Friday, January 12, 2007

5 things U tarak tau...

According to iLB, this is the paying back time for tagging him with the long-winded cheong hei meme... luckily I just have to listed out five things that you don't know or not aware of, instead of 70 things !!! Even though it's 5 things, I still have to scratch my head a bit to complete this tag.

This photo has nothing to do with the 5 things that I'm going to mention below. Just that May had posted two of her childhood photos in Mimaland in the 80's and this reminds me of the time I spent there with with my uni friends in the 90's. Too bad the place was closed down liao.. Okie, enough of drifting liao... now it's time to go back to the main topic.
  1. I accidentally knocked off one of my friend's front tooth when I was in Primary 6. He didn't blame me for that incident but deep inside my heart, I still have the guilty feeling up to this day.
  2. I dissected a cockroach when I was 14 years old.. just for fun. Some of you might think I'm crazy - dissecting a cockroach for no apparent reason? Hahaha, I'm just curious ;)
  3. I was once allergic to crabs & prawns in the early days, but I don't care. I still hantam & sapu them all these while.. Nowadays, no more allergy liao !! yeah :P
  4. I used to have motion sickness (mainly sea-sick) during my primary school days. Nowadays the situation has markedly improved.
  5. I went downhill once with mountain bike when I was 21 years old. Dunno why on earth the brake misbehave & became malfunction at that critical moment.. I thought I will 101% pok kai fell down from the bike liao cos I cannot slow down and the slope was quite steep. Hak sei ngor. But thank God even though the brake went gila at the inappropriate time, I still manage to land on the ground safe & sound. I didn't fell down after all !! Phew... No more mountain bike riding down the slope liao subsequently.
Now I get to tag 5 more victims smiling people. Wanna know more about u all :)
1. Kenny - 5 things U dunno about me
2. Zeroimpact
3. Butt - Five things you didn't know
4. Simple America - 5 Things Post (About Gaming)
5. Day Dreamer


Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!!!! I'm first!!!!! *bangga*

ohh.. Mimaland!! I rmb dad wants to bring us to that place once mana tau reach there we saw the signboard that it's been closed. tutup already oso duno -_-"

Anonymous said...

doktor... ordinarily I'd hate for anyone to dissect insects or animals, but since it's a cockroach, please dissect 100 more!! hahahahaha!

hmmmmm... I don't recall that crocodile in Mimaland leh. maybe they added that in in the later years.

Anonymous said...


Why me?!

I gonna have my Finals already leh...

Anonymous said...

not finish yet with my comment!

OMG! you got allergy still eat them eh? tak takut eh?

dissect cockroach? eee.. not smelly meh? :P

Anonymous said...

By the way, what is Mimaland? *puzzled*

Yer... this doctor ah... so ganas go knock down people's teeth. *scared*

*run away fast fast, for fear of loosing teeth*

Anonymous said...

Eh??? Am I dreaming doc chen? Just now I didn't see my name there wan? @@

Anonymous said...

day-dreamer, I'm thinking of tagging you leh.. the 66 questions!! muahaha

sorry, doc, pinjam your space kejap :D

Anonymous said...

Why did you knock his teeth off ah?
He tried to kiss you ah doc?

Anonymous said...

Sei!!! kena again... can do it on sunday? I just updated Band Of The Week la... cincai lah... kekeke

Chen said...

I'm bangga with u too, butt
Well done :D
kekkke.. keep up the good work :P

I heard there was landslide or sumthing lidat happened, that's why the place was closed..

kakkakka.. let's dissect more cockroach then !!
Psss... abuthen carcar like cockroach leh :P

Is tat a crocodile? All this while I thought tat was a dinasour..

Cos I wanna know more about u mah :P
U don't have to do it now lah..
take your sweet time ;)
any time well do :D

Chen said...

tak takut
I very brave wan !!
hahhaha, good thing is...
now I no more allergy liao :P

Cos I bengang the cockroach, tat's why I dissected it :P

Mimaland is a recreational park in Gombak but closed down quite some time ago liao. Dunno what happened to the place liao.

