Friday, August 18, 2006

Let Sleeping Dog Lie?

Today I felt tired, and so was my dog.. (but I think he felt sleepy more than tired..)

Ah Boy slept soundly on the chair.. zzzZzzzZZzzz.... I kaypo, so I took photo of him sleeping... Mana tau I disturbed him pulak.. So he opened his big round eyes to see siapa kacau him..

Doggy telling me this with his body language "Apalah you kakacaucau(= disturbing), let me sleep in peace lah.. You have nothing better to do meh?" LOL Really paiseh.. cos kena scolding by dog pulak :P


Cocka Doodle said...

Me first! Finally!

Cocka Doodle said...

You tell the doggy, uncle cocka gonna give you dog stew recipe. see whether he sked anot.

Chen said...

Hahhaha... congrats for being the first one..

I just asked my doggy liao..
He says he prefer ayam or kokokai recipe.. pak cham kai or siew kai yek etc...
he loves to eat chicken leh.. :P

angel said...

wah piang! your ahboy really ho mia hor! macam putera oni... :P

a^ben said...

ohohoho~ I saw one more puny one in the shop the other day` wakakka :P

Chen said...

today really liuliu.. although not working today but I still wake up automatically at 7 am :(

Ah Boy of course hor mia lah.. :P He very manja too ;)

puny ah? That day u say I'm puny, I wanna pengsan leh.. kakkakaka....

how puny is that puppy? Same breed geh or different breed? :P

Winn said...

hahaha........i oso always kacau liucas like that...

dog socham, a lit bit noise oso will wake up

u use something to cover his ears la

lynnx01 said...

Your dog is so cute!! Do you bring him for car rides?

p/s. The cocka doodle is very disturbing.

Pink Cotton said...

*cubit ah boys face*

so cute la him..sleep on the chair pulak...

u reallly no good de mama ah u!...tsk tsk tsk..chin chai disturb him...

eh is that ur computer room? it looks like an office...kekeke..very professional oh!! :P

Chen said...

yeah loh.. what to do?
we human like to kacau them..
cannot resist bah..

cover his ear ah? he will go psycho if I do that..kakkaka..

There was once he injured his ear and I put a plaster on the tip of his ear lobe.. He get so annoyed & depressed over the plaster, attempting to remove it badly.. He failed and get so depressed till he hides himself & lie down in one corner quietly, ignoring everything else, with a major depression look.

si beh ko lian :P

He barks when inside the car, annoying loh.. Occasionally only lah I bring him for car ride :)

forgive unker cocka lah..
he cakap only :P

pink cotton,
Ah Boy grrrrr back at you for cubit-ing his face.. LOL

he sleeps everywhere one leh..

aiyak, I suka-suka I will disturb him, he sudah biasa liao.. :P

cleber lah u.. i have lotsa other things in my computer rooms leh, really look like office one .. kekkek.. that is one of the chair, I have another more comfy office chair inside there, which I use most of the time :)

Winn said...

它万万也想不到主人竟然会这样对待它吧 。 哈哈

ah nel said...

seem lyk rakun ler?

his meat must be tender n juicy...ohhh

Selba said...

AH BOY!!!!

Lai.. lai.. lai... Come to auntie Selba!!! sleep on my laps... very comfortable lah.. better than the green chair :D

Chen said...

很可怜 :P

ah nel,
*hear no evil*
those who bully my dog i will chop them into pieces... kakkaka

Hhahaha... he wants u to massage his neck and his back too ;)

zeroimpact said...

Heh heh heh
Don't kacau him la...
Let him sleep

Chen said...

cannot resist mah..
cos he is such a cutie :P

may said...

helen's doggies say hi! *arf arf arf*
hugs n licks for AhBoy from Ipoh!

ah nel said...

i no bully ler...i wana taste it nia

Chen said...

wow.. how many dogs she has?
woof woof to Helen's doggies :)

Ah Boy sayang u back :D

ah nel,
Ini lagi teruk..
Anyone dare to do anything funny will be "cooked" first, kakakkaka....

ah nel said...

i trained ur dog do funny thing then u help me cook it ya???lol...

Chen said...

ah nel,
I teach u something, then I cook u in return ... can ah? :P

day-dreamer said...

Long time no see Ah Boy!

ah nel said...

i cant be eaten wad but that blackie just seem

Chen said...

day dreamer,
u miss him or not? :P

ah nel,
u forgotten u r pisang tanduk?
I can slice u into pieces and goreng u..
goreng pisang is nice :P

ah nel said...

i remember but pisang goreng are tea break snack so before that lunch we had blackie first then baru we decide wana eat snack o not...hehe... :P

Taylor said...


Ah Boy looks like my Baron :)

You can see his picture and learn more about Min Pins at my Web site:

Simple American said...

He's such a cute doggy. If you wake him you need to at least scratch his ears. Right? :)

Chen said...

ah nel,
let's eat cempedak goreng instead :)

okie, thanks :)

my doggy doesn't like us to play with his ears.. but he enjoys it very much when we massage his neck or his back :)

ahboy said...

Hahaha ah boy so cute

Chen said...

hahhaa... ah boy is very hapy u praise him cute leh :D

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