Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year 2007

Time really flies,
The clock has already strikes 12 midnight,
Today is 31st December 2006,
Very soon, in less than 24 hours time,
2006 will become History,
2007 is about to arrive soon.
What have I accomplished in 2006?
Is it a fruitful year?
It is, indeed it is...
I have get to know & meet many new friends throughout the year,
I'm happy to get to have you all as my friends.
I've ventured into a different pathway in my career,
Throughout all these while,
I've learnt & experienced new things,
When I looked back..
I really have no regrets,
I'm glad I took the move.
Although on & off I do miss the "good" old times,
But life still goes on...
What will the future be?
I'm sure Tomorrow will be A Better Day,
and 2007 will be A Better Year.

Happy New Year 2007


Anonymous said...

haha like winn winn said... everyone is reflecting on themselves on year end :P

Anonymous said...

anyways... say happy new year to you first... hehehe

Anonymous said...

happy new yr loktor chen~ hahahahah :D

may said...

新年快乐, Chen!!

Anonymous said...

Buon Anno Felice Duemillasette!!!

Anonymous said...


"I'm sure Tomorrow will be A Better Day, and 2007 will be A Better Year."
- I am crossing my fingers hard for this too.

Happy 2007, Chen!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Chen !!!!
May it be a great year for all of us :D

Anonymous said...

a life with regrets is a life not worth living for...gero gero gero...happy new year lokter...may next year be a properous year for all of us...2007, here we come!

Pink Cotton said...

so sentimental also la u


HAPPY NEW YR ya dr chen...
pls remember that 2006 is the yr we first met...kekekek our anniversary ah!

mistipurple said...

Happy New Year Dr Chen!
i wish you continued success in your new 'pathway'. you can, because you're the BEST! thank you for being my friend. :)

angel said...

Happy Sotsotsot-er year ahead!

Wilson said...

Hi Doc
want to wish you happy new year 2007

zeroimpact said...

Happy new year doc
I missed to meet you before the year ended
Hope you will have the best thing is this new year and also ta pao food for me k!
Or take me around when I go pg

Anonymous said...

happy new year 2007 chen, hope you have a better and smooth year ahead, let countdown in our heart.. :) bless you with all my love and hugz..

Anonymous said...

Happy New year, Dr Jekyll! ((((Hugz))))

Anonymous said...

Happy Liu Year!

cynthia said...

loktor chen...

sin nian kuai le!!!

gong xi fa chai!


not just yet... :)

Anonymous said...

*leaves a love bite for good luck*

King's wife said...

Happy New Year to you. May you have another fruitful year!!

Selba said...

Let's cross our fingers together!!!

Yup... let 2007 will be a better year :)

Happy New Year, Chen!!!


angel said...

Sememangnya hari ini tanggal 1 Januari 2007. Beta mengucapkan Selamat Hari Baru, Selamat Tahun Baru... Maaf Zahir Batin...

~Salam sayang~

nyonyapenang said...


Daniel Yiek said...

Wow, you become a poet or what. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a good and wonderful year ahead!

Chen said...

human nature mah..
hahhaha... should we reflect on ourselves every month or every day instead of every year? :)

Happy Anonymous Year, Will

Happy Io Ka Chng Year, Ben Ben

Happy May may year, May :)

Wah... Alien language..
I presume u say Happy New Year kua?
Happy LLBB year, LB :)

yeah, tomorrow will be a better day & today is 2007 liao..
No fireworks, but who cares?
Happy Dreamer Year, DD :)

Chen said...

Happy Sban siew pau year, Sbanboy :)
Have a blessed year 2007, bro :)

Happy Transformer Year, monkticon :)

pink cotton,
Sentimental ah? Mana ada woh? :P
hahhahaa.. u are more sentimental leh..

Kkakaka.. Yeah, the first time we meet up was on 1/8/2006. Memorable day hoh? We will celebrate our first anniversary on 1/8/2007. Yeah :D

Happy Cotton Year, Pink Cotton :)

Thanks misti for the wishes.
Hope u manage to get a proper meal yesterday night.
Happy Misti Year, Misti :)

Happy Angelic Year, Angel

Chen said...

Thanks, Wilson. Happy New Year :)

Happy Impact Year, Zeroimpact
We can always meet up again in 2007 :) Hope 2007 will be a better year for u . Wishing u all the best in everything u do :)

sin ling,
Thanks Sin Ling for your wishes.
I wish u a successful year ahead too and a year fill with joy & happiness.

Happy Cocka Year, unker cocka.

Happi Liu Year to u too, JL

I like your wishes :D
Happy Niu Year to u & Kian ;)
2007 will be even a better year :)

Chen said...

a love bite on the lormaikai?
this year surely will be a very "ong" year !!! :D

King's wife,
Happy New Year, King's Wife :)
May u be blessed with joy and happiness throughout 2007 and have a prosperous year ahead :)

Happy New Year, Selba
Wishing U A New Year Sparkling With Joy, Success and Happiness :)

Selamat Tahun Baru, Angel

nyonya pg,
Happy Nyonya Year, nyonya :)
Waiting to hear more stories from our dear nyonya :)

Hahha, just for a change :)
Happy New Year, Daniel :)

just me,
Thanks. Wishing u a joyful & prosperous year ahead too :)

Anonymous said...

nice.. :)
happy new year to you too..

kyh said...

xin nian kuai le!!!

2007 will be a better yr? i hope...

Chen said...

happy new year to u too :)
are u Dino? :)

Wishing u a merry & joyful new year :)

Simple American said...

Yep! Better better!!!

Chen said...

so fast, now is 3rd January liao..
time really flies..
it's 2007 liao :)