Monday, January 01, 2007

Goodbye 2006

I prefer to have a peaceful and quiet new year eve spent together with my beloved ones. I don't like to go to places with huge crowds. Mmm... Thinking about getting stuck in the heavy traffic jam. Joining the crowds for the countdown or any big hoo-hah celebration? These are not our cuppa tea. Simple is Good.

This year, we had few simple home-cooked dishes for New Year Eve dinner together with my father in law and sister in law at my place. My hubby is the chef of the day. He prepared & cooked the dishes. :)

Candles, but this was not the "candle light" dinner...

... Coz of the dim lights from the Ceiling lamps and Wall lamps :P

My drinks for the night - White wine and Coke.

This was how I spent my new year eve. How you spend yours?

This was my last photo of the year 2006. Taken at the last few minutes of 2006, before the clock strikes 12.


L B said...

I did not take a last photo of 2006 on the last day! Now only you tell me!! Apaliao!! In fact, I only watched fireworks going off in the skies.. No candlelit dinner.. No sotong..

The Yongs said...

2006 ended with a rude awakening just before midnight when my neighbour's fireworks exploded on the ground instead of mid-air!! My little girl was also frightened by the loud bang... but after that, we all slept well..well into 2007... a good 2007 sleep! Ha ha ha!

Chen said...

Mmmm.... at least u took the first photo of 2007, right? :P I watched few fireworks from afar. Well, the fireworks are not as great as the past few years... Economy "meleset" kua? :P

No Sotong? I didn't have sotong too yeterday night, but on 30th December :D

the yongs,
hehe, u reminds me of the fireworks by the neighbour next doors when I was in Sarikei. The early morning explosion :P

Sleep well into 2007? That's a great way to start a new year... with plenty of rest :)

Anonymous said...

OMG...u refer 2006 as last year?


LOL...i always hav difficulty to remember this year is this year and this year is not last year during the first few days of this year. ;p

may said...

so the romantic, candelight dinner! and all I had was a kitchen floor full of liulians and rambutans and langsats and mangosteens. hmmmm... good enough, hor? liuliuliu!!

Anonymous said...

Nice photos, wonderful atmosphere.

Well, I spent the last few hours of 2006 and the first few hours of 2007 thinking.


Chen said...

kekeke... i'm just like u lah..
few hours ago, Angel asked me whether I had any travel plan for this year anot? Then I asked her back, whether she meant NEXT year (ie 2007).. LOL
I forgotten today is 2007 liao :P

Hehehee,that is equally "lomantic" too in a sense too :P (as long as no love bites from the ants)
liulian, lambutan, langsat, mangosteen...
must go & buy those fruits liao..
I only had liulian few days ago..
Haven't touch the other fruits yet

Thanks, DD :)
Yeah, I read about your post liao what u did on the NY eve :)
in serious thoughts woh..
Lain daripada yang lain :)

carcar said...

i was having difficulty to comment here just now...sot sot tei...

wat is the taste like when u drink coke and white wine together?

Anonymous said...

apuh~~ light pollution~ hahaha!!!

happy new yr~ i din take any photoss tooo~~~

*panggang sotong~*

ah nel said...

no sotong? :P

stil can rem take poto...lokter reli kheng...

Winn said...



kyh said...

now only i know u're married. wah so bahagia!

a very romantic NY dinner! i love the atmosphere! i love candles too!

angel said...

I stood at the balcony and watch fireworks then go zzzzz :P

BUT, I have a resolution to make... ie. this coming New Year's Eve, I'm gonna plan a party! For bloggers who stay at home... liu anot??

Anonymous said...

Erm I was working the last few minutes before 2007 ... giving spinal anaesthesia to mothers who will deliver new year eve and new year babies .... :D

Chen said...

so kesian ah?
at least u can now access liao...
i have difficulties on & off to access certain webpage too for the past few days

Hehe, I didn't drink them together lah.. Alternate drinking them mah..
I drank red wine with 7 up before..
Mmmm... should combine the white wine with coke too hoh? Didn't think of that leh that night :)

Enjoy your stay in KL & have a mercy trip back Spore tonight :)

apa light pollution woh?
so cheem geh?
I pura-pura tak faham :P

Happy Benben year..
Panggang Sotong ah?
I saw u panggang sotong everywhere..
u don't made sotong extinct lah..
later no more sotong then how leh? :P

ah nel,
no sotong..
cannot eat sotong everyday lah..
anyway, sotong is not my favourite food :D

Camera is seated next to me only mah.. Of coz can remember :P

Anonymous said...

very lomantik lightings :D

Chen said...

I lap u too, Winn Winn :)
Heppi Liu Yar
tell u hor, I'm still not used to 2007... Still tot now is 2006 leh..
need few days to adjust liao.. :P

I married for long long time liao :)
Hehehhe, I like the atmosphere too

I watch fireworks for a while too..
with ah boy barking woof woof as the background music.. Hahhaha

New Year Eve party for liuliu bloggers who stay at home? Wah.. indeed liu :D We can turn your house upside down then :P

Chen said...

Hehehe.. I remember doing the same thing on millennium new year eve (31 December 1999) too. I still remember giving spinal anaesthesia to a lady for Caesarean Section/LSCS with indication Poor Progress around 11:30 pm, 31/12/1999, inside the main Operating Theatre in Sarawak General Hospital in Kuching.

Gosh.. How time flies...

hehhe... but not as "happening" as yours, joining the Countdown Party in 1U ;)

mistipurple said...

i will write 2008 in cheques and invoices. i've already ordered 2008 catalogs and the distributor laughed, saying i plan too way ahead! hahahaa.

Anonymous said...

Wah i love something simple also, i just want it to be nice and comfortable. Last time went to countdown before and it is too crowded so now prefer something simple like you... :) Happy new year to you and your family...

Anonymous said...

opps by the way, is me sin ling... :)

Anonymous said...

I saw a beam of light straight into the sky (in your photo)... is that the Thundercat or Batman signal? ;)

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I saw a beam of light straight into the sky (in your photo)... is that the Thundercat or Batman signal? ;)

Happy New Year!

Chen said...

wow.. u are indeed advanced :P
very keng
I hope i won't write 2006 in cheques for the next couple of days !!
I hope I won't produce "bounced" cheque leh :P

sin ling,
Hi-5. Simple is Good, right? ;)
So fast, new year over liao..
Today is 2nd January 2007..

Mmm... Might be that is some sort of secret code.. Dunno from where, might be from the Karaoke, or might be from Thundercat :P

Hope u are not on call on 1/1/2007 ;) Gee... I was on call 2 years back on 1/1/2005 :)

Simple American said...

We almost missed the New Years. Very quiet at home drinking apple cider for toasts. Well except for the neighbors firecracker barrage.

Chen said...

That's a nice way to spend new year eve too - a quiet one together with family members :)

Anonymous said...

No fireworks photo? Happy New Year..

Chen said...

The fireworks display was from afar, so i didn't capture it :)

Happy New Year :)