Aiseh.. That was the first & last time I knocked ppl's tooth. I didn't do that intentionally lah.. Tak sengaja wan.

are u dreaming?
*rub rub eyes*
might be kua?
might be not :P

Chen said...

no problem..
u can used it as u like :)
no need to pay rental wan :P

kakkaka... I also forgotten why liao , cos tat happened so long ago
I didn't knock with my hand..
tat was purely an accident..
knock with umbrella
didn't intend to knock off his tooth :(

kekee.. u oledi know I like to tag u :P
Can, bila-bila pun tak apa :)
No time limit wan :D
I know Friday is always your "band" day ;)

Pink Cotton said...

aiyerrr hiao ah hiao...who ask u wanto ride motorbike la ..ride bicycle la..!

later it bcome time to repay for the front tooth u knocked off then u know...haahahah

Pink Cotton said... macam abit tomboy ho last time?


Chen said...

pink cotton,
mountain bike = bicycle lah
not motorbike

why u so bad mouth one???????
I didn't knocked off the whole tooth lah.. there are still some leftover remnant..

Cheh! tat knocking tooth incident is purely an accident lah.

Pink Cotton said...

OOPS someone angry!

*run away again*

OKLA OKLA....i m too happy cos i can run away free for this tag ma 'x'!~~~

Pink Cotton said...


ni MAAAAAAAAAAA wo de :(

Chen said...

pink cotton,
I ko lian u mah..
cos u still have a long tag to do,
tat's why i didn't tag u this time :P

hehhe.. who ask u so blur woh..
mountain bike is bicycle mah :P

angel said...

Kakakaka!!! iLB! iChen! iMay! iWinn! iCarcar! iBen! iMisti! iButt! iWill! iCocka! iKingwife! iJoesen! iMe! iYou! iI!

Kakakak... sotsotsot... :P

izchan said...

your a doctor ... disecting is part of the "interest". But I would not like to be thought of as a roach though when you work on me ... :P

Anonymous said...

Kakakak!!!! You puuunched someone's front tooth off?!!! Wah, so that time when we met, it was really lucky I wasn't sitting too close then! *prays to the gods thankfully, offering a lot of mandarins, hard boiled eggs, sacrificed cocks, ...* Got carried away a little.. All that iAngel's fault!

_butt said...

doc chen, you should put the pic close up la.. so can see your face clearly ma. or izit actually taken from that far?

Chen said...

lololol...following iLB, now everyone kena i-ified :P
and not forgetting yourself too, iAngel :D

luckily i didn't dissect an ant in the early days ;)
But that would be interesting though.. haahaha

not with my bare hand lah..
accidentally with the umbrella
tidak sengaja wan :P
i not so violence wan

come to think about it, luckily last time May is sitting in between us !!
LOL, so u are safe from kena punch
if not pray hard-hard also useless :P

purposely do it that way wan..
the ori picture is clear, taken with my film camera (during those days, no digital camera mah)
i purposely "blurred" the picture :P kakakkaa..

mistipurple said...

wah liu so late sleep ah? thank liu for hot milo. i go sleep liao. just gurgled with bactidol. i think i receding gum liao. appointment with dentist tomorrow. *scared*

Simple American said...

Ouch! You got me. haha

Mimiland looked like my kind of place.

Want some Texas cockroaches to dissect?

Anonymous said...

wah seh...another mimaland photo...
*sighs* I've never even been there...always here from frens oni...

Chen said...

wah.. Misti still awake at this hour too? I went zzzz earlier on & wake up later in the night for just a while.. then continue zzzz again :P

jangan takut..
Misti very brave, right?
Visiting dentist is not so scary lah after all :)
Remember tat dentist is our friend, then u won't feel scared liao ;)

Kekekkke... The place was closed down for long time already. I dunno wat happened to it now :P

Texas cockroach? Wah.. Does texas cockroach looks similar as Msia cockroach? LOL
or they looks cuter? :)

Tat place is now history liao :)
I enjoy looking back at the old photos..
recalling all the crazy stuffs we did over there many many years back :)

kat said...

carcar dun like dogs, like cockroach?? Eeeyer... smelly!!

