Monday, August 20, 2012

What's up?

I haven't write any post for quite a while.  Yeah, sort of missing in action.. in blogsphere.  What had I been up to lately? or the past few months?

Mmm... Fitness, healthy eating & nutrition, strength training & running... and shedding off those extra body fat. :) Hey, running is addictive.  I started late (only few months back) but I have no regrets.

Below are my collection of medals, and many more to come..

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011 finisher medal (10 km category)

Energizer Night Race 2012 finisher medal

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012 finisher medal (10.8 km category)


Vampire said...

good to see new blog posts from you again :D

lina said...

Hi there!

Thanks for dropping by my blog and am always happy to see fellow runner's blog. :)

Jun said...

welcome back doc!

Chen said...

Thanks.. yeah, it had been a while... 13 months.. since I last blogged ;)

Thanks for dropping by. I enjoyed reading posts by fellow runners too :)

Thanks Jun :)

Anonymous said...

welkam bek.... :P


Chen said...

anon fattyoldman,

why call yourself fatty oldman?
you r thin young man lei.. :)
Enjoying life after leaving FB?

iml said...

Welcome back! Must be really mean & lean by now with all those medals.

Anonymous said...

im old n fat wad :P
wat is FB ah???? :P

fatty oldman

Chen said...

Thanks iml.. Not yet, but working towards it :)

Hahaha... whatever then.. u can run, but u cannot hide the truth. You know i know :P

Well, just for u, FB is fat boy lah.. :P

Anonymous said...

no worr....FB is fat bum....

i can run n hide...try find me now.... :P

fatty oldman

Anonymous said...

hepi bornday lokter....

fatty oldman

Chen said...

Fatty Oldman,
walao.. u have superb memory, can still remember today is my birthday. :D

Kamsiah very much :)

Anonymous said...

lokter....coz u r my close fren sure i rmbr sumore mine just .... day away :P

fatty oldman

Chen said...

fatty oldman,
Ooooh... kamsiah kamsiah.
Happy Birthday in advance to u2 :)

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Keep Posting:)