Saturday, August 23, 2008

Photo Hunters : Wrinkled

photo hunters

Today's theme is WRINKLED. Since I had posted several photos of the older generation with wrinkles during my recent Silk Road Trip, I will gather the wrinkled faces of those wise men and wise women photos into one post. Misti surely will love this.

A centenarian @ elderly aged more than a century taken at The Grape Valley in Turpan, XinJiang Province, China.

Donkey cart owner taken at GaoChang Former City in Turpan, XinJiang Province, China.

Hami Melon stall owner taken in the desert, on the way to Hami in XinJiang Province, China.

Horse owner taken at Balikun Grassland near Hami in XinJiang Province, China.

Worker at Mt Mingsha Desert and Cresent Spring taken at DunHuang in Gansu Province, China.

Taken at DunHuang wet market in Gansu Province, China

Taken at Lanzhou Water Wagon in LanZhou, Gansu Province, China.


YTSL said...

Great pictures -- showing that not all Chinese look alike (or are Han for that matter?)! :)

sho said...

u've been to the silk road?? awesome? I've only been to one stretch of it - Tibet. I must find time to head back and explore the other bits. Thx for dropping by!

Carver said...

Those are wonderful faces. They show how beautiful wrinkles can be.

Blur Mommy said...

Lots of great photos!

leslie said...

Every face is just FULL of character. I love the first one!

Randi said...

Those are fabulous photos of interesting faces!
Happy weekend.

lemonjude said...

Thats lots of wiser man there.. great take for the theme.

jams o donnell said...

Wow what a superb set of photos. Happy weekend

pat said...

Oh what wonderful, strong faces. Great shot!

Happy Weekend.

fibrate said...

Your friend Misti has a wrinkle fetish? ;)

day-dreamer said...

Wah, next time see Chen better run far far... she snap people's wrinkles one... hahaha!

mistipurple said...

wheeeeee!!!! heaven of wrinkles!!! thank you chenliu! i love wrinkles!!! on old folks i mean. hahaha.

mistipurple said...

hi fibrate,
wrinkles symbolises years of wisdom, experience, hardship and just about anything old that commands respect to me! wheeeeeee so much wrinkles here so happies!!!!
thank you again chenliu!!!

kaycee said...

beautiful shots! well done...
happy weekend

Doreen said...

every wrinkle has a story. They all look gracefully aged.

Wyn said... many wrinkled people...hehe...

agreed that each wrinkles has a story...they do look wonderful old folks...hehe...

Chen said...

Most of the chinese in the photos are not from Han origin but from different ethnic groups, and majority of them are Muslims :)

Yeah, it's an awesome but tiring trip and i really enjoy it. But towards the end of the trip, I can't wait to come back home ;)

Hahaha, i didn't say that.
Btw, Misti has answered your query in her comments above :)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
why u wanna run away?
u r too young to have wrinkles
Hence i can only take photo of your smooth face ;)

Kekkeke, nowadays whenever i see folks with wrinkles, i will think of u. Ooops, don't misunderstand. Hehehhehe :P

Wrinkles are beautiful and has it's own charm and character. And there are stories behind the wrinkles :)

Chen said...

Yeah, the wrinkles are unique in their own ways. It symbolises experiences and hardship. And as u mentioned, behind every wrinkle, there is a story :)

Not only human has wrinkles, dog has wrinkles too. Neh, I'm talking about pugs. Hehhehehe.

I don't think Min Pin will have wrinkles. But Ah Boy has white hair and white whiskers already leh :(

mistipurple said...

tell ah boy don't sad about white hair and white whiskers. misti jie jie has plenty of them, sans the whiskers of cos, hehe.

keeyit said...

Ageing that written on faces..

fibrate said...

Time to chuck away SK II he he...

I'm reminded of Joshua Kadison's Beautiful In My Eyes

...When there are lines upon my face
From a lifetime of smiles
When the time comes to embrace
For one long last while
We can laugh about
How time really flies...

Chen said...

Hehehe, I think Ah Boy is similar like his owner, cos i have lotsa white hair too ;)

beautifully written on the face :)

and can save lotsa $$$ too :)

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫
And i'm now listening to Bryan Adams' Summer of 69 :)

rainbow angeles said...

if only face wrinkles could be ironed... hehe..

Chen said...

so sampat & so ocipala geh?
but i like woh..