Your allergy, use poison to treat poison issit? Eat until no more allergy! LOL

iDoc... I like!

mistipurple said...

thank liu for offer of ice cream. i from young very scared of dentists, so each visit very cham. but i practise relaxation process, so am kinda in '3rd degree' hypnotic stage, so usually manage plus lots of prayers. lol. dyk i was so cool long time ago in the mri capsule too! *proud* LOL. wat a thing to be proud of! must psycho myself before visit mah! (3/4 hr's time) eeek.

Chen said...

Carcar prefer reptiles (eg iguana) & insects like cockroach then furry animals.. kekkee

kakaka... tat is the old Chinese sayings.. Whether it really works or not, I have "no comment".. kakkaka

stay cool
stay calm
*trying to hypnotize Misti*

The MRI experience is scary for many.. hehehe.. cos have to sleep inside the isolated "tunnel" for at least half an hour.. Like sleeping inside a coffin lidat :P Summore so noisy.. Luckily there is headphone with music supplied.. Definitely not for the claustrophobic ;)

Stay calm
Stay cool
Think of us :D
Then u won't feel scared of the dentist visit liao :)

Anonymous said...

I can pretend to forget about this, right? :D

On second thoughts, better not, in case my teeth kena punched off. :P

_butt: Don't you dare...!

Anonymous said...

day-dreamer: neh neh neh neh nehh... *show tongue*

yerr, chen, so 'kan' wan you.. you not oni ti(p)u orang, knocked dwn ppl's teeth sumore (day-dreamer say wan ar, not me :P), and dun let ppl see your face! so the... evil! hahahaha

Chen said...

up to u :D
if u don't have time, it's alright :)

wah... wat will happen if u tag DD?
a fight?
or a mini WW III?
too bad u didn't tag her..
so no "big show" for us to watch

u have oledi see my face oledi liao mah, so whether can see it clearly or not in the pict doesn't really matter liao :P Btw, I haven't send u all the photo yet. I always lupa ;) Too pre-occupied with some other things.. What's your email address?

Anonymous said...

*oops, still haven't posted postcard*

Anonymous said...

I will leave it as post-final exam entertainment then... heheheh!

_butt, I know you are very kind de... :D

Anonymous said...

dissecting roaches when you were 14? with what la? Pork knife ke? :)

Thank God nothing happened to u during that bike mishap. :) have a nice weekend

Bernard said...

Thanks for tagging kenny ;-) Haha.

Eh eh... i was allergic to prawns and crabs too.. but i did the same thing... just hamtam... and now i'm desensitised already. No more allergy.

Chen said...

Dun tell me u will post it @ 2008?

Sure, no problem.
Concentrate on your study this coming study week & all the best to you in your coming exam :)

Can't really remember liao what knife I use. If I didn't remember wrongly, I used those cheap fold knife to dissect the roach.

Thanks. Hope you enjoy your weekends too :)

LOL.. We are in the same ship. Glad we took the move in the first place. Else, up to date, we still cannot enjoy the prawns & crabs liao ;)

Anonymous said...

dissect cockroach? o_0"

really nothing better to do :P


Anonymous said...


_butt said...

wah, hoping for a big show sumore ar? me and day-dreamer very 'open' wan, won't fight over small matter hahaha

doc chen, my email :)

Anonymous said...

chen: ya lor you said wanna send pictures... always forgot :P

see i even sent you the video liao...

Chen said...

Haven't mentioned about dissecting frogs, mouse & corpse yet..
tat one ah...
even NBTD :P
so the bloody..

or 2010?
might be 2020 then...
Wawasan 2020 :D

too bad loh no free show to watch
DD must be busy sipping White Coffee in Ipoh old town liao, since she balik kampung :D

always forget mah..
wat to do?
might be should made this as my 2007 new year resolution --> Not to forget to send photos !!!

Simple American said...

The Texas Tree Cockroach is as long as my thumb and wider. Plus they can fly and always seem to hit my face.

Chen said...

Eeee... sounds scary
as long as your thumb & wider ????
So big geh?
Can fly summore????????


Anonymous said...

What busy sipping white coffee?



Chen said...

u can study & sipping white coffee at the same time mah :P
kill 2 birds with 1 stone ;)
cool leh? :D