Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My "Pathetic" Moon Picture

Yesterday night evening, our "beloved" Mr Moon came out to greet us early.. I guess there is something wrong with Mr Moon's alarm clock?

7:00 pm

7:30 pm

9:00 pm

Don't worry.. There are no werewolves around :) Which one is your favourite?

side note: Talking about the moon reminds me of moon face - a feature (round face) commonly seen in Cushing's Syndrome.


Loong said...

I think I can feel the hairs on my neck growing out .... get away from me~!~!

Pandabonium said...

Not pathetic at all. On her way to work tonight, K called to tell me about the beautiful full moon rising over Japan tonight. I tried to take a pic, but both my 35mm cameras are out of commission and my digital isn't up to the task.

So thanks for the pics. It is an awe inspiring sight, isn't it?

Selba said...

All are beautiful! I love moon... My favorite will be the 2nd one, blue and bright moon... Last night in Jakarta, the moon was a little bit blur...

carcar said...

all are beautiful!

*both carcar & selba love chen*

frankly, i love all.

i ever tried to snap moon b4, but it was not successful, then i realised it is not easy :(

three diff pix give me diff mood and diff feeling...

it is great!

Chen said...

Don't worry.. no werewolves around :P

Yeah, I love the sight..
Looks like it's going to rain tonight.. Too bad, can't see the moon tonight..

Thanks. I just add in the "time frame" for the picture, I mean the sequence & the time of taking the photo :)

U love moon? I guess then u will like Theresa Teng's song, 月亮代表我的心 or The moon represents my heart.. one of the popular oldies :D

Thanks. I sayang carcar & selba too. :D Yeap, it is much more challenging to take picture at night time compared to day time..

cooknengr said...

Wat's up Doc, 7 pm is the best, the color on the background seems alive

Sharl612 said...

I voted for 9pm moon. Looks like marble. hehe.

Dragon City said...

i also go for the 9pm. Look more like a moon...hehe

Cynthia said...

wai4 guo2 de yue4 liang4 bi3 jiao4 yuan2..LOL

Hasan Mubarak said...

Do know what real young kids call Moon over here?? They call it 'Chanda Mamoon' which means "Moon Uncle".

I loved the 'later in the night' one the most...

Wilson said...

doc, what camera r u using? nice shoot :)

PhotoCrazy said...

I have don't it a couple of times. Some just round white light. Manage to get it correct a few time.

Every time a see a big moon I don't have my camera with me..sigh..

Sam I Am said...

Full Moon Rising
Bantam Hardcover Feb 2006
Half vampire, half werewolf, all trouble...Chen what wonderful pic of the moon.

FH2O said...

They are not 'pathetic' at all doc! Nice.
See u are doin' time-lapsed photography oledi!

IML said...

Looks like the haze is here again!!

Chen said...

yesterday late evening, the sky is dark orange red in colour, but too bad.. moon not in sight :D

sharl612 & dragoncity,
I like the 9 pm moon the most too :)

woo.. I want to see Aussie's moon :P
see whether how "round" it is :P

chanda mamoon? Mamoon = moon?
I learn one new word today :D

Chen said...

I'm using Minolta Dimage Z2 to take those shots.

The first few times I took moon picture previously, it came out as white round light as well. Now as I play around with the settings, and with practise as well, I manage to get it right, or at least better than last time..

yeah, we don't get to see "full moon" very often. So, always "be ready" :)

Sam I Am,
half vampire, half werewolf?
sounds scary :P

Thanks :D
Hahha.. start with our beloved moon first :D

it's my life story,
haze? I hope not :D

Selba said...

Yes... 月亮代表我的心 is one of my favorite song :) I posted it in my blog long time ago...

zuhri said...

indeed, it was beautoful an bright last night. i also took the pic. i like the last one

agus said...

Those are nice pictures. I like the one in blue. I hate myself for missing out on this one. It would have been a pretty sight. What time did the spectacle ended?

Tibbar de Gniw said...

7:30pm... You can see the rabbit on the moon....

..( ' ' )
C( , , )

Winn said...

wah..whres the wolf? hahaha

try taking mr sunny's photo n c? :p

Chen said...

okie :) I have the mp3 and CD as well as VCD for that song :)

Woh, u can see the bright moon in KL as well? I guess u r in KL, right? :)

There is always "the next time" :) Don't worry... It lasted till late at night ( I go to sleep already by then.. )

rabbit on the moon? Will try to look hard and see where is the rabbit :D
Oops... is that mashimaro on the moon?

Mr Moon is more friendly.. Mr Sun is not as friendly as Mr Moon. Cannot shoot Mr Sun for too long leh, or else he will get angry.. Don't play play with Mr Sun. He will spoil the camera (Anyway.. I did take shots of Mr Sun before :D )

yvy said...

i like the second one.

Chen said...

tonight I see the bright moon again :) Hope u enjoy the scenery tonight, wherever u are :)

Robin said...

Agreed :)

Chen said...

agreed with what ah?