Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Him Heang Tambun Biscuit

Today I have the crazing for Tau Sar Pneah ... So end up buying this, the Him Heang Tau Sar Pneah aka tambun biscuits .. Delicious cos it's still "fresh", produced today :)
Both Ghee Hiang & Him Heang are the famous brands over here..
And the lard... made it more delicious :P
Dog enjoy eating the tau sar pneah as well :D


babe_kl said...

yr dog is those hampalang sapu type kakaka

Tam Bun Pneah @ aC said...

oit! feed doggie, no feed hubby and friends ka? =P

everyweek, sure got people talk about TSP wan.

Chen said...

yep, my dog basically sapu & eat everything.. whatever things we eat, he also wants, even when I take medicine, he wants to eat as well, really "no eye see"... :D He likes to eat vegetable as well.. even taugeh or tauhu also he sapu :P

hubby can take n feed himself mah.. hahahaa..
TSP = popular food in Penang mah :P

babe_kl said...

hahaha wai sik mau i know la, but yrs is a wai sik kow??? LOL

Chen said...

yeah.. He is really wai sik kow :D
hampalang sapu.. So small but so wai sik.. He is even smaller than the cat, but he eats more than me leh.. Fantastic..

Medicine also he dowan to let go, kekkee...

that day ah, some of my medicine fall down on the floor, and my dog go n eat it... I only noticed it some time later on.. Luckily he didnt eat a lot, or else really "cham" loh..
I really want to pengsan...