Friday, May 05, 2006

Taiping Zoo (5) : Bawean Deer

These are Bawean Deer, (Haha, Bawean sounds like bawang (= onion) to me). These Bawean Deer are only found in Bawean Island, Indonesia. According to the summary on the board, there are only 400 to 500 Bawean deers left on the island. (I guess this is another endangered species, since so little left...)

These two female Bawean deers really know how to pose for the photo shooting session :) They were looking at another direction earlier on but when I want to take their photos, they look into my direction. Or... might be they are thinking in their innocent little deer hearts - "Who is this? Invading our privacy??" Hahaha

The male bawean deer with his small little cute and adorable antlers. Kecik molek & comel montel.

Don't you think this bawean looks special? Look at his antlers, different from the others... His antlers look like horn to me :) Haha, might be he has mixed blood?? Who knows? :P

Cooling themselves inside the pool of water.

Have a look at this naughty little fawn, wanting to disturb his uncle.. See? He is heading his head (& antlers) toward his uncle's neck.

Mmm... I guess this little fawn feel itchy and wanted to scratch his antlers. But he couldn't do it by himself.. so he scratch himself on his uncle's coat instead? "Gatalnya tanduk saya, biar saya garu-garu sikit kat badan pakcik saya... Maafkan saya pakcik. Mmm..syioknya lepas saya garu.." Sounds logic, right? His uncle quickly run away...

The two loving little fawns, hugging each other. This is how little deers or fawns hug? They manja and sayang each other ;)

Err... what is this? what are they doing? Trying to create a mirror image of themselves? or are they wrestling? Head & Neck wrestling, I presume....

to be continued....


Cynthia said...

we are learning national geographic here =)

Cikgu Chen! =)

Chen said...

Hahaha.. Free tutorial for youngsters regarding the "humorous side" of national geographic :)

Winn said...

Cikgu Chen?

Selamat Pagi Cikgu..

Cute Bambi!

Selba said...

cikgu? hmmm... must be encik guru? hehehe.. We don't have the word encik in Indonesia.

Whoaaa... as an Indonesia, I've never heard about Bawean Deer nor seen it... *shy*

Chen said...

My dear winn :)
My good student..
u can now sit down & concentrate on my teaching :P

wah Selba..
cikgu = guru = teacher lah..
same meaning :)

another wah...
u never heard of Bawean Deer ah?

I hope know where is Bawean Island, kekeke... :P If not, this is the homework for u tonight.. hahhaa..I dunno where is it earlier on till I search the map two days back :) A very small island :)

sbanboy said...

Yummy .... hehe

Chen said...

this sbanboy... thinks of food only :P
No eye see :D

sbanboy said...

Yummy ....

Chen said...

stuff your mouth with burger..
Don't eat "my" deer lah.. :D

sbanboy said...

But a burger wont satisfy woh like .... yummy ... hehe

may said...

hmmm, bambi and friend in action? heheheh! deers are quite lovely creatures from afar, but I remember going to the deer farm here in KL... err... the smell of "everything else" is a little over-powering...

L B said...

I can't wait to see the sang kancils!! Wheeee....

Chen said...

one burger not enough ah? Then I can continue to stuff u with hotdog, apple pie, french fries, coleslaw... alamak, there goes your "diet" plan :P

Hehe, these are Bambi's cousins in action ;) I can imagine the smell.. Well, I went to pig farms before :) The smell there is even more "keng" :D

I have Bawean deer, I have Sambar deer, Axis deer, asian deer, antelope picture.. but aiyak.. I didn't take pictures of mouse deer :P Why ah? Cos I was too tired already by then.. (and dehydrated also.. :D )

slurp! said...

really, deer is one my favourite animal.
- meat are delicous & tender
- antler essence is good for *ahem* men
- oh, the chinese use their tail & other parts for some medincial effects

hehehehe ...

Chen said...

hehehe... I see u like deer for certain reason ;) I have eaten the black pepper deer meat few times in the past :)

Mmmm.. and the deer antler, another aphrodisiac drug or food... Poor deer..if people kill them for that reason :P

a^ben said...

Lok bak zhu kio si~ (stir fried deer meet with ginger) hahaha!!!!

I still like the lion better~ maybe i shud buy sunsilk for them during their bday~ and of cos not to forget our beloved mama bear's manicure and padicure~ hahahaha but for the bawean... hrmss~~ :P

sbanboy said...


Selba said...

Ok, done my homework! Now, I know the location of Bawean island :) Funny thing, how come I've never known that place at all.... *shame on me*

Chen said...

Hahha..u are another one who think about food too ;) Proven, we like to eat, don't we?

Wah.. good loh u.. Getting sunsilk shampoo for the lion, providing manicure for the mama bear... and.. mmmm.. I hope u don't do the opposite to the bawean --> get their antlers :P

aiyak.. let me think.. use what to stuff u this time? :D

Kekkee.. U also dunno about the place? I never heard of it before too... but manage to find the location when I surf on internet - a small island locates approximately 70 km off the north coast of East Java :)

slurp! said...

the antler of young deer is a living tissues that grows at a pretty fast rate. and most of the proper harvesting are done without harming the deer (that's what i heard lah!)

of course once it matured & hardened, i don't think it have anymore medinicial properties.... but mountain goats are a different story ... oops r u posting goat & sheep later? :D

Lrong said...

when I see them, I see 'soup'... *typical chinaman!*

Chen said...

huh? u mean they cut off the antler of the alive young deer? Something new I learn today :)

I'm not posting about goats & sheeps, but other animals/birds :)

Hahahha... This reminds me of something..a joke regarding chinaman - whatever things on the land with four legs are edible except table. Whatever things on the sky is edible except aeroplane. Whatever things in the sea is edible except boat..

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Only on that island?

Chen said...

chuang sc,
yeah.. written there it's only found in Bawean Island.. except those who are "brought into" other countries like Taiping Zoo ;)

Robin said...

Yep, another smelly part of the zoo!

elmiftah said...

Hi guys, its nice to know u all :D
I'm from bawean island ;)
but know I work in Surabaya

you can find bawean deer at surabaya zoo too :D

Chen said...

this one is not really smelly lah..

hi Elmiftah.
Nice knowing u too :)