Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Magnificent Seven.

I get tagged by Day Dreamer quite a while ago... She kept on bugging reminding me to do my homework with deadline given at end of this year.. Since now is toward the end of the year liao.. so, like it or not, have to do homework :( But at least I submit it few days earlier.. not on the last day :D

Seven things I plan to do before I die...
1. Spend more time together with my hubby.
2. Be closer to my family members. Spend more quality times with my mum, sisters, brother and nephews
3. Travel around the world. Yes, I enjoy travelling.
4. eat, eat, eat.. Taste all the delicious and yummy food.
5. Owns a nice bungalow by the countryside.
6. Sayang my doggy more and give more affection and attention to him.
7. Catch up with my long lost friends or friends that I have not keep in touch for long time due to busy schedule.

Seven things that I can do...
1. Read the Bible more frequently.
2. Attend church more regularly and grow closer with God.
3. Listen to my favourite compilation of songs.
4. Eat, eat and eat... Try all the cuisines worldwide. (Eat again !! We live to eat, Not eat to live)
5. Riding and drifting on the road with motorbike. (which I have not done for ages)
6. Buy all the high tech gadgets that I like.
7. Apologise to those whom I have offended, and forgive those people who have pissed me off...

Seven celebrity crushes
2.I'm no longer 18-22 lah..
3.I’m too old for this…
4.I listen to mostly old Canto pop songs, including chinese songs as well..especially those from the era 80's to early 90's.
5.However, I do not have any crush on any celebrity.
6.What else?
7.None loh... Answer is Nope.

Seven current/recent books
Mmmm.... The books I read are mostly the boring and hard to digest medical books. Are u still interested? Or u can just skip this part :)
1. Practical Nuclear Medicine.
2. NIV Bible
3. Nuclear Medicine - The Requistes.
4. Dr Slump Comic Books or IQ博士 (Another Crap Comic, but I like) (yeah.. finally something different... )
5.Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine.
6. Garfield ( The fat cat; to me akin human in cat skin)
7. anything else ah?? can't remember liao...

Seven favourite foods
- so hard to choose ..
1. Fruits. No special preferences.
2. Sushi.
3. Bilin Jungle Fern.
4. Steak.
5. Hot and Spicy dishes.
6. Penang Assam Laksa.
7. What else ah? Too many and hard to choose.. Cheese Cake?

Seven random facts about me
1. Photography is my most recent hobby.
2. I enjoy travelling.
3. I have a cute and adorable miniature pinscher (迷你杜宾犬).
4. I hate those unker or auntie (or whoever ) who drive like tortoise on the road/those inconsiderate drivers/those who drives like they are king of the road or as if there are no tomorrow.
5. Simple is Good.
6. I like Chinese ~ I enjoyed talking in Chinese language, reading Chinese novels, listening to Chinese songs, or write in Chinese etc.. (although I'm not from Chinese school but people always mistaken me as Chinese educated).
7. I hate hypocrites.

Seven people I want to tag
I think most people have done this already lah... So I won't tag anyone this time :)


day-dreamer said...

*Come... mui mui sayang...* ;-)

Good girl, I've seen that you have finally passed up your homework. *gives you pat on the back*

I like the Fat Cat too!

Simple is good. I agree with this too. Sometimes.

day-dreamer said...

Wah... so long I haven't write the first comment liao...

Aiyah... tak apa. Faster than jellyfish can liao. I swim faster than jellyfish. Heh.

Robin said...

hmmm.. what is this thing about being the first to post comments.. got prize har?

Nice thoughts, Chen.

Happy Holidays

JoeC said...

eeee, nice doggie! cute very cute. Cheers!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Pat only? Not enough.
I want Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun :)

This jellyfish doesn't like to swim one..
He is more high class, He drives ~ I presume he is the first jellyfish who drives :D

that has been a tradition over here for quite some time already :)
Everyone rush to be the first commentor :D
First is good.

my doggy sayang u for praising him cute :)

dino said...

i like Dr Slump cartoon.. :)

Winn said...


hm. m sure Ah-boy hasnt been tagged before..
can tag him?

you can write on behalf of ah-boy since he's ur son. hehehe

Chen said...

that cartoon is indeed very crap :D
but nice to read ..

