Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Back from vacation

Just came back home this evening.. We really enjoyed our 4 days & 3 nights stay in Cameron Highlands( 金马仑高原). Cameron Highlands is indeed a very relaxing place for vacation with nice and cool refreshing atmosphere... We explored lotsa places in this highlands and have great fun over there :) We drove up via Simpang Pulai. Good drive, the road is much better than Tapah route.

We enjoyed the nice food over there as well.. Strawberries & related products, English tea & scones, herbal steamboat, steamed sweet corn & tasty sweet potatoes as well as the local cameron highland vegetables etc etc ...

And... I have taken lotsa photos as well during this trip ;) Will update on the Cameron Highlands trip with greater details together with photos later on...


Icey said...

welcome back jiejie..

~~ psst psst..strawberries...~~


Chen said...

;) thanks
strawberries ah? Inside my fridge..
U better come early loh..
or else I habis makan all :D

Icey said...


dun makan all yet jiejie..

simpan sum for me lar..

Chen said...


Strawberries cannot keep for long mah.. :D
Short "life span"... :P

Icey said...


wen lar i can haf d strawberries??


Chen said...

if fresh strawberries habis, i can replace with other things .. got back up one :D

Icey said...


watz d back up ar?

boh tea?/


Chen said...

hahhaha... cannot tell u now :D
it's something nice.. ;)

Greenapple said...

glad that you had great fun in Cameron Highlands. Did you buy lots of flowers for yourself? As well as vegetables?

As well, how's the new highway? I look forward to hearing these stories from you. Thanks.

Hawks said...

**Waiting to see the photos**

How's the Simpang Pulai highway ?

babe_kl said...

i wan strawberries too!!

btw i found a way to eat sour ones, macerate cut up strawberries wid some balsamic vinegar. tasted fantabulous :p

glutton rabbit said...

Welcome back Doc! Look forward to see yer pics!

Cynthia said...

yay! doc, quick quick post the pictures pls, =) cant wait to see the pictures.. yeeeheee

hornbill said...

i want grape kkkk?

Jellyfish said...

i wan..........

everything :P

Chen said...

Greenapple & Hawks,
I don't fancy flowers, so I didn't buy any :P
As for vegetables.. I buy lots & lots... I will become vegetarian for the next few days ;)

The new Simpang Pulai highway is great.. Nice drive.. The road is much better than the Tapah route. No nauseating moments ;)

aiyoh.. How to pass the strawberries to u ah? U are in KL leh..
I like eating the strawberries together with the cream. Fantastic :D
And, btw, thanks for sharing the nice way to eat the sour strawberries ;)

U want grape? :D
I didn't bring back any grapes woh..
I bring back cherry tomatoes, cameron apples, love fruit or buah cinta, strawberries and lotsa vegetables ;)

I know lah, u always hampalang sapu, everything also sapu ;)

Cynthia, Rabbit, Hawks,
Arranging the photos now, will update my blog very soon..
Gonna post lotsa posting on Cameron Highlands in the next few days ;)

truth said...

Ooohh...I miss strawberries. Wish I can have some now. hehe..