Sunday, September 03, 2006

Cake, cake & cake ?

Today is my little nephew one year old birthday. The little boy has grow up already. His birthday is just one day different from his aunty's birthday. I remembered all my 3 nephews birthday, cos the dates are easy to remember. I have only seen my little nephew once and that was when he was still a little baby, at the age of 2 months old (during my previous trip to Bintulu in November last year). I really wonder how he looks like now. Kids really grow up fast.

Well, we can't separate birthday celebrations from cakes. These are some of the cakes I had yesterday :) The Black Forest Cake & Walnut Cake. It's something sinful, but it's xin fu/hang fook (幸福) to indulge in these once in a while, right? It all depends on how you view things, or is this what we called as... playing with words ???

Black Forest Cake

I still prefer the "original" black forest cake which I had in Lake Titisee (nearby Black Forest) in Germany few years back. I was sua ku previously.. Never knew the existence of a real place called Black Forest till I visited Germany :D

Walnut Cake


mistipurple said...

chuppppp chupppppp all the alphabet corporation i represent chuppppp!!!!!

Red Sponge said...


Oh...ruparupanya there is this place named Black Forest in Germany.


mistipurple said...

apa ini saya heart palpitate when chupping ah! blogging's supposed to be relaxing!
happy birthday to your nephew! so nice cake! i hungry now and thinking of black forest cake to eat. ah yo, stomach truly growling leh.
germany's black forest cake nice boh? ah ya i cannot keep talking cake. i go find food now.
eh, carmistwinanplinktitokichen reporting and chup!! haha, when chup fast fast cannot think. LB is on plane i suppose, dat's why i got chance tis time to be numbor 1!! i miss angeliuuu how? got rindu tablets boh?

mistipurple said...

see see? lucky i chup fast fast. red sponge behind my tail wor! *phew*
plik plok plik plok.. my heart..

Selba said...

Looks so yummy!!!

Funny thing, there's no black forest cake in Germany, hahaha...

Black Forest = Schwartz Wald.
Cake = Kuchen

"Schwartz Wald Kuchen"

Pink Cotton said...


me no bfast hungry...

mind to send me another one of the close up pic so i can IMAGINE???


Cynthia said...

I had baked chocolate cheesecake and Kian had black forrest last night. Having mention the day before.. we had.. =)

Chen said...

wah..all the alphabet corporation :P
hak ngor yat ken

red sponge,
heehe.. u r another sua ku :P oops..

TQ for the birthday wishes :)
I can only give him angpow cos I'm so far away :P The one I had in germany has the arak taste *slurp*, but pricey loh cos have to pay in Euro, hahahha. But who cares, I won't have the chance to eat it often.

Yeah LB is still flying, will be arriving in Italy later in the late afternoon :D Guess he was half way sleeping inside the plane at the moment? LOL

Angeliu is now on the plane too..
No rindu tablets woh..
Syiok hoh her, pergi melancung 2 minggu, I also want :D

Chen said...

hahhaha, I dunno what they call the cake in Germany. So "Schwartz Wald Kuchen" is the name for the cake. So hard to remember the name :P

Hahhaa, I just pointed at the cake in Germany when I ordered for it in the past, as I can't speak their language :P I guess u get to eat lotsa "Schwartz Wald Kuchen" in the past? :)

pink cotton,
poor gal.
Can, can.. No problem :D

But hoh, I scared later u lau nua on the computer keyboard then susah leh..

I heard somebody mentioned "cheese cake"?? Mmmmm... I like :D

mistipurple said...

cake talk again ah yo. i just ate taugua with taugeh and porridge, and now i thinking of forest cake again.
i got pizza in freezer. haha. boleh also lah, till i get hold of forest cake. omg my will is so weak!

nyonyapenang said...

wake up, look at your pics, lau nua again. jialat! ;)

ah nel said...

i'm turning 53 and ur nephew turning 1...i missed those old

Chen said...

porridge with taugeh & taugua - that is what I called healthy diet :) I love porridge.

hypnotize misti not to think about forest cake, hahahaha...

