Thursday, January 11, 2007

70Q Meme (Part II)

Following yesterday's cheong hei 70Q Meme Part I, I will proceed with Part II.

Mmm.. How come following Question (35), no Question (36) & (37) geh?
and straight jump to question (38) liao?
Kenny, Kenny... what's going wrong here?
Apa pasal Q (36) & Q(37) missing???
And, not only that... Q (61) & Q (62) are missing too.
Did u hide those questions?
Nope.. those questions are missing in Simple American's meme too...
How come lidat geh? *Scratch head*
Never mind… There are more than enough questions to answer liao... So this is a 68Q Meme 66Q Meme instead, not 70Q Meme liao..

38) Window seat or aisle?
Window seat, kay poh mah.. I like to look out & see-see look-look what's going on.

39) Ever met anyone famous?
Of course. You, you and you.. You all are famous people. You all are somebody, not nobody.

40) Do you feel that you’ve had a truly successful life?
I have a caring mum, a dear hubby, my beloved sisters and brother and not forgetting my late father, a cute little black dog, my dear frens and a promising career. So far I’m quite happy and contented with what I have.

41) Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?
Twirl twirl twirl. More fun to twirl then to cut it.

42) Ricki Lake or Oprah Winfrey?
To choose among this two, I will choose Oprah Winfrey. No other candidates for me to choose meh?

43) Basketball or Football?
Fishball can ah? At least I can eat the fishball. Fishballs also balls, right?

44) How long do your showers last?
I don’t wear watch when I take shower. And no clock in the bathroom either. So I dunno.. :P Okie okie.. not that long. I dowan my skin to chao pei cos stay too long inside the bathroom.

45) Automatic or do you drive a stick?
I drive manual car all these while. Syiok mah.. Can play with the stick :P

46) Cake or ice cream?
Can I choose the combo, hence ice cream cake? *So tamak*

47) Are you self-conscious?
Aiyoh.. is self conscious = perasan?

48) Have you ever drank so much you threw up?
Up to date, nope. I don’t drink to the level till get drunk.

49) Have you ever given money to a beggar?
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah...

50) Have you been in love?
U say leh? Hahaha… of coz I’ve been in love.

51) Where do you wish you were?
Sleeping on my cosy bed…

52) Are you wearing socks?
No. Who wear socks at home geh?

53) Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?
Countless liao and I lost count already. Escorting patient to another hospital.

54) Can you tango?
Mmm…. Nope.

55) Last gift you received?
The long distance Christmas gift (2 alarm Chili kit & Texas charm), together with a Christmas card & 2 postcards from a far-far away land called Texas… Flying all the way to Malaysia. Thanks, Simple America for the pressie.

56) Last sport you played?
Mmmm… Talking is consider as sport, right? Extensive exercising the facial muscle :P

57) Things you spend a lot of money on?
Gadgets. Should I fork out another few thousands to “invest” in another gadget?

58) Where do you live?
Pearl of the Orient, a place whereby people eat countless meals a day.

59) Where were you born?
The Land of Hornbills, in a small town called Sibu.

60) Last wedding attended?
A wedding I attended end of December whereby both the bridge & bridegroom are my colleagues & my frens.

63) Most hated food(s)?
Can’t think of any at the moment. Remember? I hampalang sapu one. Mmm... Come to think about it again... might be cockroach kua?

64) What’s your least favourite?
Those with “gold finger” (金手指) who has the special ability to tuk yan pui chek (督人背脊).

65) Can you sing?
TCSS can lah...

66) Last person you instant messaged?
Ben Ben, talking about McD's prosperity burger (lao hao sui) an hour ago... Haha, and not forgetting the "inversion of lol" tat we yakked yesterday night :P

67) Last place you went on holiday?
I went to Ipoh recently, whereby I ate non stop.

68) Favourite regular drink?
Milk (so lame huh?)

69) Current Song?

