Friday, September 01, 2006

When Things are Broken....

When things are broken,
No matter how hard you try to fix or mend it,
Things will no longer be perfect...
And it won't be the same again..
The scar(s) will remain..

Yes, we can forgive and forget..
No doubt the scar will fade with time...
But with "continuous" breaking & hurting..
Just like a viscious cycle?
What's the point?
What can you expect in return?
There is something called Learning From Mistakes..
For goodness sake, Don't Repeat it over & over again!!
Evaluate yourself before you point finger at others !!!

Remember, before you start pointing your finger at other,
There are three other fingers pointing back at you...
And "What goes around comes around"...
Do not take things for granted.

Do not judge, or you too will be judged
For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged.
And with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye,
and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? (NIV Matthew 7: 1-3)

God has given us a wonderful gift of language.
However, this wonderful gift is often being misused..
People tends to forget the damage they can do with words..
And too often we are too concerned about ourselves..

I know nothing is perfect in this world..
But I'm pretty tired...
I get fed up with all these...
There is a limitation for everything.
Anyway, whatever it is..
Life still goes on..
So, why be bothered???
This is still a beautiful world.
Smile and the World will smile with you :)


angel said...

U pun tulis dalam-dalam punya arr? Aiyooo... matilah... i tak boleh berenang begitu dalam untuk mencungkil pesanan yang ditulis lehhh...

Macam nie, i pun mau belog dalam-dalam punya entri la... Tapi i tarak masa!!! Cis!

I baru balik menjemput ibu dari pudu
Bakal bertolak pagi Ahad liu...
Aduhai, usah rindu banyak-banyak
Sebab I akan merindui semua jugak!

may said...

hmmm... doktor... are you feeling ok? hugs. don't be tired of the world just yet. life does go on, we just need to learn to appreciate the better things in life more than scrutinize the imperfections.

mistipurple said...

a true person, with true feelings.
i respect.
i am honored to be riding this journey in life with you. thank you for your kind friendship. i truly mean it.

Simple American said...

Isn't insanity defined by making the same mistake over and over despite an awareness of the consequences?

Hope you are okay my friend. Leaving a hug for ya.

Pink Cotton said...

CHEN Become so serious?!?!?

i m not used to this ....MUUU :(

someone make u angry ??? kekeke...i hope its not me 'x'

L B said...

Dear Doctor,

Meaningful post, this.. So the deep deep, which is great, from time to time. Thanks lots for your very nice & lengthy phonecall yesterday. Made me feel very hungry after that chat! You make a good head doctor too..

Take care of yourself, and we'll hopefully meet up again soon, next year, either in Penang, or KL, or somewhere in E Malaysia!!


13th Panda said...

*pat pat*

Don't worry, be happy. Life is too short to worry too much.HEE

Red Sponge said...

Doctor, dun be sad sad, k?

Hmm...if really cant mend it, let go would be a better choice.

Then find another way to own/care/get nearer to it.

Oppss... sorry not sure what is going on...but that is what I can say...


mistipurple said...

i come back and hug kind doctor. you mend so many people and then people break things for you. come come, we all scotchtape back any broken parts for you. (you more professional, can stitch later properly yourself hor.) :P

Chen said...

Itu saya tulis dengan penuh perasaan leh.. Aiyok, bukan dalam sangat maksudnya kan?

Oh, ibu angel ada kat KL sekarang
angel akan pergi melancong bersama ibu? Saya akan rindu pada Angel. Saya tau Angel akan rindu pasal kita orang kat sini jugak :)

I'm alright, May.
Thanks for the hugs :)
Yeah, there are still many beautiful things out there. And summore there a big group of nice people out there, including you all :)

Thanks misti for the kind words. I really appreciate that. And thanks for continuing the life journey together with me :)

Chen said...

I guess some people might never realise what they are doing :)
i'm ok, SA.
Thanks for the hug :)

pink cotton,
There are up and down in life...
I'm still my old self lah :)

aiyak, definitely not u lah..
u are such a sweetie :)
u bring laughter to everyone ;)

Thanks for the great chat yesterday too.. Err.. the phone call made u feel hungry? Did we actually talk about food? Oh yeah, we did. But I think we talked more about bills than food :P

U take care too and have a safe journey back to Italy this coming Saturday. And at the meantime, savour all the remaining nice food available, and tapao few mooncakes back to Italy ;)

Chen said...

13th panda,
Thanks :)
Yeah, Life is short
We should live to the fullest :)

*Hug hug*
it's a lengthy story, but well....
people come, people go...
whatever it is, life still goes on, right? :)

U all are a great bunch of people :)

thanks for coming back & thanks for the hug. I really appreciate that :)

slurp! said...

hmmm ...maybe robin should write an article on "the art of letting go" ... it helps :)

cheer up!

mistipurple said...

*puts another basket of hugs for loctor and sneaks out..*

ah nel said...

dokter :i make u mad isit???soli ya...

babe_kl said...

gulp, so chim one... i hope everything is fine with you. *hugs* come makan lah... virtual open house at my place, jom!

a^ben said...

*give elephant glue*

nah~ dun say ah ben bully you` hahahah gip you glue to stick stick broken pieces` wakakakkakak

*shake butt~~*

zeroimpact said...

