Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Millennium Eve (31/12/1999)

I still remember the millennium new year eve (31 December 1999) although it was so many years ago already :)

I was on call that day on 31/12/1999 in the Operating Theatre (OT) in Sarawak General Hospital, Kuching. I had the thought of closing the OT except for real emergency or life threatening cases... (just in case ... something might go wrong with the anaesthetic machine etc cos of the so-called millenieum bugs or Y2K bugs. Err.. Frankly speaking, actually I wanted to take a rest cos it's millennium eve !!! ) But ... who knows, there were lots of emergency cases that night, I mean after midnight. All were Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) cases, three emergency Caesarean Section (LSCS) and one ruptured ectopic pregnancy for emergency laparatomy (this lady had lower abdominal pain for a week already, I wonder why on earth she only went to the hospital one week later on the new year eve)????

I even heard "hilarious" story from the labour room that 1 pregnant lady who was in labour refused to be examined by the doctor till midnight (year 2000) as she wants a millennium baby !!!

If I didn't remember wrongly, the first millennium baby in Sarawak General Hospital was born on 12:01 am... Actually the mother had the urge to push one minute earlier on and the baby head was on the way out already but the baby was sort of "prevented" from coming out further as the staff nurse/midwife in the labour ward put their hands on the little baby's head to prevent the little fellow from coming out... I was not there at that moment, as I was inside the Operating Theatre (there's one Caesarean Section in progress...) I still remember giving spinal anaesthesia to a lady for Caesarean Section or LSCS with indication Poor Progress at around 11:30 pm, 31/12/1999.

Actually I was glad that I was on call on that night, cos there's plenty of people celebrating the new millenieum with me. I still remember going to GICU for a bried duration and wished all the staffs there Happy New Year, including one of the unintubated conscious old lady (patient) in GICU as well. Haha. I still remember I shaked her hand as well while wishing her "Selamat Tahun Baru" and she wished me back the same greetings. Well, as usual, most GICU patients are either intubated or sedated. She is the only one fully awake. The hospital was full with people everywhere... If not, i will be lonely inside my room, as my other half was far away in Penang. Yeah, we greet each other happy new year via phone at 12 midnight ;)

How about you? Did you still remember what were you doing or where were you during the Millenieum Eve?


Cynthia said...

hmm.. i think i was clubbing in KL somewhere.. not quite sure. I was away from home. I called home, wish my dad Happy New Year.. hmm..

(finally FIRST!) =P

carcar said...

i think i was in the church, count down and pray! to welcome the Y2K!


what a timely article you post! yea, 3 more days is another new year, when everyone wishing happy new year! what is the new year we looking forward..a better year? a prosperous year?

maybe we should really think of what we want to achieve, in this coming new year.

*for jellyfish, he want a gf*



< As God waters His creation, may He also sprinkle His wonderous blessings & love over u & ur loved ones>

Have a blessed & wonderful 2006

Jellyfish said...

this carcar oledi wish for me on behalf liao :P

izchan said...

at home watching tv and contemplating about my future.

note: found my love of life in the year 2000. So its a millenium love. :)

Chen said...

Clubbing in KL? That's really far away from home :)

That's cool..
to welcome the new millennium inside the church. I guess there are quite a number of people inside the church as well for the countdown?
Thanks for your beautiful wish.
Wish u and your family members a blessed new year 2006 as well :)

we know what is in your mind.. hahhaa..
Hope your dream will come true.

Err.. u didnt tell us what u do on millennium eve?

Congrats on finding your millennium love.

Jellyfish said...

whats in my mind? :P

Hawks said...

Of course I remember that night.

Standby at the office - just in case got the Y2K bug.

Robin said...

I also, have to standby in office for the silly Y2K bug that did not bite!!!!!

Luckily my office is in Suntec city and my room face the fountain.

Chen said...

thinking of some crappy things? :D

hawks & robin,
Then, at least I'm not the only one here working that night :P

The Y2k bug really create a big huh hah earlier on in 1999.
Those who works on that night will remember this infamousbug.

Winn said...

at least you were doing sthg contributive.

i spent my last new year at home havent a drink with my fren ..
so boring!!

Sharl612 said...

