Friday, December 29, 2006

Stethoscope Snap On Rim

This is what I get on my first day in KL, The Littmann Stethoscope Snap on Rim. There are few who asked me what the heck what issit? Mmm... basically it is just a piece of expensive rubber/plastic to hold the diaphragm in place (to the chestpiece of the stethoscope). I bought it at 8:30 am on Thursday morning. Fifteen minutes after I bought the rim, I got a phone call from ayam panggang Will reminding me to buy the stuff. The next day, I get another last minute reminder from Pink Cotton via sms "Don forget to buy.. erm.. buy the.. dono wat thingy, ok?" Hahaha, cute lah her :D

A piece of rubber like this costs me RM25... I have changed the rim twice since it is "fragile".

My good old Littmann Stethoscope (still as good as new), which has accompanied me faithfully since 1994 - with the new Snap on Rim but old Diaphragm, old Chestpiece, old Binaurals and old Ear tips.


Anonymous said...

WAaaa, you know what I first thought of when you said rimming? *censored*

Chen said...

not that "rimming"..
lain punya cerita..
*censor censor*
This is a "U" post, not "18sx" post :P

may said...

and I thought it was some lens cap for the camera! or the o-ring for my camera's underwater housing. or something round. yea. definitely something round.

ah nel said...

it seem like some rubber... :P

Anonymous said...

apa rimming ah~ *angelic look*

Chen said...

at least u r normal :P
kekkke... cos u didn't think of that so called "rimming"

ah nel,
some rubber?
what sort of rubber ah? :P
rubber band ah?
or chewing gum? :D

ah ben !!
angelic look pulak !!
ini ah ben really 人小鬼大... :P

carcar said...

apa ini talking about?

angel said...

this L B masih tak habis-habis with his fantasy...

errr... at first, it looked like a cocka ring to me... kakakaka!!!

Anonymous said...

old is gold...some old ppl say...a lokter with a stethoscope is no hope...gero gero gero~

Anonymous said...

sorry...i mean without a stethoscope is no hope...kekekke~

Anonymous said...

chen, old doesn't mean not good, old Littmann Stethoscope is the best, got quality and a lot of memories... :)

Anonymous said...

haha sebab i saw your post the day before ma... and your post mentioned to remind you, so i called you lor... :D

Chen said...

kekeke, talking about the handsome grey coloured rim.
Don't terpesong with LB's comment :P

wah... u lagi bagus, come up with that idea !!!
*faint kaw kaw* :P

hak sei ngor initially when I read your first comment regarding "no hope" :P
hehhehe.. old is gold --> provided the instrument is still reliable & working properly & in good shape ;)

sin ling,
keekkee... old Littmann Stethoscope is the best? free advertisement for Littmann Sthetoscope :D Nowadays they come out with colourful binaurals besides the conventional grey & dark blue colour. But I still prefer the grey coloured binaurals :D

hehehe.. u r good :D
Next time if i want a reminder, I will inform u :P

Pink Cotton said...


small plastic piece like that need rm25 meh??

nxt time i make for u ok? i take the plastic ring from the mineral water botut...WAHAHAHAH...

Pink Cotton said...

wat kind of rim LB talking abt wo...

i also dono

*more angelic look than ben*

Bernard said...

The price keeps going up lah. My rim broke and I changed it once... after that my stet 不见去。 Twice. I said.. forget it. Haha. I use the hospital stets now. The nurse carry it for me. Leaves my hands free ;-).

Chen said...

pink cotton,
now consider cheaper liao.. The price in Sarawak was even more expensive :)

Few years back, I bought the similar Littmann Stethoscope snap on rim in Sarawak (in one of the medical shop in Saberkas in 1999), the price there was RM 30 leh...

*faint kaw kaw* at your mineral water bottle tut plastic ring :P

that other "rimming" LB talking about ah.. u dun have to know the meaning lah :P Hehhehhee

I bought it for RM 30 previously in Kuching when I worked in Sarawak General Hospital (in 1999). I thought this time the price will be more expensive but I'm "wrong". Hehehe, things are still more expensive in Sarawak ;)

I don't really like the hospital steth cos of the quality, esp those stethoscope used by the nurses for manual BP monitoring.. most of the time I use my own steth if possible and if the situation allowed me to do so,

Anonymous said...

Rim.. Rim.. Rim.. your Stet..
Gently Round the End..

Winn said...

can check n see if i got melayang or not?

Anonymous said...

Can check my heartbeat?
Check whether sotong has missed beat or irregular beats anot :D

Chen said...

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily...
Life is but a RIM :)

today u very good gal, didn't melayang-layang :)
Pls come back tomolo for follow-up

wah... Sotong is here too ????

Errr.. Sotong has heart beat wan meh?

Anonymous said...

That rubber rim cost RM25 meh?
With a little ingenuity, you can use the rim of condoms to replace that. LOL

Anonymous said...

your rim has gotten quite popular hoh :P so thats how it looks like. What's the main function of the thing? To prevent outside noise to interfere the kedebuk kedebak kedebuk kedebak sound kah?

Anonymous said...

rimming is 18sx?

*rub chin*


ah nel said...

u noe wat i mean ehh... :P

Chen said...

Few years back, I bought it even at higher price (RM30) in Sarawak leh... :P

Rim of condom to replace?
cannot lah..
the appearance manyak cheap skate :P

Hehhe, this is how the humble little fella looks like :) Its function is very simple - to hold the diaphragm (the plastic layer) to the chestpiece. Last time when the rim was broken, I used the Cellophane Tape temporarily to do the job, works pretty good but looks unsightly :P

13th panda,
Hehhe, we are talking about the "other meaning" of rimming :P

Wishing u & Oink & Mango a merry new year too :)

ah nel,
gua sik faham apa lu cakap woh :P

Anonymous said...

Oh, rupa-rupanya ini!


sengkor said...

aiyoh doc, why la no bring the stethoscope out for the dinner that day? let us play play ma..

Simple American said...

Looks good as new. So do you test on yourself when you get a new one?

gcmmello said...
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