Ooops... Hope u didn't lau nua on the keyboard :P

ah nel,
Happy Birthday, Ah Nel
sure boh u r 53 liao?
Boleh percaya keh?
some told me u r still teenager,
some told me u r in your twenties..

anyway, whatever it is..
age is just a number,
Ah Nel is still Ah Nel :D

carcar said...

is 幸福not 辛福.

different meaning at all :P

i like cake too... i had mudpie and oreo cheese last night.

this is 'sinful'

may said...

aiyo, I am SO going on a DIET!!! sigh... 2 months of over-eating is enough liao... :P

Chen said...

oops... didn't realise the error..
paiseh, paiseh :P
I go tukar :D
kena piak by carcar liao..

Food is meant to be loved & to be makan-ed, not to be ignored leh..
or else the food will cry :P

_butt said...

Wah.. so many birthdays fall on Sep!!

ah nel said...

u don bilip kar???lol

liutelu i'm teenagers rite???:D

whotelu i stil in twenties???i so hapi heard

tenk q lokter...

Winn said...

happy bday chen!!

2nd sept is ur bday:)

happy birthday oh..

yeah im back , with more action. soon ya. still owe u the tag. i dreamt abt it last nite!!! haha. but i was too tired to blog last nite. i got stomach upset and headache all the way from viet till back in msia.

but when i see ur cake i drool liao!! hahha

Chen said...

haha, yeah. I have lotsa colleagues with birthday in September too.

ah nel,
I won't believe woh until proven otherwise :D

yeah, TQ TQ
welcome back, winnliuliu
we all miss u leh..

wah.. u dream about the tag ah?
I sudah lupa woh :P

so kesian.. u get food poisoning ah in Vietnam. Sorry to hear that :(

Pink Cotton said...

doctor! no post for the day again??? :(

Chen said...

pink cotton,
i posted liao mah this morning, kakkaka..

mistipurple said...

why my eyes become goli liddat huh, and a voice saying, forget black forest forget black forest?!!

Winn said...

u din tell us how u celebrate ur bday...did u?

Chen said...

oops... rahsia bocor liao ah?

aiyak, how else woh..
lidat loh..
kekkekke :D

plink said...

Thank you misti!

Aiyoo... see photos oni my stomach kri kru kri kru liao....

mistipurple said...

Plink! i oso stomach kri kru all the way. whole day i substitute eat other things, back of my mind think forest cake. though someone's voice was playing in the background, macham chakap, "forget forget forest cakeeee"
*looks in direction of Chen*

Robin said...

Nowadays, cakes may not longer contain the sponge cake element.

some are ice cream, some are agar, and some just cream

dino said...

happy belated b'day.....


sbanboy said...

Black Forest cake one of my fav along with cheese cake..... chocolate cake.... tiramisu .....

Chen said...

hehehe, your stomach can sing very well :P I like the kri kru kri kru tune, can i record that down? :P

wah.. this forest cake sounds like jampi pulak, make my poor mistiliuliu obsessed & preoccupied :P Really jialat LOL

nowadays anything is possible :)
and not forgetting the durian cake :D

Thanks, dino

hehehhe.. haven't talk about food with u for long time liao :D I like cheese cake tooooooo..

Simple American said...

I wish I would have visited the Black Forest. I was so close. Some friend visited and they bought me a nice knife from there.

My sister's favorite cake was the Black Forest cake so ate this a lot when I was younger. I like the German chocolate myself.

Happy Birthday to your nephew.

Chen said...

Besides knife, Black Forest is famous for Cuckoo Clocks too. I didn’t buy any during my previous visit :D We just pay a visit to the factory and the shop outlets and shoot few photos, and not forgetting eating the black forest cake :)

Thanks for the birthday wish.