Saturday, September 02, 2006

Birthday dinner

Cute or not this big head doggy? Pink Cotton , thanks for the nice birthday pressie. Muacks... I sayang u :P Hehehhe, my dog received the parcel today on my behalf as I was working :) He loves and adores the toy but he won't touch it cos it's not his. Clever dog, huh? And Pink Cotton, thanks for the nice moo-moo cake too :P

We went to Fishing Village Restaurant in Teluk Bahang for a simple seafood dinner tonight. Food wise was okay with reasonable price. The place was pretty packed with people and full house by 8 pm. Luckily we arrived early when the place was still quite empty :)

Cheese baked oyster

Fried prawn with salted egg yolk.
I love this.. Too bad they don't have salted egg crabs :(

Stir fried asparagus with sambal

Fried "yau mak" green vegetable

Batter fried crispy squids/sotong.

Black pepper fried soft shell crab. This one ah... not nice

Fried noodle

This is not the end of the makan-ing episode yet..

Followed by double scoop sundae (rum & raisin with strawberry) in Baskin Robbin :P

And not forgetting, thanks to ah ben for the lovely english & chinese version of birthday song at 12 midnight :D


Pink Cotton said...

si ah lu! eat so much!!!

also din tapau for us..boohohoo

I WANNA DROOL DROOL on ur cheese baked oyster can or not???KEKEKE

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NICEEEE..aiyer..i think shud save the pic in my office pc for 'rainy days'...HAHAHA

Pink Cotton said...

oops almost forgot..hehh paiseh



mistipurple said...

may all your wishes come true
and may you have a great life!!!!

King's wife said...

Happy Birthday and many happy returns!

Chen said...

pink cotton,
LOL... i know u will drool at the cheese baked oyster :P kkakaka..
cos.. great minds think alike mah :D

how to tapau for u?
aiseh :P

i will send u another close up cheese baked oyster for your personal collection :D

thanks for the birthday wishes..
and thanks once again for the cute doggie & the birthday card :D

thanks, misti :)

angel said...

waaaaa!!! gimme the aiskrim!!!! gimme gimme gimme!!!!!
Yr seh jit is today or tomolo??



Chen said...

king's wife,
tengkiu tengkiu :D

tomolo is the actual day.
can celebrate earlier mah..
kakkakak... cos tomolo Sat lotsa people leh.. :P
makan in restaurant need to wait for long time..
that's why loh..

Scoop half the ice cream for angeliu. Good things must share-share mah.. Sharing is caring :D

may said...

Happy Birthday 5 minutes early!!!

the picture of the salted egg prawn made me drool instantly liao... waaaaa! I'm sure there'll be more dinners to come for you!

Hugs & Muaks, birthday doktor!

zeroimpact said...

Happy birthday Doc

mistipurple said...

*shares the half scoop of ice cleam with Angeliu*
sharing close close is loving mah. *shy and blushing non-stop*

sbanboy said...

Happy Birthday

Chen said...

thanks u :)
hug hug back :D
the salted egg prawn is yummy
i love it
will go back for more :P

cannot eat so much lah..

tq tq.. jangan pengsan oh, boiboi..
u wanna some? ;)

syiok hoh sharing food :D

tengkiu tengkiu :)

AceOne said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birrrrdayyyyy to Dr Chen
Happy birthday to youuuuu..

Simple American said...

Good food. Basking Robbins ice cream. Lovely puppy. Awwww

Happy birthday Chen!!!

plink said...

Happy Birthday Dr. Chen!

Oh zeroimpaa..ct, skunkie wants to meet youu....

fred said...

happy birthday to you.

Selamat ari pengada - Iban

zeroimpact said...

Heh heh heh
But I wan oyster raw can ah

ah nel said...

wuahh...all high kolisterol mia food???lol

~Happy Birthday Dokter Chen~

_butt said...

