Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ah Ben Io Ka Chng

Everyone (almost everyone) knows Ah Ben likes to io ka ch'ng (shake butt). Wanna watch the live performance how Ah Ben dances & io ka ch'ng on Christmas Day?

The above picture is a preview of the video clip (with Ah Ben is busy io ka ch'ng). Click here for the Ah Ben io ka ch'ng show. **Bear in mind not to drink or eat anything when u click on the link, and please don't ROTFL, okie? Ben Ben, I hope u like my dedication & I'm sure the others will enjoy the show too.. LOL

Anyone else wanna io ka ch'ng? Now is the season time to io ka ch'ng. Shake shake shake.. Io io io... Yao yao yao... ;)


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!! sikui chen~ this is my christmas present ah?? hahahaha!!! ai si lor~ hahahaha

Chen said...

cute or not the show?
entertaining leh..
I watched & laughed dunno how many times liao..
but each time I replay, I will still laugh !!!

cynthia said...

thats soooo funny!!! hahaha!
what a classic~!

Anonymous said...

yao si lor!!!!!!!!!!!

so farni!!!! lol!!!!

got macarana somemore!

Anonymous said...

hahahahhahaha shake yer booty

Chen said...

hahaha, no matter how many times I replay the show, I will still laugh !!

red sponge,
I'm thinking of making Pink Cotton & Red Sponge io ka ch'ng too :P

wanna join in the gang?
make this into a big project !!!

Anonymous said...

Muahahahaha!!! This is really cute!

Chen said...

u wanna join in the gang?
shake shake shake
io io io


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha!!!! Fall off chair liao!! Lai see summore. So this is how Io Ka Ch'ngs are!! Finally! Thank You! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

ah boy and liucas say they wanna play along too wor :P

ah boy



Chen said...

beh tahan leh??
so farnie :D
if drinking while watching, sure water will come out from the nose or nostril wan.. :P

Io io io io...

ai seh...
Ah Boy & Liucas wanna see Will kor kor io ka ch'ng too...
Can he?

kyh said...

very cute!

very bootylicious oh! XD

Anonymous said...

Hey chen, a^ben got slaughter you or not? wat a best christmas present for everyone here.. :)

Anonymous said...

Why cannot load??


Chen said...

u wanna join in & shake shake as well? :P

sin ling,
hahha, don't worry :D
I showed it to him before I posted up. I get his permission liao before hand :P
So, I'm safe ;)

i dunno why ah..
might be u try again later?
This is a "MUST SEE" show :P

mistipurple said...

i have been grinning like a silly cat non stop. thanks to you. :D
HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA... *fall off chair*

may said...

now, that's what I call a great io-ka-chng!! LOLOL! a^ben, you're da man!!

carcar said...

chen! i wanna see sotong io ka chng!!

Chen said...

grinning is still alright.. as long as u don't laugh out loud !!! Else everyone will be looking at u wondering what's going on :P

I presume u back to KL/PJ liao?
Welcome back home :)
let's io ka chng again end of the year ;)

u wanna see ah?
looks weird leh..

Anonymous said...

wahahhaa..gero gero gero~~~damn funny sial~

Anonymous said...

LOL... king of Io Ka Chng

Anonymous said...

Why cannot load??


JL said...

LOL... sampai gua jatuh from krusi.

Lokter Chen give la life demonstration of io ka ch'ng ;P

Anonymous said...

i mean LIVE demonsration... typo typo sori sori :P

JL said...

adoi apahal dengan gua... my fingers trigger happy one?!? sori again

Chen said...

I can replay the clips over & over again.. without feeling bored :D

Ah Ben actually did live demo as the elf for me in the afternoon :D

still cannot load?
other seems can load woh...

The best model to demonstrate io ka ch'ng is Ah Ben --> The one & the only. We are only keh leh feh :)

Hehe.. what happened to your finger?
Getting too excited liao? :P

ah nel said...

i got ostrichpolosis so cant io so much as later back bone broken...

Simple American said...

That was funny. Very talented fellow hor?

lynnx01 said...

Blessed new year!

Anonymous said...

io some more!!!

hmmm i wonder how it will look like with chen's face on teh elf..hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Pink Cotton

angel said...

*still not yet see the show becos the internet is soooo liuuuuuu*

Winn said...

ah ben so cute!!!!!!!!!

*whistle whistle whistle!!!!*....

*calls spca....*;p

Anonymous said...

winn winn: spca? o_0"

Chen said...

ah nel,
LOL at your terminology regarding ostrichpolosis
keng lah u :D

very.. next time when u meet him, ask him to do the live io ka ch'ng performance :D

Thanks :) Wishing u a blessed new year too :)

pink cotton,
u hah... hahhahha...

actually itu budak did that liao on the same day after i posted this post up :P I'm talking with him that day should we made PC & RS io ka ch'ng too? LOL

Chen said...

yeah loh...
so liuliu slow ...
take so long to load one page...

or should we call the Zoo?
*in deep thought*

got reason wan why Winn wanna calls SPCA :P

Anonymous said...

lui yan: i know... but but... ah boy and liucas volunteered one ma :P

*kin kin siam* :P

Chen said...

errr... I tot we r refering to BenBen, why suddenly change topic to ahboy & liucas? :P