70) Tag 3 friends:
*LB – This tag so cheong hei, of course must tag the cheong hei kong.
- Seventy Q&A Tag Things
*Winn – Since she always has blog block and dunno what to blog. Kekeke... I know she is super duper busy, but.. I don't care :P Not doing also never mind.. but I still wanna tag her.
- Updates On Outdated Tag
*Pink Cotton– I just like to tag the not so "anonymous" Pink Cotton.
- Was tagged by dear loktor
- The aftermath (Poor Pink Cotton !!) LOL

Pssss.. I cannot tag Ah Ben, else he will tell the whole world the "inversion of lol" setoli :P


Anonymous said...

wah from 70 become 68 geh? someone cheated :P

Anonymous said...

hahahahahah! ahemz` i think they will be quite interested to know the story of the inversions leh :P

Anonymous said...

Come come a^ben, just flaunt the story-telling talent in you!

Still I wanna ask, go Ipoh no drink White Coffee meh?

Anonymous said...

I want fishball! I want fishball!

*does the tango with sotongball*

Pink Cotton said...


tag me!?!?!/

i memang got a feeling u gonna tag me....boohoohoo nxt time i keep quiet


Pink Cotton said...

EEE you like to play with 'stick'

Winn said...



liucas help me !!!!!!


liucas said...



ahboy help me !!!!!!


ahboy said...



chen help me !!!!!!


Chen said...

blame it on Kenny..
then, Kenny can blame Simple America,
and Simple America can blame the person who tagged him,
and the list goes on...
dunno who is the "culprit" who misplaced the number (36) & (37)

ai si...
u dun go & post the story of inversions, else I will go & twist your head :P

Hahhahha, I tot I told u liao I ada minum Ipoh White Coffee?
Kekkek.. of course I drink lah..
How can go so far & didn't try the ipoh white coffee...
no chance to post tat up yet..
soon, very soon ;)

Anonymous said...

*wake up read Lokter Chen's Part2

i like Milk also lah... not lame lah

Like to play stick??? *snigger*

Chen said...

Gives maymay a handful of fishball
but ah boy wants some, so I took few back :P

Err.. the fishball so notti wan,
push the poor sotong ball on the floor
making sotong ball pk pulak :P

pink cotton,
i sayang u mah, tat's why i tag u
i think at this moment u dun want me to sayang u liao :P

pink cotton again,
playing with the gear stick lah..
i'm answering the question mah, auto or stick :P
apa lu fikir?
lu mai cincai fikir :P

Chen said...



Winn help me !!!!!!


*The cycles continues....*
*no eye see*

Chen said...

Winn winn, can hoh?
can right?
if not, how leh?
how how how how how how how how?

u also follow your mummy foot steps ah>?

ah boy,
wah.. someone imitate as my ah boy?
ah boy sleeping leh..
this is not posted by him one
tipu !!!!!!!
TIPU !!!!!!!!!!

wah.. wat u doing here?
following the gang gila-gila here???????

Chen said...

how come you hiding in between the reply wan?
must use the magnifying glass, then only I nampak :P

u also like milk?
but u r lame leh...
they all say wan, not only me :P

match stick is also stick, right?

Anonymous said...

err.. wut is TCSS? *scratch head*

angel said...

waaa! ko chai lai?? last nite wan pun belum baca! hahaha!!!

*just got home*

Anonymous said...


why is chen addressing to chen?

jelly tepung ikan said...

TCSS is good..... kekekeke
i miss tiusday :(

_butt: TCSS = talk cock sing song = berpeparu-paruan = fai

KJ: see? im soo good help u to reply _butt. any pressie? :P

Anonymous said...

Wah... u really a good observer... missing 2Q u also know, I really dunno lor... just blur blur n do the tag... LOL.

Simple American said...

Wow. I miss that two are missing. Oopsie. We can pretend can?

So the inverse of lol is olo? Am I right.

Fishballs do not count.

Does anybody but McDonalds get rich from prosperity burger?

Nice answers to the meme.

carcar said...


Anonymous said...

*yawn with carcar...scratch backside*

Anonymous said...

I will gladly add in the two missing questions! Make them hamsup a bit too, to spice things up, ok?

Thanks for the LONG WINDED CHEONG HEI to the Max Tag... Will do, with great pleasure!!!

