Saturday, October 29, 2005

Woman's Heart ( 女人心 )

Woman's Heart(女人心) - This is one of my favourite songs.. I even created my own screensaver a year ago with some of my little doggy's photos and using these two mp3 songs Woman's Heart (女人心) and 赤的疑惑 as the background music. Those who never know or listen to this song(Woman's Heart 女人心) before; and if you are interested to do so ~ can listen to this song online by clicking on this website. There's even English translation regarding the meaning of the song over there.

This song, by late Anita Mui 梅艷芳, won the best original film song from the movie "東方三俠/Heroic Trio" in Hong Kong Film Award 1994. I remember watching this movie previously in one of the cinema in KL, not far away from Tung Shin Hospital. Can't remember which cinema is that already, since it's so long ago.. :)

What's your favourite song? At this moment, I'm listening to 女人心 :)


Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Hey, that's one of my Mom's favourite songs too!

1994, wah I was -7 years old then. :D


Jellyfish said...

my fav song?
no specific songs, but in general 80s n 90s.

maybe on a particular time i like to listen to these sets of songs, getting bored, change to other sets of songs, bored again, listen to the previous set again, and so on lor.

JoeC said...

I'm listening to V6 - feel your breeze

Winn said...

didnt know that song exists :P m outdated :P

i m listening to Janice - a female version of leon lai. she's got good eng songs.

ok la i used to like leon lai when i was young ok. a bit lame i know. hahahaha. but now no longer.

I generally like female songs more than males'

Chen said...

Wow, your mom like the song as well? Good..
How about u & your bro, Mark? :P

Yeah, we like "old songs"..
Just like the sayings, "Old is Good" :D

Feel your Breeze?
I say, feel your breeze
Anytime, anywhere in my heart
Feel your breeze
Never stop walking now oh .....

That's an old songs anyway... more than a decade ago :)
I like Anita Mui's songs :)
Btw, I dunno most of the new generation singers nowadays, cos most of the time, I only listen to old songs :D

Cynthia said...

i like old songs.. i like "jiang1 yu4 heng2", "zhao4 chuan2".. ehhehe

old songs are good songs..

Chen said...

姜育恒 and 赵传 are great singers :)
I totally agree with u on "Old songs are good songs" :D

izchan said...

My favourite song is "Shin Bu liaw Qing"

Chen said...

Is it 新不了情 by 万芳? :) That's a nice song :)

Anonymous said...

Do you know where I can purchase the movie 東方三俠/The heroic trio. I have seen this movie when i was young, but could not find the DVD version of it. Please help

Chen said...

I dunno where's your location but I have seen the 東方三俠/The Heroic Trio DVD available in some of the DVD outlets over here in Penang.
Another alternative is u can purchase it online :)