Monday, September 04, 2006

White Creature

While I was looking out of the window yesterday, enjoying the scenery of blue sky and white cloud.. suddenly I noticed something "pitter patter" on the window...

A white moth on the window (or issit Butterfly?) , with the blue sky & white cloud as background)

So I took this opportunity to add few more photos to my album :)

It is better to be "pre-occupied" with this beautiful white creature than the yucky katak :P Hahhaa, at least it's still alright if the insect decided to fly & land on my head (in comparison with katak). Betul tak, Pink Cotton?)


carcar said...

finaly...i found something that i like... besides kah cuak and lizard!

beautiful white creator!

ah nel said... pweeti...

Winn said...

chup chup!!!

i got butterflies in my stomach!

L B said...

How to chup like this with Winn beating me inside out, upside down?!!!

may said...

eh, cantik! some butterflies have the nicest plain colours. definitely butterfly, 'cos its wings are folded when rested. moths rest with their wings opened out... ;)

Chen said...

yeah yeah, i know Carcar likes reptiles & insects, including the disgusting kah chuak :P

Reminds me of the Butterfly Farm in Penang. Might be it's time to pay that place a visit again? :D

ah nel,
pweeti ah?
sounds like tweety language woh.. :D

trying hard to capture the butterflies in Winn Winn's tummy. Jahat lah the butterfly, made Winnliuliu sakit perut :P

u tickle her loh.. guarantee work :D

Plain is good,
& Simple is good too :)

Oh, thanks for the info, so it's butterfly aka "lalat mentega" or "mentega terbang"? :D
I didn't know about that wing wing thingy. *Jot down in my pda

Pink Cotton said...

OHO! take this opportunity to pijak me pulak...

hmmm pleeti butterfly...but u have such nice view of cos get to see nice stuff :)

i thought u wanted to throw me out ur window and into the sea when u moved ur webcam the other day...MUAHAHHA

13th Panda said...

I love butterflies..they r so beautiful

Chen said...

pink cotton,
aiyak, I mana ada pijak u?
ying wong ah !!

coincident mah.. u posted that katak post on Sunday and I took the butterfly photos on Sunday too.. that's why I think of u loh.. :P

wah.. say till lidat, how will I sampai hati to throw u out of the window? hhaaha.... Later that "someone" come & chase after me, then really jialat.

13th panda,
Ever been to Butterfly Farm? It's nice seeing the colourful butterflies flying around :) God's creation are indeed wonderful :)

may said...

mentega terbang lah. mentega lalat sounds awful... yuk! imagine flies made out of butter! bzzbzbzbzzz... *splat*

slurp! said...

moth are fat, butterfly got more slender body. their feelers are also different .. notice the fake eye behind the wing that are used to trick potential predators

Red Sponge said...

errr i takut butterfly!
hahahaha...i will sleep well if there is a butterfly or any other insects :-/

nyonyapenang said...

old folks believe katak will bring rain and the white moth/butterfly represent visits from departed loved ones. dunno true or not leh?

Chen said...

imagine piaking the mentega lalat
eeee... butter spurting everywhere
what a disaster, LOL

thanks for the detailed explanations :)

u takut but u will sleep well? Why the statement so contradicting? Made me blur blur only :P

I heard about that as well. How true issit I dunno leh :)

mistipurple said...

*crawls in... cake.. cake...*
nice butterfly on your window!
*crawls out.. cake.. cake..*

Chen said...

might be after the butterfly episode, ini berlaku pulak --->
crawls in.. butter, butter
crawls out.. butter, butter...

nadai kek hutan hitam liao... :P

L B said...

tickle .... tickle.... tickle... giggle.

pisang said...

i agree with nyonyapenang comment and it is true

angel said...

hullo doktor! just dropping a miss-u-note! :D

Selba said...

Mentega Terbang!!! hahaha...

You really called Butterfly in Malay as Mentega Terbang?

We called it "Kupu-kupu" (pronounce: koopoo - koopoo).

Beautiful.. too bad they don't lasted very long...

