Thursday, August 04, 2005

God will make a way

I was listening the Praise & Worship songs by Don Moen, God will make a way. Very meaningful song :)

In the beginning, God created the heaven & the earth, & everything in it, including the first man & woman, Adam & Eve. They lived in this perfect place called Garden of Eden. God told them to enjoy what he had given them. They were told not to eat from "the tree of the knowledge of good & evil". But they disobeyed God & ate from it!

From that moment on, everyone was born into a broken relationship with God & separated from Him. But God wants us to be in a relationship with Him. Therefore He made a way for it to happen. When we could not get to Him, He made a way to come to us. He sent His only son Jesus Christ to be "the way." Now, we can have the personal, loving relationship with the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. He made a way when there seems to be no way.

God will make a way
God will make a way
where there seems to be no way
He works in ways we cannot see
He will make a way for me
He will be my guide
Hold me closely to His side
With love & strength for each new day
He will make a way
He will make a way

By a roadway in the wilderness He'll lead me
And rivers in the desert will I see
Heaven & earth will fade
but His word will still remain
He will do something new today.
Nothing is impossible with God.

"With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."
Matthew 19:26 NIV


chwee said...

When I come to the end of my hope, God is there to take over..for He has said...I will never leave you!

Hebrew 13:5

ac said...

Amen, sistah! God will make a way ;) the scripture u quoted is a favourite of a pastor that i know :D

hornbill said...

i like that song...

Chen said...

Yeah, God will never leave us nor forsake us