Happi (belated) Birthday Doc Chen!! ^^


Chen said...

wah... Ah Ben the first one to sing birthday song yesterday night at 12 mn, now aceone nyanyi 2nd round :) TQ TQ.

thanks SA :)
my dog adores the doggy toy leh :P
But he won't take as long as I don't give it to him :)

delima kasih banyak banyak.
Hahaha... Skunkie is on the move again.. setiap kali ada orang pengsan, ini Skunkie banyak sibuk.. Skunkie ini manyak rajin, bagus :D

Chen said...

thanks fred :)

can can...
u wake up liao ah..
lucky loh..
plink just wanna send Skunkie to rescue u from your pengsan-ness :D

ah nel,
hahaha.. not all are high cholesterol lah :P
some are not..
got vege mah :P
Got chinese tea & rice mah (which i didnt take picture, LOL)

Happy birthday in advance to u too.
Just found out tomolo is your birthday :)

not yet belated lah..
hahaha, today is the actual day, we makan the dinner one night earlier :P

Red Sponge said...

ah chen, happy birthday!!!!!!!!!

yeah yeah!!

yayaya...agree with pinkcotton wishes!! hope u will play ard with lampin soon!! haha

_butt said...

aiks.. mistake.. I baru tahu when i skipped over to angel's blog.. *hehe*

Cocka Doodle said...

Happy Birthday, Doc!!
Wuuah! So much food summore say 'simple dinner' ah?
Geez....I can't imagine what a grand dinner would be to you.

See Fei said...

Happy belated birthday! nevr kena cheng ku by other bloggers?

sengkor said...

happy birthday doctor ke-18..

happy mou? tht's my birthday gift to u lor.. :P

Chen said...

red sponge,
TQ ah sponge :D
errr... play around with lampin?
lampin is not a toy leh, kakkaa..

hehhee.. get cheated by my title hoh? :P

Thanks cocka.
Those are simple food mah,
That's why simple dinner.
Grand one ah... is like what u have loh, hahahhaa :D

not yet belated lah. Today is the actual day. Hahhaha, I'm safe from being cheng ku, cos I'm hiding inside the island, isolated from the others :P

thanks, sengkor :P
errr.. happy birthday ke-18??

18 years old means... I'm still in Form 6? Haven't entered medical faculty yet? hak sei ngor


Aiyoh.. dowan lah.. I dowan to go through all those again, very torturing.. hahahhahhaha...

nyonyapenang said...

i come from angel's blog dr chen.
here's wishing you happy burfday!
aiyooh, look at the food pics, gua lau nua liao. ;)

Pink Cotton said...

first time see u no post sth for the day...must b enjoying lor MWEHEHE

Pink Cotton said...

hope u din have oyster 2nite


Chen said...

hi nyonyapeng :)
Thanks for visiting & the birthday greetings :) lau nuah ah? Hehhee.. I think I will go back there again soon :P

pink cotton,
wah.. u duduk sana monitor ah?
wa jin kia ah... :P
malas tulis mah..
tomolo loh :P
Tomolo is my little nephew one year old birthday :)

mmmmm... ini budak..
banyak notti :P
ada apa ni?? hahhaha
so u manage to give lecture to anyone today? Hhahhaha..

cough ah?
I presume u drink cold drinks again?
kakakkaa... :P

ycfoo^^ said...

Hrmm.... late is better than neva ya? :P HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! :P

Kenny Ng said...

HI, i just dropping by... nice foods indeed... so hungry now... wakakaka

carcar said...

better late than never right?

happy birthday my dear!

may our friendship continue to grow! hehe...

love you !!~

plink said...

Minyak angin Cap Skunkie!

Selba said...

Happy Birthday, dear Chen...

A B'day and delicious food made the day perfect :)

Did ah boy also enjoy your b'day... any present from him? hehehe....

Chen said...

Thanks, ycfoo :)

Hi kenny :) Thanks for dropping by. Enjoy feasting your eyes with the yummy food :)

Thanks carcar :)
Hope the "spamming" in your site will stop soon..
Hope our dearie CC will back to the CCC status (Cheerful CarCar),
We can't separate the C from CC, right? They are meant to be together :)

Sayang u too, remember the sotong hug? :)

Hhahaa, skunkie is now more advanced :P He can now take a rest at home when someone pengsan..
Pandainya ni skunkie :D

Thanks Selba :)
I haven't reply your email yet. Will reply u soon :)

Yeah, Ah Boy get to eat noodles with pork & eggs & tauhu etc. He gives me a nice "birthday card" :)

babe_kl said...

happy belated birthday chen!!! *muaks*

13th Panda said...


Chen said...

babekl & 13th panda,
thanks :)