Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sunrise in Penang

Not long ago, I posted few photos on sunset @ Balik Pulau. I remember Cynthia commented there asking me to take photos on sunrise.

When I looked out from the window this morning, I saw the sky is beautifully litted up with the morning ray. I can't resist taking out my camera and took few snapshots of the beautiful orange-coloured sky.

Mother nature is beautiful. Orange coloured sky is nice to look at. But since I was in a rush to go to work, so I just took few shots, or else I really need to speed to reach my workplace in time ;)


Selba said...

WOW.... beautiful!!!! I love sunrise and sunset!!! It's so romantic.... the same as the snow and rain... hehehe, I know that I sounds weird... no connection between them all, LOL

Chen said...

I know many people loves sunrise or sunset .. but rain? huh? I don't like rain unless I'm at home & sleeping on my cosy bed, hahaha..

Selba said...

I know some people who love rain ;)

Well, of course if it's raining, I prefer to be in my house, hehehe

Chen said...

I hate it when it rained while I was outdoors..

Daniel Yiek said...

Nice! Sunrise is also the brand of a bread in S'pore

Pandabonium said...

Beautiful pictures Chen. I used to love to go flying at dawn.

Rain reminds me of the very romantic movie "Umbrellas of Cherbourg". Snow of a romantic scene in an old Japanese soap opera I used to watch about 25 years ago called "Last Snowfall".

The warm glow of the sun is always nice, but there is something to be said for sharing an umbrella or snuggling close together while it snows.

Chen said...

Thanks :)
Sunrise bread? What a brand. Nowadays, I only eat Gardenia bread :)

I remember my friends telling me they started climbing Mt Kinabalu (in Sabah) in the early morning so that they can reach the summit prior to dawn & able to view the beautiful sunrise :)

Cynthia said...

yes!!! sunrise is aweeeesome!!!!! =) I love sunrise.. the fresh feeling in the morning, and I just cant wait to get started a new day everyday!!! =)

Chen said...

yeah, sunrise is fantastic. or we can put it this way - it is better to start the day with bright sunny day compared to rainy day :)

mwt1 said...

Looking from a Batu Ferringi window?

But can you imagine the sun rising and thinking: "Who needs my help most? Should I send forth my rays upon this flower, or that one? Which flower needs my help the most?”

A little poser to you. Your sun rises every day. Do you view this as a truth or…?

mwt said...

Looking from a Batu Ferringi window?

But can you imagine the sun rising and thinking: "Who needs my help most? Should I send forth my rays upon this flower, or that one? Which flower needs my help the most?”

Your sun rises every day. Do you view this as a truth or…?

A Fellow Traveler said...

this morning i was greeted with a beautiful billow of clouds as i drove out my is the glorious sunrise greeting me in the! what a bright start to a good friday.... :)

blessed good friday 2 u, chen

carcar said...

sunrise! beautiful...i had a sunrise viewing experience few years back in genting. but not as beautiful as the pics you have here..

i love the warm color of is nice.

Chen said...

nope.. not from batu feringghi :)

I don't understand your poser actually.. As far as I know, the sun actually doesn't rise every morning, it is there all the time. But cos of the movement of earth, it made the sun looks like rising in the morning to us.

Have a blessed Good Friday & Blessed Easter Sunday too :)

NOw I feel like going to the beach :P

carcar said...

faint! from the sky to the sea! tell me where else you want to go after the beach?

hehe...looking forward another series of beach photo?

Chen said...

I cakap oni lah... But going to the beach is a good idea. Can bring my little doggy alone pergi jalan-jalan. He likes to go to the beach :)

Thao said...

Cool pictures!!! I love both sunrise and sunset, maybe prefer sunrise since I am a morning person ;-)

agus said...

WOW! How is it that the sun looks bigger than what I am used to greeting in the morning, in the city? Maybe I should look toward the sea for a huge and dramatic sunrise.

Chen said...

I love looking at the sky throughout the day.. (provided if I have time or I'm free) :) Very eye soothing..

that morning when I took the photos of the sunrise, the sun is very huge & "round", not like what I used to see at other days :)So, how can I resist taking pictures of the wonderful moment? ;)

Sharl612 said...

Beautiful Sunrise!!! I am not normally a morning person. Once a while if I get up early (in the dark), the moment when the sunrise take over the darkness has always given me a different feeling.

Chen said...

thanks :) Waking up late is very luxurious loh..

This reminds me of the time I spent in Bintulu. The sky gets dark so early (somethings like 6:15 pm or 6:30 pm).. and vice versa in the morning ;) I guess u can see sunrise very early in your hometown, right? but just that u seldom go back there :)

IML said...

suddenly you made Penang look so romantic

Chen said...

Mmmm.... Aiyak, how come I never realised that?

slurp! said...

ahhhh ... another hot day ahead hehehe.....

i like rain & snow only if i'm already housed in nice comfy place ;)

daniel, abt name of bread. Sunshine NOT Sunrise ler :P

Sharl612 said...

Sunrise in hometown is really early - 6am!. Furthermore, my hometown is further to the East.
My room is facing east, with the curtain that we leave open at night, the sunshine is our natural alarm clock. And yes sunset early too. ;-)

Chen said...

yeah, rain is only nice when I'm indoor, on my bed ;)

Sunshine bread? We have a supermarket/hypermarket here called Sunshine as well :)

I can imagine that :) I wonder what is the sunrise time in Sabah.. hahaha..

I always close the curtain when I go back home :) So that I won't be disturbed by the early sunrise ray :)

Wilson said...

wow Doc, the Sunrice is beautiful. I've shoot a lot of sunset photos, but never sunrise. Good shoot.

Chen said...

Thanks, Wilson. I guess it is not feasible for most of us to take sunrise pictures cos we have to rush for work on normal working days :) Might be u can try to take shots of sunrise on one fine Saturday or Sunday early morning?

Anonymous said...

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