Walao.. tag Ah Boy means tag myself again? Definitely a BIG No-No... :D
I think it's better for me to tag Lucas or his evil twin, Sacul.

Winn said...

HAHAHHA.. Sacul is cool! OK i'll see what i can tag abt them.......hmmmmm

Chen said...

Good loh u, can tag lotsa "people"
Lucas, Sacul, Jay, Yaj, Cotton, Nottoc, Issac, Cassi..
So many..

or might be can tag Nniw as well? :D

Robin said...

ooorr.. Tot it is another Kiasuism in action.

So you like Shanghai shore and Little Lee flying knife?

Jellyfish said...

i tot wat magnificent seven.

i have the complete box set of dr slump anime ep1-52

+ the almost complete collection of the comic books

Cynthia said...

the seven things.. honestly, last time i kena tagged by you right, now i forget liaw... thank God you are not tagging anyone =)
kena tagged not nice one.. everyone doing the same thing only =)
but seeing ppl kena tagged.. thats nice. ekkekek

Chen said...

Err.. why suddenly talk about 上海滩 and 小李飞刀 or your so called Shanghai shore and Little Lee flying knife? (Good translations huh?)
Those were the classics..
I think most people loves 上海滩 including the opening drama songs 主題曲 by 叶丽仪 (Francis Yip)
I even have that song in my PDA :)

So many seven, so called it as magnificent seven loh, or u think wat? :D
Dr Slump anime so many episodes meh? I remember there's something like 19 comic books only?
I also have the set.. kekeke..
so u like crap comics as well :D

Hahhaa.. I good leh, didn't tag u this time :P
any tuna pasta for me ?:D

Chen said...

Hahha.. I just visited your good fren's site..
U r so cute and innocent looking just like a little boiboi with that dual cap & hat :D

day-dreamer said...

Rushing to grab the first comment is just one way to have FUN, dear Robin... relax, man!

Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun ar? I had only eaten the original one once in my entire life. Apparently it is not easy to get. The stall opens only at 9.00 p.m.!

Jellyfish said...

crap comic good ma
got 52 episodes lor, a box set VCD available in leading video stores :P

aiya... your seven things to do din mention about your beloved KSL one :P:P

chiehchee said...

Just Curious!
why not 10, 9 or 8? why 7?

Chen said...

day dreamer,
cannot blame Robin, he stays in Singapore too long liao..
The stress level is very high over there loh..
Yeah.. Relax, Robin or Ro"bean" akin MR Bean?? :)

crap is good, hehehe.. <--- I do agree, it's good way to release stress
I dunno how many episodes are there..
But I have the full set of comics (19 books) and the DVD as well :P

aiyoh.. when I write the thing time, I forget about u leh..
so didn't mention about u loh..
solly, solly...

this one ah... have to ask the person who start the meme/tag..
I just follow the instruction :D
(luckily not 10 or 9 or 8, or else have to think and write more things..) :D

Greenapple said...

remembered I said I saw bilin in Canada before and couldn't recall the name? They call it fiddleheads here. I dunno how do they normally eat it though.

Chen said...

Thanks for the info. CooknEngr told me before regarding fiddleheads and I googled for the picture as well.. Looks quite similar (but not the same) to bilin but very expensive :)

Sarah said...

Hi Dr Chen

Quick question for you...just only read that you're not Chinese educated (what a surprise!)...if you don't mind, can I ask how is it that you know how to write Chinese charaters? (those in your blogs)

Did you attend POL classes and picked up the language skills from there, or by sjeer DIY or rather LIM (Learn It Myself) way?

I'm DEEPLY impressed! *salute* *salute*!!

Pray tell...

Chen said...

what I mean there is that I'm not from Chinese school :) Most school in Sarawak teaches chinese as one of the subject during my primary school time. Just only during my primary school time. So I get to learn it as one of the languages although not the major languages :) I love Chinese all these while and since young I have been reading several Chinese novels & chinese newspaper, even till now :)