Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year Gift to Everyone

Wanna send free text messages (SMS) anywhere in the world, right from the computer? No cell phone required. Thanks to LB for the great info. Sharing is Caring. Hope everyone will enjoy this New Year 2007 Free Gift :)

First of all, u need to download the & install the Yahoo Widget Engine.

Then download & install the Free Text Messages - CallWave. Further instructions is available on the website, for both Windows & Apple/MAC.

p/s: Remember to set the parameters - email address, contact number etc (click on that little i at the right hand bottom).


Anonymous said...

Wahahahahaha!!!! CHUP!!! Ok, we get 5% each yeah? LOLOL... sotsotsotong episode.... *shhh*

may said...

harhar, this'll save me some moolah for the new year, enough for a teh tarik!

Anonymous said... good stuffs...thankies lokter!!!

Selba said...

wow.. this is cool.. but since I'm still using dial up internet connection, it wont save a lot for me, hehehe

Chen said...

very fast hoh?
no need to wait till 2008 :P
Shhhh about the sotsotsotong episode
tat one too sotong liao :D

kekkekkee... enough for a teh tarik and one polo bun :P

free stuffs are good stuffs :)
enjoy the freebies :)

hehhe, true also.. won't made much differences for those using dial up.
Too bad huh?
Any possibilities for u to get broadband in the near future? :)

Anonymous said...

really free ke? that time wad sai sms AC also say free but con ppl one leh? ahhahaa

carcar said...

this is cool, will not install (for the time being)...but why i no receive sms one keh?


hapi niu ear to u!~

Anonymous said...

agree with ben... a bit skeptical about free stuff nowadays... :P

Anonymous said...

hurrayyy, 1st day of new year can send free sms, new year present, so my new year resolution is send more sms, but last time those free free stuff also con people one wo... :p

Chen said...

mmm... but this one no need to register for membership one :P

Happy Car Year, carcar :)
Wishing u a more fruitful year ahead..

i called u once after midnight leh & twice today but all cannot get through geh? Try sending u sms too (with my handphone yest night) but the msg can't be send out too leh..
why lidat one ah?
something wrong with the network ah?

This one should be alright lah cos no need to register wan :)

sin ling,
wah? new year resolution is to send more sms?
what a "cute" resolution.
Normally i dun really like to send sms cos i lazy to press the small button on the handphone.. Most of the time i prefer to made a phone call instead (saving time mah) :D

Anonymous said...

Is there really free lunch in this world??? Hmm...

Anyway, happy 2007!

angel said...

So liu meh?? Happy liuuuuu yearrrrr!!!

* c o o l h u g s f r o m g e n t i n g *

YD said...

hey thanks for the sharing, and happy new year to you too!

hmm.... i may be skeptical, but although it does not need registration, it needs downloading the whole software into your computer, this method is even more dangerous than registration online cuz it intrudes right into your computer with potential built-in spyware.

but anyway, i did a check on yahoo widgets, it seems to be innocent so far, n comes from a reputable provider so we can hope it wont resort to using spyware stuff. guess it gives out free sms to encourage usage of its "widgets" software. hehe.

but do note that not all sms are free. Quoted:

"The widget currently supports:
* Free messages to ACS Alaska, Alltel, Arch Wireless Pager, AT&T, Boost, Cellular South, Cingular, Cricket, Dobson, Metro PCS, Metrocall Pager, Midwest Wireless, Nextel, Sprint, SunCom, T-Mobile, Verizon, Verizon Pager, Virgin Mobile, and Qwest in the USA.

* Free messages to Bell Mobility, Fido, MTS, Rogers, TELUS, and Virgin Mobile in Canada.

* Cheap(not free wor) messages worldwide.

check carefully b4 using ya... :-)

Selba said...

Broadband is also pretty expensive here in Indonesia, except I will be using it more than 10 hours per day, then it might be worth it... :)

The Yongs said...

Blessed New Year to you and your family!

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

waahhh might be handy..happy new year! yeah we behind time..

Chen said...

it's not impossible to have "free lunch" :P
Nothing is impossible mah..kekkee

Happy New YEar, DD
I'm still not used to 2007 yet ;)
I guess i might still write the year as 2006 in the next couple of days :P

Happy Liu YEar, Angel :)
Hope u enjoy your few hours stay in Starbucks in Genting ;)

Happy New Year, YD :)
Wow, what a detailed analysis u have here. Thanks a lot for your thoughtfulness:)

Chen said...

using more than 10 hours a day?
that is very unlikely unless u dowan to sleep at night time :P
Possible on weekends but not on weekdays, right? :)

the yongs,
A Blessed and Merry New Year to u and your family too :)

Happy New Year, Flyboy :)
Love your White Christmas pict :)

Winn said...

爱尔比刚才用这spam 我。。哈哈

Anonymous said...

Spam spam spam!!

Chen said...

爱尔比 very notti hoh?
he also spam me leh..
must piak him with gigantic sotong !!


Simple American said...

Ooh! Cool. I likey. My phone sucks for SMS. Now I have no excuse. haha

Chen said...

LOL.. US & Canada might have some hidden charges leh.. Other countries are free... :)