Ok cute cute come to the rescue...
At least try to la...
Can smile ah doc...
Boy boy always here...
Smile la doc... boy boy smile with you...

mistipurple said...

*dingdong* hamper delivery!
inside got turkey ham, roast chicken, mooncake, godiva chocolate, red wine, suckling pig, bird nest, and a dozen tube super glue and masking tape.

Las montañas said...

what a nice post upon entering the front door of this blog. Take a deep breath, and be yourself.

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

omg, so so so so
whats that word...?

AceOne said...

did ben bully you? tell me... tell me!!

Chen said...

i'm fine :)
I won't let myself be bothered for long.. This is a beautiful world, right? :)

that's very sweet of u, misti :)

ah nel,
aiyak. Did I say that's u?
No lah... definitely not u :P

Thanks, babe jie. I'm fine :)

wah.. elephant glue?
the glue will made everything become sticky --> menerukkan keadaan. Hahhah..

I didn't say u bully me woh..
u didn't bully me mah..
u only bully pink cotton :P

Chen said...

cute cute? oh.. boiboi has a new nickname liao? :) Smile? sure.. I will smile together with boiboi..

Oh yeah.. wanna eat popcorn? :)

wah.. so much food
I can have party tonight..
Did I hear bird nest? Oooohhh..

las montanas,
Thanks for dropping by :)
I will just be myself, I am who I am :)

errr.. dunno ah..
my mind is empty now :D

no lah.
Ah Ben very good boy :)

Happysurfer said...

Hi Chen, thank you for stopping by. Hope you are feeling better. Yes, some people can be very trying but it takes all kinds to make up the world and the choice is always ours to not be affected by things negative. Take care.

sengkor said...

doctor doctor.. ur post got give free panadol onot? after reading got mild headache wo..

carcar said...

saya suka sangat penulisan kali ini. ia menyatakan kata-kata di dlm hatiku..

yes, never take thing for granted. i always learn to appreciate every single on besides me.. i cherish them.

don't use people and appreciate thing.

cheers chen...

best regards,

plink said...

Some people can be really silly, ya? Mai chap siao ee nang

Hope things get better for you soon.

...Menerukkan keadaan...'?


Robin said...

I think we can forgive..

But forgetting is a different matter altogether. Elephants or those with good memory, never forget

Red Sponge said...

yeah...chen chen pours out all the sour pahit 臭臭, now only has all the sweet wangi keep inside the heart!

World is beautiful again!

Chen said...

I'm fine, thanks :)
Most of the time, if I feel unhappy, I will only feel unhappy for few hours and no longer than that. It's not worthy to drag the unhappiness and affecting my daily activities & work, right? :)

so kesian :P
can can, FOC just for u :)
What analgesic u want?
DF118 or ?

woh, Carcar juga mempunyai pemikiran yang sama? Bagus. Terima kasih banyak-banyak.

Great mind thinks alike, hoh?
Cheers Carcar :)

Chen said...

I wanna mai chap siao also, but at times, it is unavoidable.

Put glue very sticky mah..
and messy too..
lekat sini lekat sana..
menerukkan keadaan loh.

yeah, it is easier to forgive than forget. Most people able to forgive but not forget.

The world is always beautiful ;)
Clear sky and white cloud, blue sea.. Isn't that a beautiful world?
It all depends on how we view it, right? :D

sengkor said...

doktor, DF118 not durian mia grade meh?

Chen said...

DF118 = Dihydrocodeine tartrate; pain killer in the opiod group :P

Got durian grade DF118 meh? I dunno woh :D Gua sik pandai pasal gred liulian :) Gua pandai makan saje.

zeroimpact said...

Popcorn wo...
We smile smile...
Together gether eating popcorn

Cocka Doodle said...

*takes temperature and pulse of Doc*
Ok,take 2 aspirins and call me in the morning.

mistipurple said...

haha cocka become quack doctor!
but cocka not duck leh. :P

Chen said...

yeah.. we eat popcorn,
& we drink coke :D

ini singseh dari mana ni?
boleh percaya keh? :P

instead of quack doctor, he now becomes ayamas loctor :P

miracle8 said...

Are you ok Dr Chen?
Here's an early birthday wish for you.
May you be happy, healthy and smart always!

Simple American said...

A pink pig said Happy Birthday to Chen and I over heard. So Happy Birthday Chen. :)

You have a lizard problem again? The pink piggie said something about patter of little feet.

And congratulations for winning the Texas Hug Hug Club. *high 5* :)

Chen said...

I'm okie, miracle8. Thanks :)
and thanks for the birthday wish too

yeah, the pink pig is very clever :D
Thanks SA :)

Never expect I can get gold medal at your blog :D What a surprise. So many medals for my birthday.. Hahaha..

that pitter patter of little feet means something else lah.. that pink cotton very cheeky one :P

_butt said...

dun wori doctor, things that doesnt break you (even words) will oni make you stronger.. (like the incredible hulk) huaaaaargh!!


Chen said...

yeah Butt, thanks :)
lama tak tengok incredible hulk liao.
I almost forgotten him liao :P
Last time I watched it during my primary school days :)