Mom got butterfly phobia.. though she admires them really much, isn't that weird? hehehehe

shookmeallnightlong said...

yeah!! finally found your blog again!!

my HDD kong lah. lost all of my bookmark.

anyway, its definitely better than katak!

ah nel said...

i no skool mia and i watch cartoon too much oledi thats

mistipurple said...

satay... satay...
lap liu loctor! xxx

sengkor said...

tht's a brazillian albino deep amazon jungle butterfly.

u r rich now. dun tell me u din keep the butterfly..

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

can eat?

Chen said...

hahhaha, I can imagine Winnliuliu rolling on the floor laughing non stop after being tickled :P

tickle more on her funny bones

That's true? That means u experienced the similar thing previously?

wah.. greeting all the way from UK.
Hug hug angeliu tight tight :)

Don’t jump jump too long on London bridge okie? Scared later the bridge falling down pulak :P

Take lotsa-lotsa picture woh..

Chen said...

Hhahaa, no lah.. we call Butterfly as Rama-rama and moth as Kupu-kupu. I’m just playing around with the word Butterfly and do a direct translation to Malay language, which come up as Mentega Terbang :D

Butterfly is nice to look at, and since there are so much flowers in your garden, so I’m sure u get the chance to see butterflies very frequent :)

Weird hoh your mum phobia of butterfly but admires them. Might be she dislikes the butterflies to land on her hands?

shook me,
oh yeah, sudah lama tak jumpa :)

the HDD in my workplace kong as well, need to reformat it, cis..

yeah yeah, Rama-rama is definitely better than katak, but Michelin Man is even better :D Wanna see Michelin Man back in action again, LOL

ah nel,
u no school ah but u still very clever leh :)
cartoon is good :D
but not the violence cartoon lah..

Chen said...

lepas makan satay & ketupat, we can continue mengumpat :D

Ouch!! Aiyak aiyak aiyak
My dear sengkor, u should tell me earlier mah… :(

Now, what I see is… the $$$$ flying into the deep blue sea not far away from my apartment.
Sakit hati loh :P

I also wonder whether can BBQ or not?
Mmmm… but after much consideration, I dowan lah..
No meat, no flesh.. what to eat ah.
eat the wing? not nice leh..

AhTak said...

NICE !!!! Love the first one ~~~ GOOD GOOD GOOD !

ah nel said...

me cleber???u kidding nia

jerry being chased by tom,tweety being food of pussy cat and bugs bunny being hunt...tat no call violence kar??? ;P

See Fei said...

good shot and thanks for sharing ....

zeroimpact said...

So nice... so nice...
I want to see I want to see...
Next time go pg Doc show me ah

Chen said...

Thanks for the compliment :)

ah nel,
haha, u r not clever meh?
that is not violence lah, as long as there is no shedding of blood :D

see fei,
thanks :)

i can only show u the photos, cos the butterfly sudah terbang loh.. Gone with the wind? :P

Simple American said...

Thanks May for telling the difference between a butterfly and moth. I was going to research that and it would have cut into my blog time for Chen. ;)

Very beautiful butterfly. Never seen one quite like that. Wonder if it was albino?

shookmeallnightlong said...

michelin man update his blog already liao. ekekeke

babe_kl said...

what a rare find. so cool!

Chen said...

This is the first time I see such butterfly too. I have no idea whether it was albino or not but I guess so.

And the butterfly is very well behaved. Hahaha, it stood still for a while (resting, I presume?) for me to take photo :D

Finally, after missing in action for so lonnnnggggggggggggg…….

Yeah, I took several shots of the butterfly from few different angles :D

YD said...

Beautiful! Pure, innocent. I always only see the black / brown one

Chen said...

Hi YD. Long time no see.. :)

This is the first time I see purely white butterfly too (or issit albino?)

You are now back home liao (I mean Malaysia) or still "wandering" aka berjalan-jalan makan angin somewhere out there? ;)

YD said...

haha.. back home in malaysia, but still berjalan-jalan... paiseh paiseh havent been appearing..

Flower delivery said...

You have some photo talent, do you know that!?