Friday, October 28, 2005

How Much Is My Blog Worth?

Get this link from JoeC regarding "How Much Is My Blog Worth?" I just blog for fun, and never think of my humble blog hold any values :D... Kekkeke... However, no harm testing; And out of curiosity as well :D

My blog is worth $14,678.04.
How much is your blog worth?

Err? Not bad also the result.. Hahhaha... Written there (on 28 October 2005) ~Your blog,, is worth $14,678.04


Icey said...


not bad wor..

share share d value wor..


JoeC said...

waahhh, u'r rich oh! so, going IPO? ehehehe. keep up the good work then. Cheers!

Winn said...

m still salivating your char koay teow's posting..

day-dreamer said...

Err... how much should I pay to be one of the shareholders? =D

izchan said...

mine one was worth $0.00 ... :(

it must be because your a doctor.

Hawks said...

USD14,678.04 - that is More tha RM55K woh.

Fatt tat loh.


Chen said...

My blog worth that amount of $$$ doesn't means I get that amount of $$$ lah... :P
I didn't get even a single cent... Hahhaha

I wish I can really get that amount of $$$ from my blog also..
Wish only :D

Still thinking about CKT? :)

Day Dreamer,
Share holder? My blog is not listed in KLSE lah.. :P

Got anything to do with my profession meh? :D

If really I can get that amount of $$$$......

cooknengr said...

What's up doc, yes, your profession does make it on top of the chart. I really enjoy the ER posts. Sure like to know the "bad habits" of medical stuff like talking on cell phones, using PDA...etc in the operating room. I was recently involved in trouble shooting a medical office..erronous functionality of medical equipment due to interference.

Chen said...

Hahhaa... cannot expose those habits here lah..
Later others will bombard me :D

Jellyfish said...

muahaha... me tangan gatal oso :P

Chen said...

yeah, I noticed u go & check out your blog value (for fun) as well :P

Gasman said...

WOW, not too bad huh... guess better write blogs...

Chen said...

Hahaha.... much better than what we get from our "peanut" salary :P