I was watching TV shows on Millenium celebration all over the world and wondering what my future will be. (Just graduated at that time).

Chen said...

I have no choice mah..

Did your prediction at the millennium eve come into reality?

Jellyfish said...

kekeke... u purposely answer the wrong answer ar? :P

Chen said...

Purposely answer the wrong answer? <--- I don't understand leh

Cynthia said...

not clubbing clubbing...jus like dancing thing with my old friends.. hehhe..

day-dreamer said...

I think I was sitting in front of my swiched-on computer, waiting to see if the Y2K bug will strike! Because if it does, I will get a new computer! Muahahahaha!

Sadly, it didn't. :( But I got my new computer at the end of that year. :D

Sam I Am said...

We hope that you'r not on call this year,Same as dreamer waiting to see what my puter was going to do .Some Y2K bug

Desmond said...

On 31 Dec 1999 - i was reminded of my health just at the stroke of midnight. Everyone was cheering and wishing one another well. I had this sudden pain in my chest (I may blog about it later). Funny how you spent that day in the labour ward. I used to spend my time in the labour ward in 1997 - 1998 when Dr. Lum Wan Wei was there. I usually 'tapau' him supper when he was on call. Met a lot of Doc frens there - Doc Patma, Doc Roger etc all clubbing gang. Dr. Phillip Kho etc. But the funny thing was in 2003 I went back to the Labour Ward for another reason and that was when I was expecting my new born baby :)

Uchu Keling said...

I was "on call" for all the ATM machines in Miri, and a few servers. But counting the seconds on top of Holiday Inn Miri. .And wondering what Desmond was doing at the LABOUR WARD. hmmm....

Jellyfish said...

i was thinking that u r sitting infront of ur pc :P

Chen said...


day dreamer,
teruk lah u.. waiting for the Y2K bug to strike your computer :P
u r still a primary school kid at that time, right?

Sam I Am,
Nope, I'm not on call this year. But I won't stay in front of the computer this new year cos I have some other programmes :)

Chest pain? Hope it's nothing serious.
Btw, was your baby born on new year day in 2004? since u mentioned u r in the labour ward on the new year eve 2003.

Thank God everything goes on well.. and most people has a peaceful night on that special night ;)

wah... sitting in front of pc on millennium eve?
might be that was what u did previously? :P

day-dreamer said...

Yeah... primary school kid...

Not now anymore, no!! NO NO NO!! GO GO GO!! Yeah!!


Chen said...

day dreamer,
i know lah.. now u sudah besar panjang,
finish SPM liao

Jellyfish said...

forget liao

Chen said...

so fast forget liao? Millennium eve woh..
Big thing leh... :D How can u forget?
It's something like once in a lifetime only..
think, think...

babe_kl said...

i still remember clearly hahaha... since most of our coliks were on standby that night, both hubby and i booked a hotel room nearby the office so dat we can walked to klcc to watch the fireworks after makan with coliks in the office.

a bunch of us walked to klcc just b4 midnite i nearly got crushed to death by the large crowd. lost the rest of them and we walked to the front of mandarin oriental to watched the fireworks.

after dat we strolled and squeezed our way thru jalan p. ramlee along the pubs lining both sides amongst the throngs of people walking on the road itself. hahaha the policemen have to keep on asking us to walk on the pavement but nobody heeded cos there were simply too many people, then everyone stopped at kopi bin at crown regency hotel cos the upstairs pub got FREE show by some sexy ahquas :p dat was fun. we were so glad not many calls from clients over the millenium bug :D

Sharl612 said...

No prediction at that time. Actually on the eve, I was thinking of whether to stay back in the States. Time flies, I am now back here 5 years liao.

Chen said...

Babe KL,
What a memorable night for u and your hubby :)

There's a big makan in the hospital as well.. cos all the top people or so called big bosses were around..
I didn't join in loh.. i'm just someone small and furthermore busy with my work..
but eat something as well together with my staffs (can't remember eating apa already)
I didn't manage to catch any glimpse of fireworks that night.. But I use my imagination to imagine the fireworks :P

Oh.. U were in the States before as well? Together with Do?
Yeah, time flies... and it flies very fast..
Getting older day by day..