesting. Do u have to remove the flower susuk after the expiry date?