Sunday, September 02, 2012

Merdeka weekend

What I did the last few days aka Malaysia's 55th National Day weekend?

I took part in Eco Night Run on 30th August night with 1400+ other runners.  The run flagged off at 8 pm.  Haha, I wonder if there's any "ghosts" participating together since it's now Hungry Ghost Month. ;)

35 hours later, I took part in the Komtar Tower Run (on 1st September morning, 7:30 am).  Running 2 km surrounding Komtar followed by going up to the 60th floor of Komtar (1267 steps up)

And added another medal (from the Penang Komtar Tower Run) to my collection.  My birthday medal.. Well, this serves as a memorable birthday gift. ;)


Anonymous said...

they should present u with gold medal since its ur bornday da next day..... :P

fatty oldman

Chen said...

fatty oldman,
The organiser won't know it's my birthday the next day mah... Only me myself knows :P

Robin CHAN said...


Just drop by to catch up since we are all now busy with Facebook and twitters and Bloggers seems like an old toys in this phase of life.

I am still reading your wonderful blog every now and then but didn't comment.. haha

Hope you are doing well in life so far.

My facebook is :

Lets keep in touch!

Robin's Karma

10:36 AM

slurp said...

good to see u still blogging albeit occasionally and getting stronger via those running kicks

now everybody knows when is your birthday :)

Anonymous said...

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cooknengr said...

Drop by to visit.....keep running

cooknengr said...

forgot to say " what's up Doc"

slurp said...

gong xi fa cai doc! :)

Sook Teng said...

nice blog, keep updating. cheers.

rainbow angeles said...

*poke poke*

Emma said...

Great Article! I like it. All the best!