Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Red Durian

I have read about the exotic RED-coloured Sabah jungle durian and have always wanted to taste it. (Curious mah, since we are so used and so accustomed to the white and yellow coloured durian flesh. But RED? Interesting). I believe many of you have never heard about the red durian. I don't know whether it's only available in Sabah? At least I have never see it in Sarawak, nor Peninsular Malaysia.

My dream finally come true when we passed by the local market in Beaufort, Sabah. I was so happy when I saw those red-flesh durian. Kekekekkekekke... Words cannot describe my feelings at that time. So of course I won't let go and buy some. The taste is similar like the wild jungle durian in Sarawak, just that the colour is different ( The local version in Sarawak, the flesh is orange or yellow instead of red colour).

Yeah, now I can proudly proclaimed that I have tasted the RED DURIAN! :D


Michelle Mak said...

painted or coloured one hor?

Chen said...

*faint kaw kaw*
this is real original stuff leh..
not artifical nor genetically modification food stuff :P


Twilight Zone said...

OMG! Durian merah? I dunno whether I dare to eat. When I was a kiddo and saw red bananas in Thailand, I didn't dare to eat till now. I love durians like crazy. Thanks for posting this.

Chen said...

Twilight Zone,
Yeah, the exotic red durian. Something that i have always wanted to try it out. I'm kinda lucky it is now durian season in Sabah :)

mistipurple said...

no purple one hor?
don't piak meeeeee.
i dare not eat leh. or at most i will try a spoon.

Pink Cotton said...

eee..red red like red sponge 'x'

tak ada balik for cny ah?

[SK] said...

it actually looks quite fake, anyway i don't eat durians!! haha :p

babe_kl said...

sedap ka???

QuaChee said...

wow, ive yet to see one :) does it has an all round season, cos for as i know, its not durian season now :)

btw, yr photo is cool!

Winn said...

omg so cute!! i wanna ttry also. but to fly to sabah, like quite expensive jus for the durian?

Doreen said...

Aiyo, got red one? This is the first time I've been introduced to this red king. Sure it's not poisonous? Hehehehe Lucky it is not nicer than the Sarawak version. kekekekeke

Bernard said...

Wahh... bring one back!

Chen said...

Hahhaa, purple durian?
which reminds me of purple sweet potato from Japan.

u dun dare to eat the red durian ah?
So exotic woh...
And furthermore, it's nice leh :D

pink cotton,
Might be red sponge also not so red, huh? Hehehe. Ang Ang good mah, more ONG :)

Nope, not going back this CNY.
So don't miss me woh :)

Look fake? :D

The durian appearance is different from the one in Peninsular as those are Borneo wild jungle durian. Much smaller in size and the thorns are small and sharp.

Chen said...

babe KL,
The taste is kinda subjective.
I like it but my hubby don't fancy it.
Might be cos I grow up eating these jungle durian throughout the years in Sarawak. There are two different varieties.

The jungle durian with shorter and broader thorns, the fresh is non sticky and less tasty. The jungle durian with longer, smaller and sharper thorns, the flesh is sticky and more tasty. I prefer the latter. :)

This wild jungle durian is only available at certain time of the year, as it is seasonal fruit, similar like durian.

Now is still the durian season in Sabah & Sarawak, but not in Peninsular Malaysia. Durian is available in Sarawak since end of November last year but I haven't see any durians yet in Penang throughout these period of time.

I saw durian being sold in the market in Kota Kinabalu & Beaufort in Sabah and also in Limbang, Sarawak when I was there last week :)

Chen said...

Seeing the red durian was just like having a dream come true. In fact i was telling my hubby that morning regarding red durian (when i was looking for the local buah tarap in the Kota Kinabalu market). Mana tau I really came across the red durian in Beaufort market later in the evening :)

I'm still alive, hence it's not poisonous. Hahhahaha. Sabahan folks must be surprised there are so many out there who never see or heard about the red durians since it's common there :)

Walao, I will be prohibited from taking the flight back to Penang leh if i tapao this red durian back home. LOL

Wyn said...

OMG!! so red..

i know here got those "ang bak" durian..but d flesh not dat red de leh...

Forever28 said...

I never heard of nor taste red durian before...

Darren said...

Woow awesome red durian, Anyway how it taste? sweet or biter? can i try some also???

Eryn said...

Wah.. Must show to my mama. I didn't know red durian exists!!!!

QuaChee said...

hey thanks for the durian info. ya in peninsula, the season is somewhat diff - usually in the mid year. now we only get mainly thai durians... :)

yenjai.net said...

poke poke durian
think think
poke poke again...

day-dreamer said...

Looks like colouring LOL! :P

Selba said...

I wonder how it tasted.. is it like monthong durian? is it creamy? is it dry? is it thin? is it tick? is it juicy? is it... is it... hahaha.. too many questions.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!
*open hands for ang pao*
*big grin*

ehon said...

i never liked the local sarawak durian. :P its just so weird!! what more to say red durian.. yikes!! i'd stick to my typical ordinary durians..

Chen said...

very ong hoh?
Imaging serving those red durian to others during CNY. Hahaha

Those "branded" and expensive ang bak durian the name only ang, the flesh is not really ang wan :P

So u can now tell your friends regarding red durian :)

The taste is different from the normal durian. The flesh is thin and there are two different version, the sticky type and the non sticky type. I prefer the sticky type cos it's more tasty. It's not as sweet as the normal durian. :)

Chen said...

Hehe, I didn't know regarding the red durian too till I read about it few years back online. And I was kinda lucky as it happened to be durian season when i visited Sabah last week :)

U r now residing in which state? I have yet to see any Thai durian in Penang. Mostly i only see lokam :D

why wanna poke and play with the durian woh?
The thorn is sharp leh..

Dowan u to plaster your finger during Chinese New Year :P

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Haha, but it's 101% real stuff :P
And 100.999% natural

Err.. what is monthong durian?
I'm not good with durian species :)
The flesh is much thinner compare with the "normal" durian, and less creamy. There are two different variety, the sticky flesh and the non sticky (dry) flesh.

My friend just told me few days ago he tasted red durian in Indonesia too. But i dunno which part of Indonesia lah :)

Gong Xi Fa Cai.
*Give Selba one virtual angpow*

Hahahhaa, the normal durian is much more tasty and delicious. But it's nice to eat the different varieties once in a while. I haven't eat those sticky jungle durian for ages already. :)

QuaChee said...

im from malacca. but making my base in singapore for the moment :)

foongpc said...

I've never tasted red durians before! Is it nice?

rainstorm said...

First time see this ang bak durian. Thanks for posting. Does it taste as good as "kunyit" ? Btw, keong hee huat chai & tan tuar lui :)

narrowband said...

Wah red durian! I've never tasted that wild jungle durian also. Erm, so this is different from the normal durian we usually taste? d24? better ka? I wanna try la!

ck lam said...

What a durian! Its a nice intro to this reddish stuff. Thanks for sharing the photo.
At least now I know there is such a durian around.

Anonymous said...

Please note that these are wild durians that grow in the jungles of Borneo.
There are 6 colours and purple IS one of them.
The fruit is smaller
The thorns are closer.
The Thorns, while as sharp, are softer.
The fruit is not as sweet.
The fruit grow from the tree trunks (like a cocoa plant)
Animals generally eat these fruit.

parsley said...

could you please tell me when is main season for wild durian in Sabah or Sarawak? It is unclear from your post and the comment.