Monday, June 01, 2009

Who Am I?

I'm cute, I'm adorable. Who am I? :)


mistipurple said...

HAHHAHAA chenliu got puzzle here to solve!
oysters? shoes? er.. bak chang?
cannot solve leh.
wait i eat more gingko come back and comment. :P

mistipurple said...

i tried cheating but you smarter. you named your pic who-am-i. haiz.
hahahah i feel so sneaky now.

Chen said...

haha, i lazy wanna write in length nor posting up several photos today, hence i posted up this instead. :P

Bak chang? LOL
It's edible but err...
I don't think u want to eat it :D

Kkkkkk, i know u wanna cheat (cos i can read your mind before hand mah.. Sounds spooky, huh?), hence i dowan to name the pict as what it supposed to be. Kekekkee...

[SK] said...

hmmm, looks like some watermelon seeds in water?? hahaha~~ :p

mistipurple said...

ya hor, like what sk said, look like kwa chi hor?
*waits for answer after all the other readers guess!*

VampireM said...

is kap kiu?

rainbow angeles said...

ah? apa kap kiu?? i go bling my kanta pembesar sin..

rainbow angeles said...

look like turtle or tortoise?

Doreen said...

You are duckie duc! kuek kuek kuek....nope, I mean you are Chen, they're ducks. LOL

Pink Cotton said...

eeeeeeeeeeee flea!!!

Bengbeng said...

looks like water melon seeds ..oh SK oledi said that.

Initially when I read ...who am i cute u said. Of cos the first thing i thought was you were talking abt yrself. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...looks like heads of two turtles popping out of the water surface.... - Hamzah, Singapore

zewt said...


Jonzz said...


suituapui said...

Cute? Adorable?...I know! Me! Me! Hahahahahaha!!!

tieroflife said...

tortoises' heads?

fibrate said...

Frogs? Hehe...

M-Knight said...

looks like frogs

_butt said...

toads! hehe

mistipurple said...

still not yet solved geh.
or maybe solved hor?

Chen said...

hehehe, if that is the case, then those are gigantic watermelon seeds already. LOL

Kkkkk.. looks like kuaci, but those are not kuaci :P

wat is kap kiu?

i also dunno wat is kap kiu lei.
Wah.. your magnifying glass really works lei. Birthday gal, U get it right :)

Bingo.. those are the heads of two tortoises.

Chen said...

Kakakak... black little duckies?
kuek kuek kuek..
talking about duck, i feel like eating roasted duck tim...

pink cotton,
*piak u ah*
Flea where got so huge wan? :P

beng beng,
LOL.. i'm not tortoise lei :P

yeah, those are the heads of two tortoises popping out fr the water surface. :)

Chen said...

Lost for words? :)

Yeah, bingo.
Took those tortoise photos at Kek Lok Si temple last week. Will post up more photos later :)

Hahahha, u r indeed cute and adorable. :D

Thanks for dropping by :)
Good guess.
U get it right too :)

Chen said...

Kekeke, it indeed looks like frog from afar, but too bad they aren't. Those are two cute and adorable tortoises :)

M knight,
Thanks for dropping by. They do resemble frogs but they aren't. :)

kekeke, Mr Tortoises waving to u, saying they aren't Mr Toads. :D

Sorry lei for the late reply. I wanna post up the answer earlier but then lupa. Yeah, the puzzle was solved already. U can read the answer in the above replies :)

M-Knight said...

ok u got me there didn't realize the shell in the water only saw the head at 1st....:)

Bengbeng said...

oh..they dont look like tortoise pics at all :)

mistipurple said...

kakaka! ya hor! now looking hard at it. birthday gal's eyes very bright. and the rest after that also so clever. i must eat more carrots liao. cannot see so clear. :P

kyh said...

haha!!!! i totally overlooked the water ripples!

Chen said...

M Knight,
Hehe, this is a good picture for quiz, huh? :D

Beng Beng,
LOL, cos the tortoises only show their heads :P

Haha, have u munch enough carrots the last few days? Btw, Ah Boy loves carrots too, especially the cooked carrots :)

What u thought it was earlier on prior to looking at the answer? ;)

Jason Chan said...

龜頭!!! hahaha...

Chen said...

ya lah, ya lah. LOL