Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I wanna do a "survey" for my coming big project.. I wanna know what is your favourite colour..

I know Pink Cotton loves Pink...
I know Red Sponge adores Red...
I know Misti Purple fancy Purple...
I know I like Black... that's why my dog is black...
I wonder if Winn syiok White ??? Since Liucas is white...
I presume Carcar suka Green... Don't care lah.. Even if she doesn't like I will force her to like green..

How about the others? You, you, u and U?


angel said...

I like Pink!
I like Blue!
I like Black!
I like Red!

Nah... eh sai bo? Yippie! I first!

ah nel said...


ah nel said...

my heart is black tat y i like black... ;)

L B said...

My first preference is WHITE, closely followed by lime green, and wild orange, and pastel pink. But if you want to gimme a MacBook PRO 12" which is in Aluminium, that's okay too..

Chen said...

yippie yippie
Angel if first..
how's my dear Angel?
Getting better liao today?

wah... why u sam tam sim geh?
like so many karer :P
but.. nothing wrong also..
eh sai..
of coz eh sai :P

ah nel,
So your heart is black-black tei? :D

Good loh u can enjoy white christmas.. :D

I can draw a MacBook for u istead..
boleh, kan?

Winn said...

i like white ar? hahaa
quite like lor. everything add a bit of white color will become nice

i think ahboy likes white too. he dam jeles of liucas it seems. hah

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love white and yellow, clean but not dirty minded... :)

Chen said...

white-white tei..
like an angel lidat...
but i like black woh..
i'm not devil, okie? ;)

ah boy tells u he likes white ah?
how come he never tells me wan?
how come i dunno geh? :P
ini anjing...

searching for gigantic sotong to piak plink :D
u want me to piak u with ..
blue sotong?
or pink sotong?
or green sotong?

sin ling,
white & yellow?
u know what does this combination reminds me off?
half boiled eggs !!!

may said...

white, blue, black, and occasionally orange but more for ornaments than something to wear. errr... that goes for red and green too!

King's wife said...

I like blue. No, wait...lime green. No, no...beige. Err..maybe orange. **cannot decide**

Anonymous said...

I like blue! I like white! I like (some types of) green!

lynnx01 said...

Hmmm... I never actually have a favourite colour. Weird huh.

Chen said...

white, blue, black, orange.. counting.. red, green..
wah.. o.O

so indecisive wan..
cannot decide?
might be after I piak u,
u will be able to decide liao? :P

blue & white..
mmm... like the white cloud & the blue sky hoh? the green element.. Mmmm... the trees !!! :D

not weird..
never say weird..
u don't have any favourite colour means u like all the colours :D

carcar said...

LOL at king's wife!!!! muahahahah!

this season i like green, next yr will be diff!

will keep u update! wahahahah!!!!

Anonymous said...

*knock knock*

All of the other reindeer
used to laugh and call him names.
They never let poor Rudolph
join in any reindeer games.

Then one foggy Christmas Eve
Santa came to say:
"Rudolph with your nose so bright,
won't you guide my sleigh tonight?"

Then all the reindeer loved him
as they shouted out with glee,
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer,
you'll go down in history!

Anonymous said...


muu carcar likes RED too!

a^ben said...

I love bright colours`~ striking ones` hahahah attention seeker barh :P


ah nel said...

hai lor... :P

Kenny Ng said...

I like rock color :P

Anonymous said...

Oh ya, no wonder i like to eat egg.. :) healthy wat..

mistipurple said...

you clever i like purple. i oso like black. don't think i look good in purple, so i usually am in black. but my call card, is, of cos, purple! hahahaa

Anonymous said...

I like kaler BLACK! and Metallic Green. Both of them mix i call them Nemesis Color! Gero gero gerooo~~

Chen said...

yeah yeah..
carcar really likes GREEN for this festive season :D
i know next CNY u will like RED, hoh?

nice woh..
carolling here.. thanks :D

Carcar will like RED next coming CNY :D

eeeee... attention seeker ah?
io ka chng can already attract lotsa attention liao..
io ka chng + bright colour clothings?
wah.. :P

ah nel,
how about other organs? :P
black-black tei too? :D

Chen said...

rock colour = batu colour = grey? :P

sin ling,
hahha... i only like half boiled eggs, not the hard boiled eggs :P I don't mind scrambled eggs or omelette too, but not the fried egg or hor bao tan :D

trying to imaging how a purple MISTI looks like :D Err.. call card? apa tu? I suaku mah..

black-black tei.. just like the colour of your blog ah? Happy blogiversary once again (today i sort of cheong hei)

Nemesis Colour?
wah.. what a nice name :D

mistipurple said...

imagine a purple me ah? haha, lucky not blue-black me hor!! eek.
call card = name card. ya, not many people call them that way. i too used too, lol.

mistipurple said...

wah, liu awake at 4am?!!! *pengsan*

Anonymous said...

