Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I had one HIV patient (ex IVDU drug addicts) underwent surgery in my operating theatre two days ago & he came back for another operation today. At least this patient is very honest, he informed us that he has HIV. Some patients keep the fact that they have HIV or AIDs, cos scare that they will be "discriminated " cos of their disease. The medical personnel (doctors, nurses, attendants etc) just have to take extra precaution (although we do practise universal precaution on everyone), when handling or dealing with blood taking or whatever procedures that come in touch with blood etc in these patients .. like setting branula, taking blood, or performing surgical procedures. If one accidentally get needle pricks injury from HIV patients, then it's really traumatised .. I have came across & treated many HIV or AIDS patients already throughout these years. It's not "scary" as long as one is alert & careful..

One of the problems with HIV patients(referring to those IVDU cases) is very difficult to get intravenous access. Basically most of their veins are either hardened or thrombosed cos of regular intravenous injections. Most of the time, the femoral vein is thrombosed as well.. If lucky, can still manage to set branula at the neck vein or external jugular vein,(provided these IVDU cases don't inject the drugs via the neck veins)


hornbill said...

Aiya... so scared la... i dont dare. No wonder I don want to be a doctor last time...hehehe...

Chen said...

First time when I get in touch with HIV/AIDs patient, I'm scared as well lah.. As long as u take precaution, there's nothing scary.. They are human as well... And some one of them are victims as well, especially those who get HIV/AIDS from unfaithful spouses/partners or children of HIV parents.. or those who contact the disease from blood transfusions or needle prick injuries :(