Friday, February 09, 2007

♥♥♥ is in the Air

Very fast, today is 9th February liao. Valentine Day coming soon, and so is Chinese New Year :) Wah.. I'll be flying back home in few days time. Cham, cham, cham.. haven't do my CNY shopping yet. I have a ♥♥♥ date with Cynthia this coming Valentine Day. Kkkkkkkk... Really looking forward to that day, cos must catch her before she flies back to Perth !!!! Else dunno when can meet up liao ;)

Since Valentine Day is around the corner, die-die also must play few love songs. Although these are old songs of yester-years, but I sukak mah. Old is Good ;)

親密愛人 (梅艳芳)

今夜還吹著風 想起你好溫柔 
也不是無影蹤 只是想你太濃 

愛的路上有你 我並不寂寞
你對我那麼的好 這次真的不同
也許我應該好好把你擁有 就像你一直為我守候
親愛的人,親密的愛人 謝謝你這麼長的時間陪著我
親愛的人,親密的愛人 這是我一生中最興奮的時分

偏偏喜歡你 (陳百強)

愁緒揮不去苦悶散不去 為何我心一片空虛
感情已失去一切都失去 滿腔恨愁不可消除
為何妳的嘴裏總是那一句 為何我的心不會死
明白到愛失去一切都不對 我又為何偏偏喜歡妳

愛已是負累 相愛似受罪 心底如今滿苦淚
舊日情如醉 此際怕再追 偏偏痴心想見妳

為何我心分秒想著過去 為何妳一點都不記起
情義已失去 恩愛都失去 我卻為何偏偏喜歡妳


YD said...

did i accidentally come too early??
Great old songs!

zeroimpact said...

Yes, very nice songs
And yes, the day is here again
Every year without fail

Anonymous said...

I wanna be ANONYMOUS and wish you a V E R Y E A R L Y L K K l i d i H A P P Y V A L E N T I N E ' S D A Y

L B said...


L B said...


L B said...


bengbeng said...

wish u luck with yr valentine day

kat said...

Wei!! Ask you to sing AhMui last time, dowan. Dun care, next time must sing. And must sing this song too!! first Cantopop idol... the late great Danny-chai! I oso must dig out my old Danny cassettes (last time poor student, couldn't afford CDs. No Unker Ho that time summore!)

Hmmm... listening to Danny now, I am reminded of jilo...I go tell him!

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day, doc! Hope there will be no armpits for you to examine on that fine day...

Sin Ling said...

i love the second song, so touch, you can watch the 'golden chicken' movie, very nice, got this song also. Happy valentine's day to you in advance... :D

Chen said...

Hahhaha, why u say so woh?
"accidentally" come too early?
there is no too early or too late here lah...
anytime is good time ;)

Yeap, I remember u love oldies ;)

Valentine Day is the wedding anniversary for one of my primary + secondary school friend too ;)

anonymous LB,
apa pasal today so FH wanna become anonymous? :P


Chen said...

wish me luck?
Thanks, abuthen wat sort of luck are u talking about?
$$$$ luck ah? :P

Kakakka... got mah.. although one song only also can consider got liao mah :P

U like Danny Chan ah?
Too bad he passed away at such a young age..
Time really flies...
That was way back in 1993?

Last time I also buy cassettes :)
I only have cassettes player & walkman, just as u say.. poor student mah.. :)
CD is something beyond my imagination (during those days)

Thanks, Happy Valentine's Day to u too ;) Although your hubby not around, u can still celebrate with him on the phone or online mah :)

sin ling,
Thanks :)
I seldom or hardly watch any movies Happy Val Day to u too :)

Redsponge said...

One of my fav song: 親密愛人!!


mistipurple said...

i like all the chinese songs you post all the time. can listen over and over again. thanks!
you going home soon ah? must must, it's chinese new year!! yeah!! time for reunion dinner and....lidilidilidi... :)

Kenny Ng said...

haha... Valentines day I got free dinner from a company's annual dinner.