Ya...Black like me blog...Nemesis color is very unique, and also evil...thus the name Nemesis colored...cos I'm quite evil at times...gero gero gero~

Pink Cotton said...

doing survey ah??

u kno u kno??they say ppl who like black are lonely people!



papercrazy said...

Black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black



nyonyapenang said...

ka liau pun suka! ka liau pun swee!

dino said...

i like white, pink, apple green, sea blue.... etc.

velverse said...

I like pink.. I like purple... I like black

Chen said...

now I’m trying to imagine a blue-black misti..
u give me the idea wan..
blue-black sounds like oh-cheh lidat.. macam bruise pulak
no no.. tak boleh..

call card = name card ah?
I tot tat was some sort of phone card earlier on..

I slept at 10 pm yesterday night..
Sleep early wake up early mah..
Then wake up at 3 am loh… :P

U r quite evil at time?
Tell me tell me….
What evil things that u have done when u r evil time :P

pink cotton,
piak your head ah..
what lonely people pulak..
later your jie jie come & knock your head then u know :D

Chen said...

paper crazy,
yeah yeah yeah yeah..
another person who likes BLACK :D
good good good…

nyonya pg,
nyonya hampalang sapu ah?
Ka liao pun swee, ka liao pun suka :D
veli good :)

trying to imagine a scenery with the combination of those colours :D

hehee… sounds like fading colour..
nice combination :)
Black --> purple --> pink :D

sengkor said...

i like 14% brue, 22% gleen, 34% red, 12% white and 18% purple all mix together..

mistipurple said...

hehe. later this afternoon maybe you sleepy liao. haha, upset sleeping pattern. wakakaak. sound so mean hor? that's coming from someone whose system is so wacko these days.. :(

Hijackqueen said...

The one you put is not purple. Look like Navy blue. *ngek

I love pink. pink is for sissy like me. tehehe

JoeC said...

err jut color ya.... then it is blue, ocean blue, as blue as the diamond waters of the caymens where the maidens in blue bikinis run in the blue blue clear waters into my arms in a bright blue day..... Cheers!

L B said...

You still awake, or passed out already? Where's my MacBook?

Pink Cotton said...



Chen said...

wai.. u selling ICI paint ah? :P

no woh..
tarak sleepy lagi :D
still wide awake at the moment :D
poor misti..
u have zzz problem again ah?

cincai lah..
agak-agak can liao :P
PINK is sissy?

So blue :D

I still awake..
still fully awake..
can still open eyes big-big
don't worry :D

your mac book ah?
will be delivered next Wed :P

pink cotton,
i piak not enough mah..
must ask more ppl to piak :P
then only effective :D
jahat hoh?

Bernard said...

i like green and brown. earth tones. see my blog colour lah.

padi_friend said...

rainbow colour..another tam sim one..:)

13th Panda said...

I like alot of colours..hmm! but my favourite is pure WHITE!erm, GOLD! erm, APPLE GREEN! erm...hmm..LOL..dunno la..all i like...see what is it use on..:-p

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy likes black too..

Chen said...

environmental friendly colour :D
Nice combination but I think some people might scared to look at the photos of bowels and piles etc inside your post :P

padi friend,
violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange & red? ;)
rainbow is nice...
so colourful..
How nice if rainbow is available each time after rain.. :)

13th panda,
Very seldom I hear people mention GOLD colour ;) I like the gold colour of the real gold, not those fake gold coloured paint :P

ah boy,
i know i know lah..
u like black cos u r black
I presume Liucas likes white :)

Simple American said...

Me like blue the bestest.
Also like green.
Yellow people are my favorite too.

Anonymous said...

Lokter...if i tell u my evil behaviour...then I have to kill u wor...gero gero gerooo~~~~
*grins* evil a not har???

_butt said...


Chen said...

u like blue & green..
and u like yellow people
That's good :D
I'm considered as yellow people too, right? :P

so evil :D
but i'm not scared of u... yet :D

mmmmm.. since u like blue so much..
do u have Monday Blue? :P

padi_friend said...

ya, sometimes, you can see 2 rainbows after the rain. Look up for that, it is really wonderful

Chen said...

padi friend,
so far I have only seen once the "double rainbow" scene :D
Indeed a scenic view ;)

Anonymous said...

Uik? Sotong is white and purple wan worr.... :D

Come, I pinjam you skunkie for a while and borrow your sotong, can?

Chen said...

yeah.. betul :D
white-white tei & purple-purple tei karer :D

U wanna pinjam my sotong ah?
Can, no problem...
Here's the sotong :)
But u don't have to lend me your Skunkie lah in return.. :P