Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bak Chang

It's the time of the year again. Just in case if you "catch no ball", I'm talking about Bak Chang Festival or Duan Wu Jie (端午节) or Dragon Boat Festival. Today is the 5th day of the 5th month in Chinese Lunar Calendar. Actually hoh, I just realised Bak Chang festival was today two days back, after I take a look at the Chinese Lunar Calendar on my iPod Touch. :P

Which one do you prefer?

The healthier mini kee chang or kan sui (alkaline) chung?

Or the bigger bak chang or ham yuk chung?

Regardless which ever chang u like, home made chang is still the BEST. :)


day-dreamer said...

I like both bak chang and kee chang but can't consume much (not good for stomach, haha).

And true, homemade chang is the best! :D

[SK] said...

hmmmm, i love both types.. perhaps the salty one as main dish, the sweet one as desserts?? hehe :p

L B said...

Gimme Lor Mai Kai!!! Heh!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
yeah, can cause indigestion. Btw, did u have your share of bak chang or whatever chang today? Oops, it should be yesterday already since the clock had already struck twelve. :)

Haha.. the chang meal. I like the homemade chang with hay bee or dried shrimp (which i haven't had for ages already).

tick tock tick tock...
Soon u can have LMK liao
And Ah Boy wanna BBBB :D

Doreen said...

It was on Thursday? Not Wednesday meh? Me confused.....

I used to like kee chang but now prefer bak chang.

rainbow angeles said...

i think i oni ate the kee chang once or twice in my entire life.. bo heng in my house i think.. :p the tee-nya kuih oso use 'kan sui' to make wan, rite?

ps: yr blog so "fair" again?? *blink eyes* kkekeke

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Your photography is superb!!

The changs become such artistic subjects in your hands....

You are lucky to be in Penang where changs reign supreme.

a Chang!

dobbs said...

I like both types of chang and we are fortunate to get some homemade ones every year :)
Also discovered recently that if you don't have gula melaka for the kee chang, maple syrup goes nicely with it too!
Nice pics btw as always.

Pink Cotton said...

gimme bak chang anytime! wahaha
itu bak chang dari mana?nice or not?
how much?

Chen said...

Yeah, duan wu jie falls on Thursday. Did u have any chang that day? Btw, can u find chang in NZ? :)

Aiyak, your household don't fancy kee chang ah? There are two types of kee chang that I had tasted. One is the totally plain kee chang and the other type is kee chang with tau sar. :)

Itchy hand, hence i changed the blog background colour. Might be I will change colour again in the next few days? Saja-saja :)

Chen said...

Thanks Swakiana. The chang (especially bak chang) is available here all year long. Just that during bak chang festival, the price will hike up cos of the high demand. :)

Thanks Dobbs.

My aunty from my hometown was here for a short vacation last Friday. She brought some homemade chang all the way from Sarawak. :)

pink cotton,
Haha, since when u become a great fan of bak chang? Bought those bak chang from my hubby fren's mother. Considered as homemade bak chang too without preservative. The bak chang is huge and tasty, RM4.50 per chang (with one whole duck egg yoke).

kyh said...

i dislike ki chang... tastes bitter (on itself) and alkaline... ewww.

suituapui said...

My mum loves the kee chang. She dabs them in sugar...and eats. I don't like the jelly-like feel to them and the taste neither.

mistipurple said...

i like the kee chang soaked with sugar. bak chang and nyonya chang also like but all cannot eat too much. digestion problem. but kee chang seems to digest a little easier. or maybe it's because i eat little by little.

Bengbeng said...

i dont recall the last time I had a really great kee chang. the bak chang in yr post looks wow wow.... i didn't know mangosteens are the queen of fruits :)

燕仔 said...

obviously I like the 咸肉粽子
especially the 肥猪肉 and 咸蛋

Too bad, although my wife make delicious 粽子
she always try to reduce the portion of 咸蛋 and 肥猪肉

hcpen said...

oooohhh..i love bak chang so much, miss it so much..the malaysian/nyonya style is the best..unlike the hk cantonese style..yuck...hehe..i think the sweet one is good for dessert...

Chen said...

Haha, although i have no special preferences but at times i prefer eating kee chang cos i won't feel jelak after eating it, unlike eating bak chang. :)

There's another type of chang, the cantonese bean chang, which i haven't had for quite some time already. There is one famous shop in Penang specialised in making and selling chang located at Cintra street. :)

Have u tried the cantonese chang? With beans... Having one or two of those is fine, but if having excessively... Ewweeee..

Chen said...

beng beng,
The bak chang in the photo was home made bak chang (by my hubby's friend's mum). Normally during bak chang festival, she will made extra for sales, and her bak chang is huge and tasty, and without presevative. :)

Kekeke, your wife concern about your health mah, hence she reduced the "unhealthy portion" in the chang. Too bad huh the unhealthy portion are the yummy portion. :)

Thanks for dropping by.

I haven't had the HK cantonese chang for quite some time already. I can't remember if i have tasted any nyonya chang in the past but i read about it and see it several times on tv. :)

fibrate said...

Nyonya chang is the best! I can have several at one go :)

Chen said...

Especially the nyonya chang made by your mum, right? Can I have a bite too? :D

Doreen said...

Yes, can get bak chang here, but I think they're of Cantonese type coz' the shape is different, it is kinda rectangular. I had belated homemade bak chang here in Perth!

Chen said...

The rectangular chang, should be the cantonese bean chang or chung then :)

Great u managed to eat some homemade chang this year. Must be yummy :)

Home exchange said...

These photos are great! Really high quality. They make my mouth water!!

Bernard said...

I like mini!