Chen said...

hahhha, jellyfish explained to u liao wat is the meaning of TCSS. He gatai changed his nickname to jelly tepung ikan :P

hahhaha... must pay off the debts fast before Kenny comes & looks for me... LOL
u can take your sweet time to read about what I crap here when u r free..
but don't doze off half way reading, okie? :P

influenced by Winn
semua dia punya pasal !!!

psss.. syiok mah :P

Chen said...

jelly tepung ikan,
walao... u change your nickname every now & then.. kekkeke
jelly tepung ikan?
wonder what will be your coming new nick ;)

Thanks for explaining to butt, kekeke
how come u didn't include in the word lung?
made it look nicer mah... :P

kekekke.. might be cos I havesharp eyes & very observance ???
err.. or might be cos I wear spec, that's why I have 4 eyes & can observe better?

can, of coz can...
but i wanna see what LB wanna adds in as the 2 additional missing questions !! LOL
u r correct for the inversion of lol, bingo :P

If fish balls do not count, how about Sotong balls? or Meat balls?
The others might put on weight from prosperity burger... Can consider that as prosper too... Hahahhaha... the other hidden meaning of prosperity !! LOL

Chen said...

so early yawn liao?
looking at the time u left the comment --> 11:58 pm
I yawn earlier than u last night, cos I tidur around 11:30 pm...
tired mah, tat's why sleep early
so we can yawn loud loud together :P

yawn together with Carcar & scratch backside?
reminds me of the statement "like father & daughter" lidat ah?

Hahhaa, can, of course can :D
since the 70Q now become 68Q liao, u can add in the 2 extra Q, whatever it is... :P

Looking forward to read your extra cheong hei tag. Since yours has the exact 70Q, so definitely it's more cheong hei then mine & the others !!! LOL

Anonymous said...

You've been TAGGED for "Five Things You Didn't Know About Me"..

carcar said...

tired mah :P


in the morning too :D

mistipurple said...

i come to hug tiu first. thank tiu for pulling me up. kiss tiu, lap tiu kaw kaw. lap AhBoytiu too!

Bernard said...

Haha.. takes someone who's really looking to notice it eh? I guess the gentlemen just din bother with the numbers.

Good lah.. u won't leave any swabs.

Chen said...

Thanks... Hahhaa.. I really need to crack my head a bit liao to answer that tag :P

Btw, there are actually 4Q missing altogether... Q61 & Q62 missing too.. I just realised that a couple of minutes ago.. Now u can add in another extra 2Q - make it 4Q altogether ;)

might be in the afternoon too?
hide in one corner & *yawn again*

Glad u are out for a while..
Do take a deep breath before sinking yourself in again :P
Share with u few cappuccino tau sar pneah before u cabut ;)

haha, it's good to look into things for greater details ;) At times one might be surprised with what he/she might encounter :D

Yeah yeah.. no missing swabs or gauze or stitching needle. LOL

lazy-to-login Will said...

i guess someone along the line decided that they don't like some of the questions thus makes them disappear... :P

Anonymous said...

4 missing Qs?!!! Waaa, liddat how can wan? It's almost the number of Qs you have to crack your head over with! Kaka!! Testing 20070112:0714am

Chen said...

lazy bum Will,
likely loh..
hahaa... he/she dowan to answer those questions... and take the easy way out... deleted it along the way, hoping nobody noticed it...

Mmmm... then I'm nobody liao?
Since I noticed it !!

kkkakaakk... someone playing some dirty tricks along the way loh !!
must piak tat person with sotong liao :D
Ti(p)u lah tat person !!
very bad :D

Still cracking head thinking about that 5 things u dunno .. or might be 5 things that I myself dunno? :P

Anonymous said...


everyday i come study the 70 questions i hv to answer

this is UPSR all over again!!! 'x'

Anonymous said...

oops that was me!!!!



Anonymous said...




Chen said...

the anonymouse Pink Cotton,
UPSR where got so many questions wan?

I know who are u lah..
can recognise from your writing style mah..
summore got this giveaway clue --> 'x'
& the shouting style --> caplock
and the signature "WAHAHAHAHAH"
I clever boh? :P

wat split personality pulak?
u never talk to yourself meh?

Simple American said...

My comment go liuliu.

Oh well. I enjoyed the rest of the answers. :)

Chen said...

Glad u enjoy all the liuliu answers :D

^@lViN^ said...

hahaha... The aftermath. That's funny... You make me sound so bad. wahahaha...

Chen said...

hahahaa... True mah..
cos u made fun of my dear Pink Cotton :D