Wah... these 2 classic tune from Anita Mui and Danny Chan are my fav songs!

angel said...

Gua sukak itu Danny mya song! The only song I like from him! Oh wait... got another wan... forgot title liao...

*goes look for Valentino Boy*

nyonyapenang said...

happy valentine's day. :)

Chen said...

u love the song too?
great great great
I'm listening to the song right now too leh... ;)

can replay over & over again hoh?
tat's what i did when I drive
I listen to the same cassette over & over again (I don't have CD player in my car mah).
At times I can listen to the same cassette for months leh !!!

Yeah, going back next Thursday ;)

wah... u get to celebrate Valentine Day with so many people !!!
so great

Old songs are great songs...
Their songs will always remain in our hearts ;)

Chen said...

sure got more than one songs leh..
He has quite a number of nice songs too...
Besides 偏偏喜歡你, some of his old songs that i like are such as 念親恩,等,煙雨淒迷 etc

Ah Boy can become your Valentino Doggy too ;)
He is now working hard to earn $$$ to buy flowers & chocolate.
He still remembers what u told him few days back leh regarding the T&C :P

Happy Valentine's Day to u too, Nyonya.
Wanna Shaliuliuliu on that day?

may said...

laaaam-nya... I have Valentine's date too, down in Singapore! hmmmm... must remind carcar, otherwise I kena FFKKK (fong fei kei kaw-kaw)!!

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

Errr cannot read chinese so how? can translate? :P

13th Panda said...

happy valentine chen~

Cocka Doodle said...

How come valentine's day not spend with ah boy geh? He sure heart-broken wan. :(

day-dreamer said...



Eh, I kinda like the second song, although it's a bit "old". Hehe.

King's wife said... laaam listening to Danny Chan.
Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Will said...

where where? where is da love? :P

Chen said...

Valentine date with Carcar?
Must remind her liao
else she lupa..
She very busy mah lately
piak her if she FFKKK u :P

those are just lyrics for the songs lah.. dunno how to read also never mind.. just listen & enjoy the songs can liao ;)

13th panda,
Thanks, 13th panda
happy valentine to u & Oink too :)

Chen said...

Got.. the date with cynthia is in the evening mah.. Night time I go back home to celebrate with ah boy loh...

Day Dreamer,
I heart u too, DD :D
as long as the song is nice, dun care whether it is new song or old song lah... Kkkkkkkkkkk
In my humble opinion, lotsa those old songs are better than the new songs, of course there are nice new songs too lah :D

King's wife,
*heart melts*
Happy Valentine's Day to u & King :)

Love is in the air mah..
neh.. over there loh
*point point finger* :D

sengkor said...

wah doc, ur songs if listen alone at nite really got some kind of feel.. especially the 親密愛人..

Chen said...

errr.. what kind of feel ah when listening alone at night?

Lummmmmm feel?
Syiok feel?
Cloud 9 feel?
or Eerie feel?


_butt said...

I liked the second song.. so 'melt'... :)

Chen said...

very lummmmmmmmmm hoh?
I can imagine Ah Butt melayang-layang in Cloud 9 now :P

Simple American said...

Oldies but goodies. :)

Have fun in your blog meet.

Chen said...

old stuff are good stuff ;)
Yeah, the meet was fun...
now I'm so sleepy..
time to pack my luggage soon :D

Simple American said...

Oi. Whatchu doing to me?

Trying to imagine the sound of doc giggling. And then thinking that soon she will giggle with Pink Cotton and 13th Panda. What a lovely harmony that must be. :)

Pink Winnie said...

o.. i like the 'pin pin hei fun nei'..nice song...:)

Chen said...

no need to imagine lah..
nothing fancy

I manage to meet the Cotton but not the Panda, cos Panda balik kampung.. going back to hometown :P

pink winnie,
Yeah, that's a nice song
Can't believe time flies...
and the singer had left us more than a decade already....